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  1. Thanks. Yeah, I should have said that I had already checked that. Sorry. It's not a memory problem, anyway.
  2. Hi again. I'm crashing if I try to open my map with Dyndolod ticked, but not if it's unticked. I updated to the latest version to try to stop it from crashing but it's still happening. Is this happening to anyone else? Thanks.
  3. Yeah I seem to have it sorted now. Thanks again for all your help.
  4. Hey so I chased it down using that method and it is indeed pointing to dyndolod01.dds. This is all over the map with a few different objects which obviously don't refer to this DDS in the nifs. You said "search the lod nifs file content for those". I didn't really understand. Is there a way to search nifs by content? I've saved a copy of the mountainslab lod as dyndolod01 and it's sorted it for now I think, but I'm sure you'll want to know about any weird results all the same. Thanks again.
  5. Nice one. Yes indeed, I had had a look for mountainslab and mtnclifflod and they're actually both there. I wish it was that simple! I tried searching the log and I didn't find it looking for any predictable texture, but it had this: [00:16:04.315] Can not find textures\dyndolod\lod\dyndolod02.dds for texture atlas[00:16:04.371] Can not find textures\dyndolod\lod\dyndolod01.dds for texture atlas The only other texture it was looking for is one of my castle walls so I must have ticked a box I didn't mean to somewhere along the line. Thanks again. I'll keep fiddling with it.
  6. Just a note to say that I went back to the start and redid the steps and it seems to have worked, so it must have been my own fault all along. Thanks very much Sheson. A great help. Mod's brilliant. I'd have no hope of finishing my worldspaces without it. Cheers. Edit: I am getting some purple mountaincliff02 lods now. If anyone knows how to fix that, please let me know. I'll have a look here, too.
  7. Much obliged. I'll have a look at it as soon as I get home. Thank you very much.
  8. My ESP file. It's dependent on New World and also Apachii. There will be a heap of custom static models missing but it's the vanilla ones I'm hoping to sort out for now. Any help or insight would be great. COC Pit1 or Leonheim1. There are mountains all around both of those sites and they've seen a lot of deletion and moving about. https://www.wetransfer.com/downloads/fa637a6c230600c0621f5aab516c15b120150818022855/ec19cf5f0879081d37218f8e1565db8f20150818022855/e5b53c
  9. That's very kind of you. Thanks mate. Will it matter if the non-vanilla models are missing for the purpose of this exercise? If you can get the mountains working, I'm all good. My custom models folder's enormous and disorganised. Difficult to send. I'm uploading the esp now. Will update here shortly. You also need the New World modder resource: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/52049/?
  10. TBH I wouldn't know what to do if they weren't on the same line mate. No chance of the name being on an ignore list either. Thanks anyway. I'm sure I'm just making a simple mistake somewhere along the line so I'll go through it again in the morning. Cheers.
  11. They do appear to be in there, but I still have them in the vanilla LOD positions in game. I appreciate your help. I should probably go back to the start and check everything's absolutely in order. Cheers.
  12. Yes indeed. Many vanilla objects. I'm using mountains as my gauge. I have a specific output folder set and I copy the contents to the data folder at each pass.
  13. Yeah that seems to be happening now but unfortunately I still have all the symptoms of a vanilla LOD. I'm not really sure what to try at this point so I may just start from the start tomorrow. Thanks.
  14. Thanks for the speedy reply mate. Big fan of your mods. I got that fix for the CMD crash. Thanks. Sorted there. I did not make a child world. I just made modifications to the existing worldspace, but my mountains are still popping out of sight when I walk away from them, unfortunately. It should work, though, I take it, so that's good news. I'll keep at it, then.
  15. Hi guys. I've made an esp to go over the New World modder's resource. I can manage to LOD the landscape with Oscape and some fooling about, but I have not yet once gotten the object LODs to work by any method. When I try to do it with dyndolod, I can get it to complete but it reads the New World worldspace only from the ESM and not taking my ESP into account, so that I just get a new LOD of the "vanilla" space. I wonder is it likely that I'm doing something wrong or is the whole plan just faulty from the outset? Will I be able to generate static lods for this space? I've also been having the CMD line crash during the process, but dyndolod completes anyway. I have tried various suggestions I found online to remedy this but have had no luck. If anyone could point me in any useful direction I'd be very grateful.
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