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  1. In case anyone wonders about my crashers it seems like it's faulty copy&pastes in .ini file ;P for now only untweaked vanilla doesnt crash at esc in menu. seems some ini lines had spaces where they shouldnt while other ones didn't have where they should have.. manually fixing it, worst case i'll redo whole tweaking.
  2. Hm i keep getting some crashes quite soon after creating character either a conflict or bad merge, bathing in skyrim didn't merge well with hunterborn patch, or at least it doesnt seem to show mcm... well at least i managed to make it run, and load reasonably fast (skse ini tweak). Prolly gonna take a couple more days before i play it but at least it runs ;D In case anyone wonder i don't think problem is caused by any of the merged mods. Though i'll prolly double check if i'll still have troubles after i do other things. Anyway, removed some mods i felt might be causing conflicts or i didn't need that much, gona redo some auto patches and lookup deeper into perma. maybe even add merged patch if needed.
  3. Thanks, i didn't know that and spent extra time checking the load order and reaarranging them manualy.
  4. well i think i'm mostly done with conflict resolution... at least aside from guided i've only added fixes that i knew that won't break the game. If anything goes weird i'll look it up later.. now to generate all stuff and test it in game... Thanks a lot for help :) I'd prolly spent manyt hours trying to figure out wtf is wrong with my merges ;D
  5. actually it will open in ck without esmifying. prolly a change in the newer version of the script. as i've mentioned before the guide is outdated. EDIT: After checking my merged file it seems to spout errors, so i've followed guide, esmified files, but also set merger to not to renumber formids, deleted navmesh info and rebuilt it in ck. result: error checks ok So i've run some tests. Old patch: no esmifyrenumbered form id'sremoved navmeshrebuilt navmesh in ckstill errors. New patch: merged without esmifyno renumbered form id'sforgot to remove navmeshrebuilt navmesh in ckStill Errors So i guess esmifying was the key after all :) Good thing thatnks to that i was able to throw in a couple more patches ;)
  6. In this case it does not just it just points out errors ;/ Prolly cause you're not copying stuff but typing it in. edit: Further: It appears there's no conflict when using USKP 2.1.3alpha, rather theres no entry at this point from uskp. Once again unneeded, current uskp and ele have those values the same
  7. In relations to Conflict Resolution You might want to add Alternate Start should be added to masters otherwise there'll be errors while trying to add faction. Also it might be good idea to somehow make it better to spot wether people have to move one block or all blocks i.e. Move Condition from x Move Conditions from x etc ;) people tend to miss those things ;)
  8. Well one etac patch i could run game already ;P In regards of navmeshes from what i see it's easy, just open in ck and save, aside from confirming to tons of errors no difficulty there.
  9. Thanks a lot, i'll prolly still try mcm, xedit script seems to say its fine, it does move some files for it to work though. Still some of those you recommended omitting i'll omit. found this too: https://pastebin.com/5aaADCPd Thanks for info about others, especially about etac patches, those were worrying me a lot and the guide on its forum is very outdated. I'll prolly also omit ele patch, ele patches merging doesn't feel safe to me.
  10. regs + perma are nuts when it comes to esps.. add some companions, some dlc style and you're ****ed 100 mods over the limit ;/
  11. So i've been sorting some mods i felt could be merged next to each other quite early in laod order, after that i've ran loot, those that were left next to each other i've loaded to tes edit and applied show conflict losers filter. none of them appear to be conflicting, so i've ran merge script. this is the result what do you think, will it blow ? i plan to add regs, perma, dragonborn gallery, couple follower mods, few houses (morskom, breezhome upgradable + maybe something from step pack if there's space)
  12. Btw, i noticed beards, brows, eyes of beauty,nb scars could be merged, shouldnt cause problems right? They don't seem like they're conflicting, looks like they can be together in load order and merge script reports look good
  13. It does, however if you don't install esp because there's an alternative or not needed as a resource it doesn't have that icon. At some point i didn't know which mod had esp files but got omitted, which had only some installed and omitted some compatibility patches etc. When you're going through 400 mods it starts to get confusing. Anyway it's a sugestion i figured would be helpful for people who didn't do any modding in years and figured to follow your guide then start changing or adding stuff. I'll prolly manage on my second try, at least all the hell i went through taught me a lot ;p In regards of eotw, the only 1 that aint available can be found at certain reddit that was created during paywal controversy. Ain't gonna go linking, just helping in casy anyone got caught by surprise like me.
  14. Yeah thing is usually i use the note feature to note which mods are to be merged or are merged to use it at glance ;/ It's cool if you use only srle but when you plan to add other mods it might be better to wait for more mods that you might need to merge with them. Actually wish mod organizer had some sort of tagging feature then i'd prolly use note or mark mods that have no esps or compatibility patches at all.e
  15. This is a suggestion i've come to after doing a bunch of packs and getting troubled by merges It'd be nice if mod had info which mods has .esp files, maybe an icon next to mod name that after hovering lists esps mod has with colored esps needed ? Unfortunately i don't have as much space as i'd like so checking installer ain't always an option. Actually just icon next to mods with esp would help a lot, even when trying to check if mod has any compatibility patches you missed when installing it. Also some mods don't really do much but still require an esp file, it'd allow for an easier decision wether to get mod or not.
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