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  1. At the risk of sounding stupid, I can't get the DynDOLOD to work when generating worlds (step 12 at https://wiki.step-project.com/Dynamic_Distant_Objects_LOD#Recommendations). I just get the error message "Found Some-Mod-file.esp. Do not load this mod when generating LOD. Restart and uncheck from Master/Plugin list." I've tried to disable the mod that is named but then it just complains about another mod an so on. Does this mean I have to load only a select few mods? I can't find anyhwere in the instructions that I should but the instruction video has like only a few active mods. Is there some step I've missed? I've checked the skirym.ini and run LOOT.
  2. Hi Several mods of S.T.E.P. have optional files like the Ultimate HD Fire Effects under 2.E. Installing this in MO create two seperate mods. Is it possible to "merge" these and other mods that have optional files? What I mean is to install them both under the same mod-name and then click "Merge" when that dialogue pops up. Or is there a risk that vital files will be overwritten? I've been following the Fear n Loathing in New Vegas and in those instructions this is done all the time. So can this be applied in S.T.E.P.?
  3. Now that the nights are actually NIGHTS and dark areas are actually dark, has the stealth values been modified to follow suit? Or can you do it by your self? I was thinking in the terms of lowering detection from enemies since bonus sneak would be pretty useless once you reach 100.
  4. Ok, so I did some fiddling around, basically disabling and enabling all mods, running LOOT and re-bashing everything. Seems to be working and there is a Fallout-Invalidation.bsa under Archives, allthough I hade to manually move it to the top. Thanks for all the help. :)
  5. By following https://wiki.step-project.com/User:EssArrBee/FalloutNewVegas#Setting_up_Mod_Organizer Point 1.1. Checking the profile shows that the Archive invalidation box is ticked. Also bInvalidateOlderFiles=1 is set.
  6. I couldn't really find any consistency among those mods. Sometimes just one of them worked others it was more. Right now I have them all four disabled and it works very well.
  7. I really appreciate the help here. Now I'm home and have found mainly two errors. First is the graphical glitches as shown here: Second is that after about a minute of gameplay, I can't press escape to bring up the main menu. All other keys work and the game has not frozen. Only escape is unresponsive. I have checked and double checked the following: Archive invalidation is active and the parameter in fallout.ini is set to 1Mods in the left pane are in the order they are presented in the F&L guide except the optimization mods which come right after Unmanaged: CaravanPack and Unmanaged: Bashed Patch, 0Plugins are sorted with LOOT and the bashed patch is selectedUnder archive there are no .bsa-files ending with ~invalidation.bsaAgain, it seems like it's the four mods I mentioned earlier that that cause the distortion. A bit OT. I have been dabbling with programming over the years on a high school level (Pascal, C++, php) and rather enjoy it. Are there any good resources to learn how mods work? As it is now, I know abit about it but I don't understand very much. Like when it's ok to merge mods and not, and what a bashed patch really does and such. I hate doing things without understanding the very background to it and why you do it a certain way.
  8. Currently at work so I can't test anything yet but I have a few questions I really can't wrap my head around. Merged mods. I was under impression that if I merged MOD A, B and C into D, only Mod D should be marked in the left pane.Knowing the mod order. LOOT handles the plugins but how do I know what order the mods in the left pane should be loaded? I haven't found any guidelines in S.T.E.P. instructions. Have I missed something?I'm going to try to make it work later tonight when I come home.
  9. So the order in the left pane also stipulates the load order? I thought that was in the right pane and the left pane had nothing to do with it. But I'll do as you say. As for the perks mods, I have merged them according to instructions. Do I still need to tick them? Yes, I have messed up graphics now. Seem like I've narrowed the cause down to 4 mods: Portable Campsites, Tales from the Burning Sands, F&L Game Tweaks and Nevada Skies. Having either one of them selected causes glitches and exlamation marks all over the place. Placing the optimized mods higher up did not solve the issue. It's getting late and I will look into it further tomorrow. But as it is now, if I uncheck the 4 mods I mentioned, the game works like a charm.
  10. I've done as you say. I've followed the instructions and installed the mods. But how do I know that the game actually loads them? The mods show in the left pane but NOT in the right pane where every other mod and BSA shows. I was under the impression that if it's not found under "Plugins" or "Archive", the game will not load them. Or am I wrong? To make it clearer what I mean I attach a SS. Green box show the mods I've created. They do not appear in the tabs marked with a red box. As it is now, the game runs smoothly but everything is rather messed up with colors all over the spectrum. Not sure what's wrong, but I'm not really keen on going through the whole S.T.E.P-procedure again just to find out I missed out on one parameter on some mod.
  11. I'll be shouting out my ignorance here. When running through the S.T.E.P. instructions there are two places where you "create" your own mods: - Running FNVLODGen - Texture Optimization These steps generate a bunch of mod files that are supposed to be installed using NVMO. That part works fine, BUT they don't show up in the right window of NVMO, neither in the Plugins-tad nor the Archives-tab. I might be wrong, but shouldn't there be a .esp/.esm file for the LODGen-mod and a .bsa file for the optimization mods? I get the feeling that right now, they are just listed in my NVMO but aren't actually loading into the game. Am I completely wrong here? And before anyone asks - yes, I have marked the checkbox of the mods in the left window. :)
  12. As of now, I've just ran through the character creation at the Doc and no issues so far, so I might skip the optimization all together. I have double checked and each mod has it's own seperate folder.
  13. Hi. I'm currently running through the whole F&L and have come to the optimization of mods as in https://wiki.step-project.com/User:EssArrBee/Fear_and_Loathing_Texture_Optimization I have copied the first four stipulated mods as the instructions say to "Mods Extracted". When I run 4_FNV_Mod_Sorting_Pre-optimization_2.76.bat the only thing it does is create the folders and that's it. There is nothing in the folders. Only "Mods extracted" contain any files. I get no other error message than ERROR 2 (which is not a real error according to the instructions). So I'm wondering if there is anything wrong with the batchfile or if I should skip optimizing those mods all together. Optimizing the vanilla textures worked like a charm. Any one know about this?
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