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  1. Thanks for all the time and effort you've put in to helping me with this! The problem turned out to be something I never would have found. I should add that I'm using the "for translator" version of the Vigilant esp for v025 alpha. It's had all the speech google translated, but I haven't compared it to the original esp to see if anything else has changed.
  2. Should I uninstall Vigilant? or do you think there's something I could do to prevent DynDOLOD from using its textures where they shouldn't be used?
  3. I have an idea as to what that mountain texture might be from. Before I ran DynDOLOD Worlds, I turned off MO's archive management and extracted all the contents of the bsas that weren't getting loaded because I merged their esps together, so many of my bsas are now loose files. Something in my load order could have pointed to that texture, and it might not have gotten extracted successfully from the archive it should be in, so it isn't in the virtual filetree now. FOUND IT. I turned archive management back on, told all the archives to load, refreshed the virtual filetree, and now there's an aom path in textures\lods. The texture is from the quest mod Vigilant, and sure enough, it's sandy-tan. I wonder why DynDOLOD used textures that should only show up in Vigilant's worlds in the alternate textures of tamriel. This archive does load properly and I haven't unpacked it. Vigilant.esp hasn't been merged, and it's at load order 21.
  4. It was probably my player home merge. It has 10 or so mods in it and most are from elianora. I copied and renumbered the custom mesh rules for homes pertaining to it into a new rule for the merged esp before running DynDOLOD worlds. Checking that texture. There is no path textures\lod\aom\... in MO's virtual filetree, just textures\lod\ Might be missing and causing the problem? Yep it was definitely the player home merge. I had Tamriel Reloaded HD.esp above it, and the esp got moved down when I uninstalled and reinstalled Tamriel Reloaded, so the player home merge was B2 and it became B1.
  5. I might add that there are mountains which don't turn sandy when distant that have a base change from DynDOLOD, as well as mountains which don't turn sandy when distant that have not been touched by DynDOLOD. Here are 2 examples. 0005fced - Not sandy when distant, last base change by DynDOLOD 0006f275 - Not sandy when distant, completely vanilla EDIT: Oops, the first one was a rock, not a mountain. I think I may be mistaken with these IDs, as sometimes I think a mountain doesn't turn sandy when distant because I'm just too close to it and it's already been rendered fully.
  6. B2 is a mod called sexlab dangerous nights that adds a chance of getting raped when you sleep :^) It has no worldspace edits and doesn't replace any assets. Nothing is modifying any of the mountain records I check in tes5edit, like 0005304f, 00046032, 0005055c and 000485bf. All those are mountains that turn gold when distant. I notice, checking more mountains, that the problem isn't unique to any particular type. Ridges, peaks, cliffs, etc. all turn sandy gold when distant; snow mountains, non-snow mountains as well. They have in common that nothing modifies them.
  7. They disappeared. I guess that means they don't have formIDs to post. I'm not sure if there's somewhere to upload on the site because I haven't really used the step forums, so I just put them on google drive. atlas map: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7fSL6dP_L1oaWRDazBMNXdyOFE/view?usp=sharing alt textures: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7fSL6dP_L1odkJGVHZwMnl1bzA/view?usp=sharing edit: posted them backwards oops lol
  8. Okay, I just tested with DynDOLOD off and the problem disappeared, so at least I know it isn't something completely unrelated and random. I'll turn it back on and do as you said.
  9. I guess I can click on them? The few times form IDs have come up clicking on them, they've been IDs for clouds and stuff near/behind the mountain or rock I'm aiming for. I did manage to click on one close up, back away from it until it turned gold again and became "distant", click on it again and get the same form ID, and then look the base ID up in tes5edit and confirm it to be a mountain ID; so I suppose that means I can click on them, however it could have just been the ID of an unaffected mountain right next to it. It's rather hard to get the console to select exactly what I think my cursor is pointing to. I downloaded the xVivid Landscapes - All in One - Loose Files - Better Performance version. I'll try uninstalling it and see what happens to my mountains. K it's not vivid landscapes; the problem persists. Next up is Skyrim 2015 Parallax Terrain. I kind of suspect Enhanced Landscapes by Aceeq has something to do with this, but it's a lot harder to uninstall than these texture packs and it doesn't touch mountain textures or meshes, even if it may place rocks and such, so I really want the problem to be something convenient like a landscape replacer :P. K it wasn't Skyrim 2015 Parallax Terrain, next up is Skyrim HD Landscape. If it's none of the landscape replacers I'll try with all of them uninstalled. Wasn't that one. I can't uninstall Tamriel Reloaded HD because it's a master of DynDOLOD; I guess I'll try with DynDOLOD off. I probably should have tried that to begin with so I could see if it's even the source of the problem.
  10. Okay nevermind I managed to follow your directions properly now. I think the problem comes from the fact that I use parallax mountain meshes which point to 3 textures each, rather than just the MountainSlab02.dds and normalmap (though they point to those as well). However, no mod has replaced the mountainpeak LOD meshes, meaning that they still should point to MountainSlab02 and 01, which are both fine. Perhaps the mountainslab textures used by Vivid Landscapes only look fine in my image viewer and are, in fact, not fine without the mesh using them also using the other parallax textures the mod relies on, meaning I should extract the LOD meshes from the base game and point them to all 3 of the texture files that Vivid Landscapes comes with, and add them as a new mod? Still, this doesn't explain why some of the mountain LODs in my game are fine and some aren't. Here are some more pictures to give a better idea of just what is going on. https://imgur.com/a/qp27h
  11. Anyone know what could cause discolored LODs? As in my mountain LODs, (only DynDOLOD's dynamic ones) are sandy tan. I thought it might be a missing texture, but I have no idea why the texture would be missing, and the mountains aren't purple. I didn't encounter any errors with the DynDOLOD Worlds script.
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