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  1. are you supposed to pick between Moonlight Tales - Werewolf and Werebear Essentials and Moonlight Tales Special Edition for Skyrim - Werewolf and Werebear Overhaul? or just install both?
  2. Is this different from the ctd fix on the Wheels of Lull page? On the page there isa download of a new mesh for the rile.
  3. Sorry for the dumb question, just want clarification, In the beginning of the guide, it mentions the windows 8 vram issue. If I am on Windows 7 with a 6gb vram gpu, will skyrim be able to use all the vram, or is it capped at 4gb?
  4. I saw earlier that you asked about using mator smash, did you ever decide whether or not it could be used? Mator, of course, says that it supersedes wyrebash, do you think its useful?
  5. has anyone added dawn of skyrim, jk, or etac? Is there any compatbility issue and do some mod installers have to be rerun?
  6. Have you looked at replacing wintermyst with the summermyst, enai's new enchantment mods?
  7. On the posts on Not so Fast- Mage guild, it looks like it is slightly incompatible with immersive college of winterhold. Have you tested this and/or does the CR fix it?
  8. don't worry about it. you install the xmps skeleton in the next section (oremaybe the next next section). You're on the right track
  9. yes, but wyre bash can't load more than 254 plugins, so if I have 260 plugins before bashing, and 250 plugins after bashing, the 250 doesn't matter because I can't even load up the 260 plugins in wyrebash in the first place
  10. are all the caco wryebash-merable patches safe to merge with the standalone merge tool? and if so, what bash tags would i need to give the new merged patch? (i am referring to CACO 3dnpc lvl list, caco gray cowl patch lvl list, ineed caco patch, caco coinreplacer, caco usleep, frostfall caco, caco skytest lvl list, srle extended lotd- caco- skyui, caco crf, caco gray cowl patch, and caco aos patch) As you can see, lol, merging them would free up quite a lot of space
  11. So, in its current state, do you recommend using this tool? or is it still too early in development. Does it supersede wyrebash?
  12. hey guys, I am about to install SRLE LotD and try it out but after looking over the modlist I have two questions regarding consistency and compatibility. 1. Better vampires is being used, have you guys looked into vampiric thirst and vampiric thirst redone by the author of AAE? 2. MLU- simple is in the guide, but so are many new weapons mods which do not have a compatibility patch. Don't mods like immersive weapons, more interesting loot, and faction crossbows, take away from MLU by adding new, unbalanced, level lists?
  13. how does mlu simple play along with all these different weapon additions, like immersive weapons and faction crossbows?
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