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  1. In the past, I used to just have the left pane stuff in a pretty much random order, and I would just use the MO LOOT function so that the right hand stuff would be in the correct order. Before the windows 10 upgrade that seemed to work. I can try and organize the stuff on the left hand side better. Would I just need to put the vanilla stuff on top, FNIS right after that, and then just try to mimic the order given by LOOT on the right hand list for my mods on the left side?
  2. Thanks for your thoughts, Grant. Do you mean like this?
  3. Well, I figured I should maybe just check in. Does anyone have any further ideas of things I could try? Thanks to everyone for all the support thus far.
  4. Now, this is curious, folks. Just hoping for a miracle, I guess, I decided to try and run FNIS through MO again today. I did not change anything at all from my previous setup when I got the results in my last screen capture. For some reason, this time, I got the unhandled exception error: I did not get this error last time I tried to run FNIS. So, this is an apparent inconsistent behavior or outcome. Hopefully, this is a clue or is otherwise helpful. Thanks so much for your help and for thinking about my problem.
  5. Wow guys, something happened that surprised me. In order to double check and make sure I had done everything properly, I've pasted in the .exe from https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11811/?tab=2&navtag=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nexusmods.com%2Fskyrim%2Fajax%2Fmodfiles%2F%3Fid%3D11811&pUp=1 that is called "Fix 1" and overwritten the .exe that is in the FNIS Behavior 5_5 ALWAYS necessary archive. is that the correct way to do it? Just now I ran MO and tried to run FNIS again, and I got the following messaging: That doesn't look right...what do you think? Here is an image:
  6. Hmm, apparently they were checked already:
  7. Hey folks, thanks for your help! Although things are not yet working totally properly I feel that it is getting there. I just tried to run FNIS again through MO and this time FNIS ran! But, I got the following error: With the following details: EDIT: Just made sure that I ran MO as administrator, and got the same problem. EDIT 2: I just went and checked, and indeed it seems like that directory doesn't exist: I'm a little puzzled because I don't remember having any problems like this 6 months ago. Is there some step I have to take to create the directory?
  8. That seems strange because I am not able to do anything with FNIS. This is the error I get when I try to fun FNIS in MO: "The application could not be started"...and if I click on the button to get more info, that takes me to the MS support page claiming that it's a .NET error. However this only happens when running FNIS through MO, but not if I simply use Windows to run FNIS. The FNIS icon appears and the error code looks like it's associated with FNIS, but I'm not actually able to generate a FNIS patch or do anything with FNIS.
  9. OK, here you go. There was only one text file in the "logs" folder, and here is the contents: Here is modorganizer.ini: EDIT: Whoops, deleted something here quickly; I realized I'd made a mistake. Thanks for your thoughts!
  10. Well, I went and checked both of those sub headings, but no change; FNIS still can't be called by MO. EDIT: I saw Pistachoman's post. Could it be a problem with the latest version of MO? Given that fully enabling .NET 3.5 didn't do the trick and may not have been the problem...
  11. I was trying to activate some .NET framework stuff. Do you see anything on the list under .NET framework that maybe I should activate? Thanks for any thoughts! (Please let me know if you have any trouble with the image.)
  12. Apparently Windows 10 won't let you install any .NET Frameworks because that is all supposed to be integrated into Windows. So the answer is no, but supposedly Windows 10 has got me covered in terms of providing that functionality. EDIT: And to be clear, FNIS seems to run OK through windows, just not when called by Mod Organizer.
  13. About 6 months ago I'd been happily running FNIS through Mod Organizer as needed to try various mods for Skyrim. Then I stopped playing for a few months, upgraded to Windows 10, and tried again a few days ago after downloading some new mods and the latest FNIS files. Although FNIS runs if I execute it through Windows, when I try to call it using Mod Organizer, I get the error "This application could not be started", which according to https://support.micr...n-us/kb/2715633means "The app is not configured in a way that makes it possible to determine the appropriate version of the .NET Framework runtime. The corresponding shim code is SHIM_NOVERSION_FOUND." Do you have any suggestions for me in order to be able to run FNIS through MO and generate the FNIS patch?
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