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  1. Hi There,I Want To Clean Some Masters From Dyndolod After I Uninstalled My Mods.....But Tes5edit Giving Me Missing Masters Error And Dont Let Me Right Click To Do That.......Can U Help Me Pls......Thank You
  2. U Helped Me Again And I Appreciate It......Thanks Alot....... ;)
  3. I Have 1 Noobish Question: Can I Update The Masterlist Of Dyndolod.esp Without Generating Lods Again?
  4. Thanks Alot Sheson For Your Big Helps And Supports, My Problem Fixed By That Blackreach Nif File You Uploaded,And Many Thanks To ZilaV For His New Version Of The xEdit That Really Helped Me Through This Problem....... Best Regards
  5. Many Thanks Sheson For The File......But I Have Caves Instead Of Cave.....(In One Of Your Posts Before U Said Thats Not Problem) Should I Create Cave Folder And Copy The File There Or Copy The File In Caves Folder.....(I Have No File Named Like This In Meshes Folder)
  6. Exception in unit create line 122: Invalid nif file signature in meshes\lod\cave\blackreacheceiling01_lod.nif What Can I Do Now? :( Same Error On DimFrost(I Have meshes\lod\caves Not Cave And Have No File Like This)
  7. Hi There....... I Installed 1.44 And Generated Again...... My invalid nif file signature Error Comes With 3 Worlds Only blackreach dimfrostfalmer valleyI Disabled Them And I Have No Error Till Now....
  8. i'm now generating lods on tamriel worldspace(Nothing happened Till Now,I Got My Error Mostly On Blackreach I Think).....and Tomorrow Will Do It On Others If No Error Comes Out..... Ofcourse I Will W8ing For Newer Versions On This Great Mod.....And Thanks For Your Time......I Will Post The Result Tomorrow..... With Best Regards Edit= CMD Stop Working Now ...... :( But Tes5edit still running And Doing Its Work.....
  9. Thanks For Fast Reply ,i've done this before......even selected tamriel only .....My Last Mods= i reinstalled some of my mods again 1- Three tree mods(sfo,realistic aspen trees,dark fantasy) 2- mountain and rocking stones two 3- elfx [DynDOLOD.esp] Adding master "ELFXEnhancer.esp"[00:07:33.560] 4590 of 4592 done[00:07:33.601] disabled NeverFade, replaced by DynDOLOD LOD for SkyFalls + SkyMills + DG + DB + FS + WT.esp [REFR:310151C6] (places FXSFWaterfallBodyTallDistant [MSTT:310150D3] in GRUP Cell Persistent Children of [CELL:0002D4E0] (in Blackreach "Blackreach" [WRLD:0001EE62]) at 3,4)[00:07:33.615] Saving objects LOD data to F:\Program Files\The Elder Scrolls Skyrim\Edit Scripts\LODGen_Blackreach.txt[00:07:33.629] LOD references: 1511, unique LOD objects: 151[00:07:33.641] Gathering textures for atlas creationException in unit create line 122: Invalid nif file signature[Apply Script done] Processed Records: 0, Elapsed Time: 07:56
  10. Hi There And Thanks For The Mod First....i installed The Mod And Generated lods 4 Times Before But In The Last Time After I Gone To Generate lod I Got ''Invalid Nif File Signature''....... I Dont Know Why.....I Almost Tried Everything Nothing Helped Mid.....(from installing and uninstalling some last mods,updating tes5edit to last version,reinstalling dyndolod and done everything......) I Will Happy If U Guys Help Me...... Thanks
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