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  1. Thanks for all your suggestions everyone, I was finally able to determine the cause of my difficulties and fix all the problems. The game is running great now :)
  2. The errors that are appearing claim that FNIS, SKSE and SKYUI are all the wrong versions, but I have checked on this and I have the correct and most recent version of each installed.
  3. I think you read the statement wrong. SKSE loads, but FNIS and SKYUI have problems with it. Thanks for the advise though and I will investigate those links and report back if I can work things out or not.
  4. This is a continuation of a previous topic, but as the initial problem was solved, I have posted the current problems under a new topic. Currently, I cannot get SKSE launched through mod organizer to work with FNIS and SKYUI, despite following tutorials carefully to ensure they were properly installed. A number of errors appear after launch, though the game itself does not crash. However, the camera begins in an unconventional position once the game begins. Here is a link to the zipped archive of the "Sensual" profile: https://copy.com/3EvIpV64HA4tDjJ3 Note that there are mods from loverslab listed in the mod list but which I do not currently have active in the profile.
  5. SKSE is now working fine as it related to the original problem. I'm not sure if the problems with FNIS and SKYUI are connected to it though. I have had some difficulty understanding how mod priorities work in MO, so that is not too surprising. I will start a new topic and post a link to the zipped contents.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. Here is the Copy.com link: https://copy.com/3Zo622KgX1wsMPls Also, an interesting note: The game will still start after it goes through all the error messages for the new game, but the perspective is wrong. Instead of sitting in the back of the wagon like normal, the POV is from inside the character's chest (you can see a bit of the outline for the legs and arms if you look straight down) and is shifted forward and down so that it looks like I'm halfway stuck into the driver's seat. I'm guessing this is a problem relating to the errors, so hopefully it will be solved once those are. I thought it might be helpful to know anyway though. Also, thanks so much for everyone continuing to try and help me work through these difficulties, I sincerely appreciate it.
  7. Do you mean the papyrus log? Apparently the log is too long to post here. Any suggestions? Also, Thane was correct, apparently I hadn't finished updating the video card drivers completely.
  8. So, having been unable to correct the problem through simply reinstalling everything, I decided since I had a virgin hard-drive floating around to try this all again on there. Running Windows 10 now, I finally got Mod Organizer to run SKSE normally with no mods installed. Huzzah! However, this almost immediately presented a new problem (which technically falls outside the scope of the original question by a small margin, so if I need to post this separately let me know and I will, moderators): I installed around 20 mods to see if MO could handle running those through SKSE, booted up the game and while it seems ok initially, after about 30 seconds my computer and video card fans start running like crazy and the game slows down to ridiculously low levels. I tried reducing the game resolution down to a pretty small window to see if that would help at all, but it did the same thing again. Most of the mods installed are texture replacers for the player and npcs, and I am not using ENB at all. This never happened when I had these same mods installed, plus a ton more and ENB through NMM, so that leads me to believe that MO must be making the game use up a lot more resources than it normally would. Or does anyone else have an idea why this would be happening? Additional problems I just discovered: Although I followed tutorials for both of these to install correctly with MO, when I hit new game (I took a chance of letting my fans run for a bit so I could see what happened) neither FNIS nor SKYUI work. I'm getting errors that I have FNIS V0.0.0 and that my Skyrim version is too old (SKYUI error code 1). I've checked the versions of all of these and they are what they should be. Any ideas?
  9. I uninstalled my AV and firewall (both of which are free and easy to reinstall) and tried running skse again, but it didn't change anything. I'm not sure what INI set you're wanting me to post here exactly. My root folder for skyrim has the following in it at this time:
  10. I know it's been a little bit but I finally followed up on this, so here's the update: After uninstalling Skyrim (through steam as well as deleting the Skyrim folder completely so nothing got left behind), I re-installed it again (vanilla + 3 DLCs). Then I removed everything from mod organizer, and re-installed it. Then, making sure I used a tutorial specifically on installing SKSE with MO, I re-installed SKSE. The result? The exact same problem occurs whenever I launch SKSE through MO. To me then, this would suggest that the problem must lie somewhere in the interaction between MO, SKSE and Skyrim, since there are no mods and no enboost anywhere to get in the way. I'm hoping someone has some ideas, otherwise I'm gonna have to throw in the towel and go back to NMM...
  11. I'm also wondering if the problem isn't the enboost. Perhaps I needed to install something through MO differently than I did. My enboost stuff is all in the actual skyrim folders.
  12. The ini settings were the ones that came downloaded with the game, and then modified for ENB. If you have a guide you could refer me to for this specific purpose, I'd love to adjust them. Still doesn't solve the main problem I'm experiencing though...
  13. Can you be more specific as to what makes them messy? I'm wondering if at this point I should backup my MO downloads and mods and reinstall both MO and SKSE to see if that fixes the problem...
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