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  1. The problem is caused by Masks what are added by Immersive Armors (Tribunal Masks) and OBIS Dragonborn addon (Facemasks). Those masks in their own esps are assigned to slot 44. And the author of Disparity (kryptopyr) gave solution here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/63354/?tab=4&&navtag=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nexusmods.com%2Fskyrim%2Fajax%2Fcomments%2F%3Fmod_id%3D63354%26page%3D2%26sort%3DDESC%26pid%3D0%26thread_id%3D2639274&pUp=1 Basically what I did I removed the race record for slot 44 from both Disparity and SRLE Extended Conflict Resolution. Atleast I had the record in there aswell, dunno if I have misclicked and dragged wrong field when doing conflict resolution by myself.
  2. Hmm, I'll check that! EDIT: Reinstalled XP32 Maximum Skeleton according to your instructions (checked Joy of Perspective was unticked) and ran FNIS. Deleted old FNIS files (tools, scripts, meshes folders) and copied new ones to SRLE Extended profile. Problem still persists :( Also when I have a weapon or fists equipped, bandana doesn't block my vision when standing still nor running.
  3. What mod could be causing this glitch while having a bandana on? When I stand still it looks like this: https://s33.postimg.org/cc71891tb/bandana_stop.jpg And when I'm running it looks like this: https://s33.postimg.org/iq095vf5b/bandana_running.jpg Thought it was SKSE plugin Enhanced Camera, so I disabled it but it wasn't. Haven't configured any of the settings yet from SRLE nor SRLE Extended. Only I can think of making changes to camera is Violens Kill Camera mod when its not Enhanced Camera. Edit: Haven't installed any mods besides SRLE and SRLE Extended Mods
  4. How many of those SRLE Extended Conflict Records might be gamebreaking or causing ctd's if any? I guess NPC records might not be an issue, but this could cause? 0004D8D6 <DA02> "Boethiah's Calling" (Might be best to hide non conflicting files this one gets tricky)Conflict Resolution - Use Record from Civil War Overhaul then merge Scripts Properties "DA02 Curse, Script Fragments Questes, Aliases "Knifepointridgelocation", Stages from TheChoiceIsYours.espProblem Resolved - Changes from Civil War Overhaul and The Choice is Yours - Fewer Forced Quests - Improved Dialogue Options needed to be merged.AFAIK Civil War Overhaul mod is pretty heavily scripted and there are lot of edits you need to drag and drop manually. Had to download premade CR patch to see how it actually goes.
  5. Yeah thought this myself too. Might be too big of an issue. I guess I have something to do then for a next week! Thanks for the replies and helping out, both of you
  6. Of course! This is pretty much my note list, which has the mods which I decided not to install https://pastebin.com/jmtyMeU2 I thought this might be faster way if this is possible than doing it myself by following the list for the mods which I have installed. Edit: And by the way thanks for making a good all-around mod list!
  7. I have few questions about editing the SR Extended Conflict Resolution. So I decided to go with about half of the mod list mods. I am using the 2nd option to edit the Conflict Resolution file. I created the missing dummy files with Wrye Bash. Just making sure of deleting process from SR Extended Conflict Resolution.esp. So you delete only the conflicted field(s) in this case below WNAM - Worn Armor and PNAM - Head Part? Not the whole FormID 0200336B? [00:00] DLC1SorineJurard "Sorine Jurard" [NPC_:0200336B][00:00] NPC_ \ WNAM - Worn Armor -> [2200573F] < Error: Could not be resolved >[00:00] NPC_ \ Head Parts \ PNAM - Head Part -> [220232B1] < Error: Could not be resolved >[00:00] NPC_ \ Head Parts \ PNAM - Head Part -> [220775D4] < Error: Could not be resolved >[00:00] NPC_ \ Head Parts \ PNAM - Head Part -> [220775D5] < Error: Could not be resolved >[00:00] NPC_ \ Head Parts \ PNAM - Head Part -> [220775D7] < Error: Could not be resolved >
  8. Ah, okay. I try going with SR:LE Extended then. Not going to install full mod list from the Extended version, but some. For example: - Perks and Leveling list mods - Combat and Traps list mods - Deleveled Loot list mods - Economy list mods So since I won't be installing all the mods, I need to make the conflict resolution myself. So basically I check the conflict resolution page and only do conflict resolutions for mods which I pick?
  9. Hello all, I am trying to create ultimate Skyrim experience. Has anyone tried installing those three packs at same on top of each other? First SR:LE and then those two? Installation should go fine as long as you keep in mind what you have installed in SR:LE before? As it seems SR:LE covers few mods which those packs have. And also if it's too demanding for Skyrim engine? So as far as you know what mods you have in SR:LE you shouldn't have any conflicts installing these two packs on-top of it when you remember download proper patches, right? And use these instructions: https://wiki.step-project.com/User:Dreadflopp/Dreadflopps_Modular_patches#Skyrim_Gameplay_Rebalance https://wiki.step-project.com/User:Dreadflopp/Dreadflopps_Modular_patches#Dovahkiin_Reborn Just wondering if anyone has done it before, since installing and modding takes around 1 week I guess :/ Thanks for any replies, Skylah
  10. I'm installing the pack aswell and missing WAF Replacer file would be appreciated. Or is there anywhere around it?
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