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  1. Not before many other scheduled updates. To go through and fit every circlet to Khajiit and Argonian heads isn't really a good tradeoff in time, given the small number of players for these races. Even to go through and fit necklaces to another body type than CBBE would be a more worthwhile expenditure of time in terms of players whom it would benefit. I do intend to fit the necklaces to males at some time, however.
  2. Pendeloque is a cut of gem. It's a 3D pear cut for pendants. Yes, Khajiit and Argonians have weird shaped heads and so there do not exist models for all of them created by the jewelry authors.
  3. Oh no, there's no incompatibility at all with CACO. In fact, we're even talking about any extra minor bonus compatibility such as having the black pearls added by CACO be used as components to make the IJ black pearl necklaces.
  4. So of course you wanted the .esp from the update, which is 1.03, and everything else that's in the 1+ GB file. If you had tried your game with the 1.03 esp activated and simply couldn't see your meshes and textures, there's no need to rerun your Bashed Patch. The game will now simply be able to find the textures and meshes it couldn't before.
  5. Well did you only download the update and not the main file?
  6. No, you probably won't notice, to be honest. Necklaces are less than a third of the jewelry in the mod, and of those that only fit females, when it says "looks best with CBBE" it doesn't mean it won't look passable with UNP. The body part in question is the central breast bone, and while there is a big difference between the breast bone of vanilla and either UNP and CBBE, as far as that one body part goes, there isn't much difference between CBBE and UNP. I really doubt you'll notice.
  7. I've updated the mod with patches for both Wintermyst and Perkus Maximus. The Wintermyst Patch applies the Wintermyst enchantments to all the diverse Immersive Jewelry items and properly places them in the right cultural treasure chests (Nordic, Forsworn, or Dwemer), both of which the regular Wintermyst Patcher cannot do. It also incorporates Wintermyst enchantments into the bending feature for gem and metal type that is part of Immersive Jewelry. Most people cannot get through the Patchus Maximus process without a null.lang exception error because of the amount of items in Immersive Jewelry. The Perkus Maximus patch can be placed after a completed PatchusMaximus.esp that was finished without Immersive Jewelry being loaded, and will do all the same things as the Wintermyst patch.
  8. I agree with Sparrowprince, and on top of the randomized quests, it takes the need to interact with NPC quest givers away, which is the one element that made the randomization immersive. I do like the inessential noteboard, though, especially when he updates it with all the notes from the community.
  9. No, load order doesn't even matter. It just means that you can't wear both of those items at the same time, because each will kick the other out of the slot. So if while you're playing you only have/find one of them that uses that slot, you won't notice.
  10. That's right, it's Return of the Twink. And no, I guess you wouldn't really have any benefit from Exchange Currency's banknotes if you had infinite gold weight - except for one thing: with Exchange Currency you can use gold and silver bars and ingots as legal tender, getting the full value for them on trade in, so that you don't have to sell them.
  11. Alternating iambic pentameter - 15/10 abab, cause it's a ballad! Oh well, just trying to say that it's not meant to be intimidating, but engrossing. There's a sort of unstated rule of thumb about not messing with load order during playthroughs anyway!
  12. Only one script actually: IJGeomancy.pex. I could even bundle a separate download without the script if people strictly wanted the vanilla experience - or, of course, make it an MCM toggle. Speaking of lore, though, I'd like to point out the ballad I wrote called "The Five Humours of Y'ffre", and "The Archidoxes of Talismata", the astrological book explaining the Aedras' patronage over metals, which explain the enchanting system in a very lore friendly way. If Coin Replacer redux makes the dungeons lore friendly, then the sense of folklore added to gems and metals hopefully does too. And yes, the IJRingSwap.pex manages the left and right hand swapping. Coincidentally, the last poster, CDCooley, is the one that made it work.
  13. If it's really true that these are the only reasons you haven't used it, then simply use the twink version of the .esp with no coin and ingot weight, and delete one of the two scripts from the folder. The script in question is "IJGeomancy.pex"; the other is our "IJRingSwap.pex". All that will remain is the levelled lists and placed jewelry in all its variation. What I did was make enchanting more like vanilla alchemy, but from what you've just said it sounds like you like neither vanilla enchanting, vanilla alchemy, nor Immersive Jewelry enchanting.
  14. It's supposed to be like alchemy, where you experiment and learn throughout the course of a playthrough. You never thought alchemy was something you didn't have time for, and would be better with a system where you just made potions instantly, did you? The way enchantment is in vanilla, the way to get good effects is to simply grind them - you can just enchant iron daggers over and over again. With this system, if you use the right combination, you don't have to be such a master enchanter, so you don't have to grind. To ease the burden of "checking" all the possibilities, though, you can find recipes at the alchemy shops, just like with potions. They also drop on warlock and forsworn characters sometimes. Of course, you can also learn from the enchanted jewelry items you find - they're always a good example of a fruitful combination. Then of course, there's the two lorebooks that explain them all comprehensively. I wrote the second one entirely in rhyming verse, you know. Not only have I given you a way to find and explain the enchanting system for yourself all in one, but I went to the trouble of making it rhyme and have meter, for gods sake. lol What more would one have to do?
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