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  1. Hey Lexy, you said the following on January 24: Was that only for the migration to zMerge or is it still valid? I.E. if all of my merges are already made in zMerge and now I want to change something in Miscellaneous Merged, do I need to rebuild all the merges starting from Animals Merged?
  2. Spamming this forum... sorry... Lexy, could you confirm that there are 4 scripts that should be relinked if following the base version of your guide? I'm getting the following: Changing string 82 from GIST soul trap.esp to Miscellaneous Merged.esp Changing string 148 from 018Auri.esp to Song of The Green Merged.esp Changing string 43 from InnRoomCosts.esp to Miscellaneous Merged.esp Changing string 189 from TrueStormsSE.esp to Weather Systems Merged.esp I just want to make sure that nothing is supposed to be relinked within Lucien Merged. Also, I'm sure this is unsupported but there's a BSA-packed version of Interesting NPCs floating on the Nordic Skyrim Discord channel which really speeds up loading times for me. When I tried to relink sripts the first time it threw an error on 3DNPC - Archive.BSA. I got around this by extracting the BSA, setting the BSA to .mohidden temporarily while running ReLinker, and then getting rid of the loose files and unhiding the BSA afterwards. I think this should work - just throwing it out there in case anyone runs into a similar issue and searches.
  3. Sorry, I can't seem to edit my previous post. I was looking at a cached paged for the Finish Line apparently. After refreshing it now points to the ReLinker in zMerge. 'Pologies.
  4. Sorry, one more question - ReLinker is no longer on the Prerequisites page but it's still on the Finishing Line page. Do we still need to use it even if the merges were made in zMerge?
  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one that did this :D. I thought it was supposed to hide the merged plugins automatically once you activated the merge - didn't realize I had to actually launch the plugin and click the hide button. I thought it was failing because of the way Mator's tools currently have to be cludged to work for Skyrim VR.
  6. Thanks! Also, one thing that I meant to ask earlier when installing - the Merges page has Lexy's LOTD Better Bows and Arrows.esp but not the two patches for IW and LWE. Are those plugins supposed to be active in the main load order?
  7. Could someone who has played through the guide confirm that Lucien and Auri interact as expected? I asked the following on Lucien's page and was sent here: If Song of Green and Lucien are merged independently of each other, do the script changes still remain compatible?
  8. Sorry I just saw this. For me it was fixed by reverting to a previous version of Racemenu: see https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/comments/aevqcp/random_crashes_around_the_open_world/ Lexy, would there be a problem with using the "copy general assets" setting in zMerge? Now that I have the guide set up and working well on SSE, I'm trying to port the main (non-DLL) portions of it to my Skyrim VR setup. Most of it ports rather easily but, probably due the the "hacky" way of getting zMerge to see my SkyrimVR mods in MO2, the Merge Plugins Hide functionality doesn't seem to be working. I could manually hide all of the merged ESPs but this seems like a pain - could I just copy the assets and disable the original merged mod instead? That's what I used to do before I tried out your guide - was there a reason you don't recommend this?
  9. I had some NPC appearance mods that I was considering using alongside Lexy LotD (Pandorable's NPCs, Better Males, Improved Bards, and some smaller ones), but some of them overlapped with mods that are already incorporated such as WICO, Men of Winter, The Ordinary Women, etc. I didn't want to overwrite NPCs that I really like from the Lexy guide, so I made a side-by-side comparison of the NPCs I was thinking of touching. It took a while to make and was pretty helpful to me, so I thought it may be useful to other people who are considering doing something similar. I uploaded my comparison pictures; I hope they're useful to someone. Bards: https://lensdump.com/i/AF5DY9 Civil War: https://lensdump.com/i/AF5P22 College of Winterhold: https://lensdump.com/i/AF5fCv The Companions: https://lensdump.com/i/AF5FSC Dark Brotherhood: https://lensdump.com/i/AF5Uw5 Dawnguard: https://lensdump.com/i/AF5bpT Dawnstar: https://lensdump.com/i/AF5wfb Dragon Bridge: https://lensdump.com/i/AF5y07 Elders and Housekeepers: https://lensdump.com/i/AF55Br Falkreath: https://lensdump.com/i/AF5GYF Farmers and laborers: https://lensdump.com/i/AF5h23 Hirelings: https://lensdump.com/i/AFG2J0 Housecarls: https://lensdump.com/i/AFG8SD Markarth: https://lensdump.com/i/AFGAxq Misc: https://lensdump.com/i/AFGiRA Mod-added followers: https://lensdump.com/i/AFGjpM Orc Strongholds: https://lensdump.com/i/AFG6RK Riften: https://lensdump.com/i/AFGC7Z Riverwood: https://lensdump.com/i/AFGJFP Solitude: https://lensdump.com/i/AFGVIm Thieves Guild: https://lensdump.com/i/AFG9mi Whiterun: https://lensdump.com/i/AFGdoo Windhelm: https://lensdump.com/i/AFGB89 Winterhold: https://lensdump.com/i/AFGmQ2 Apologies for the black on dark grey text - I didn't realize the PNGs were being saved with transparency. The green text indicates which one will win priority in my post-LexyLOTD conflict resolution & merge patches; other people will probably have different preferences.
  10. I had that too. There's a "load after" for Animals Merged which is no longer there (or at least I assume it was there before - I had it set but when I checked the list of LOOT rules for merges there's no longer any "load after" for that plugin). Also make sure you remove the smash and zEdit patches prior to running LOOT. That fixed it for me.
  11. Updated list following today's update: No VR equivalents: Achievement mod enabler Dynamic Equipment Manager SSE Enchantment Reload Fix SSE Engine Fixes (but there is SSE Fixes) MoreHUD Better Jumping Experience (SKSE64) Havok Fix Ultimate Combat (although people in the Skyrim VR subreddit claim it works fine, minus some features, even without the functional DLL) Skyrim Save System Overhaul Racemenu (although apparently it works without the DLL but won't let you load/save presets, which unfortunately is what I want from it) Stay at the System Page To Your Face
  12. edit: I had two tabs with your guide pulled up and one of them was pre-refresh. My bad.
  13. I'm planning to run parallel SE/VR playthroughs as well. I know of the following mods that have separate VR versions/requirements: SkyUI (unofficial patch from Reddit) Frostfall (unofficial patch from Reddit) Campfire (same installer) Skyrim VR - USSEP fixes JContainers VR VR Perk Extender (for Ordinator) Ordinator VR Patch CACO CBPC FISSES PrivateProfileRedirector (Technically) Fuz Ro D'oh, but in the comments section it says it causes crashing when called upon in VR so not really working PapyrusUtil Skyrim Skill Uncapper (https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimvr/comments/8pp0m2/skyrim_community_uncapper_working/) And the following have no VR equivalents: SSE Engine Fixes (but there is SSE Fixes) MoreHUD Better Jumping Experience (SKSE64) Havok Fix Ultimate Combat (although people in the Skyrim VR subreddit claim it works fine, minus some features, even without the functional DLL) Skyrim Save System Overhaul Racemenu (although apparently it works without the DLL but won't let you load/save presets, which unfortunately is what I want from it) Stay at the System Page To Your Face Also I noticed Audio Overhaul has a .dll which presumably doesn't work in VR - haven't tested yet to see what that breaks. Hope this helps. Let me know if I missed anything.
  14. The January 7 build seems more stable to me than the previous build, although it could be that I made a mistake with the previous build which was rectified during the update. I'm still getting occasional crashes but they happen after ~20 minutes of running around at 2x speedmult so I imagine it could be a script overload or something that wouldn't happen regularly during normal gameplay (although it would still be nice to get rid of it). One thing I did notice is that when transitioning between cells, instead of simply switching from the LOD to the full tree models, they seem to flicker back and forth rapidly (and very noticeably) before settling on the full models. This didn't happen before the update - does this seem like an ini problem or a mistake during tree LOD installation/generation?
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