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  1. Thank you for the comment, Mousetick The feeling of 'odd' comes from comparing this latest installation to me last installing Skyrim & STEP five years ago Now i followed LOOT's suggestions, except for cleaning 'Guard Dialogue Overhaul' and 'Complete Crafting Overhaul'. Last night i generated all LOD, started a new game, which seemed to start out fine from 'Alternate Start' into the wilderness, aside from a strange audio bug when outside, like feet continuously moving in place, which didn't relate to my own movement. Still need to check MCM settings and all my surroundings also
  2. Addendum: In the current LOOT (0.18.3) masterlist there is a 'load after Lanterns Of Skyrim - All In One - Main.esm' rule for the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch, which seems to explain the odd placement of both plugins Still unsure how to proceed, given the other oddities in my load order
  3. thank you both Greg, yes, the argument was missing, i remember adding it, but seem to have missed to 'apply' it. new sorting with the added argument didn't change the load order though. i am attaching my current load order. i am now just before step 5 in the guide (LOD) and skyrim loads fine with a new game into the alternate start cell thank you for any further comments you have on this ... loadorder.txt
  4. hello i'm in the last leg of installing the LE guide, and LOOT places the lanterns of skyrim esm after hearthfires esm and before dragonborn esm and the unofficial skyrim legendary edition patch. that doesn't seem to be right at all? LOOT also suggests a third party dawnguard patch. any suggestions? should i create a LOOT rule for the placement of lanterns esm? thanks in advance ...
  5. thank you, question was already recently been asked on Nexus, with no response by the author — i'll keep it cleaned
  6. hello just re-installing step after five years loot suggests cleaning 4 itm entries on the latest caco version (2.0) anybody had any experience with this? is this maybe relevant later in the guide? should i re-install and keep the entries? my best ...
  7. Wonderful news. While the nexus page states "Uninstall the old version, then install the new one", i was wondering, if it would be better to use the "Clean Savegame Procedure" while updating mid game?
  8. The second sticky post on the nexus forums offers a comparison (of which i only understood a third) of both mods. Aside from HDT (which i don't use), i think this mod offers the additional benefit of several draw- and sheathe animations to be changed in game via MCM, change and randomize weapon positions on NPCs and also the ability to customize weapons and quiver positions for your avatar (via console "showracemenu"). So for me this is a huge difference while using "only" STEP-Extended animations.
  9. New Version (2.0) is now compatible with WM Flora Fixes and the esp now merges into the Bashed Patch. (Edit: Current version (2.0b) adds a "Non-Merge" bash tag to prevent deactivation of the plugin.)
  10. With 3.40 and all subsequent versions the author removed several animations, so there is no more conflict with Better Turn Animations. (The final version, 3.49 in combination with FNIS 6.02 and the latest RaceMenu works perfect, and without "Closer Quivers")
  11. Might also be worth mentioning here, the latest update 1.11 now removes the need for "Ragdoll Paralysis" (paralyze.esp). (Already implemented in "Skyrim Revisited").
  12. Thank you very much for the beta patches. I noticed that the (extended) patch lists "Immersive Citizens - CRF patch" as a master (which can be sorted away by cleaning masters). Is this something to worry about?
  13. I figured (MLU patches also rely on two of these eps). Thanks for checking on it.
  14. The default for pickpocketing actually is 25 with this mod. I think there are multiple variants of playing a rogue character without pickpocketing involved, so personally i always drop this value to 5 (just to fulfill a certain obligation to the thieves guild).
  15. Thank you for these compares. I personally like the new Draugr better than the ones from Book of Silence. (You all will have probably already tested the Performance Textures by Gamwich, which also have 2k Draugr and Troll Retextures?)
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