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  1. @GamerPoets Just wanted to report that I tried the game on Windows Vista 64-bit SP2 (crazy, I know, but I'm glad I found this one among all the old PC-stuff, a better option than Win XP). The game works beautifully with your INI settings. Played for around two and half hours, almost 0 stuttering (just some rare micro stutters due to lots of textures, flora overhaul and so on), not a single crash and not a single freeze with Clear & Present Danger setup (mostly). So yeah, it seems these freezes were indeed caused by Windows 10 FCU on my PC. Or Vista x64 is not as bad as I remembered it, lol. Might be a good idea to dual boot it until I finish FO3 and FNV.
  2. @GamerPoets It seems that my problem with freezing on loading screens is not caused by your INI, but by Windows 10 with FCU. Stutter Removers seems to be plagued with problems after the Fall Creators Update. While NVSR crashes for a lot people, FSR seems to cause freezing for some with FCU. I know that it doesn't touch all people, but unfortunately my PC seems to be affected, hence the freezing. People on FSR modpage also suffer from this problem, so I guess I'm just one of the unlucky ones.
  3. OK, I modded a bit and used your INI settings, GamerPoets. In terms of removing stutter it's great, like REALLY great. I don't even have any microstuttering, like at all. I've never seen Bethesda game work so smooth. On the other hand, I have a problem with the game freezing on loading screens. First it happened when I was getting out of Super Duper Mart (SDM > Wasteland), now it happened again when I was entering Megaton (Wasteland > Megaton). This also happened to me when I tried to play the game in Vanilla state (only UPDATED Unofficial Patch 3 + FSR) on a different save. Zero crashes, but the game is freezing on loading screen every now and then :/ Using GOG version.
  4. Oh, thanks, at the moment I don't even have FO3 installed, I was just thinking of doing modded playthrough and before I even start some modding I wanted to decide if I should stick to Windows 10 or dual boot it with XP. I'll probably start modding in few days and I'll use your .ini with heap management. Once I've done some testing I will report back. Though when that will be, I don't know. Modding from scratch takes a lot of time.
  5. I thought I would ask here, since it's better to ask than waste some time :) As it is known that Fallout 3 behaves weirdly in modern Windows OS (probably due to the introduced support for multi-core CPUs, while XP, as far as I know, supported only up to two cores) would it be worth it to install Windows XP and play Fallout 3 on it? It's not a big problem for me, I can dual boot it since I have plenty of HDDs and I still have a copy of XP lying around somewhere. Would that reduce the possibility of crashing? Is modding FO3 on XP even a thing or will I stumble upon different problems? I would really love to play FO3 without crashing but that game just made me give up on modding quite a few times, even though I've managed to get Oblivion and Skyrim run modded basically flawlessly. FO3, though, that was a crashfest whenever I tried to play it, even with a very lite setup like "only bug fixes + FWE". Just roaming around the area after Super Duper Mart would crash me constantly. Would Windows XP help with that? Above all, I want to reduce the instability of the game.
  6. I'm getting error in Merge Plugins Standalone regarding this file: requiem__konahrik_accoutrements.esp Errors[0]: KA_ArmorDragonPriestMaskBronzeHelmet "Bronze Mask" [ARMO:1306FDFF] Errors[1]: ARMO \ Armature \ MODL - Model Filename -> [04AF02E4] < Error: Could not be resolved > Errors[2]: KA_dunRevakheimMaskClay "Clay Mask" [ARMO:13063315] Errors[3]: ARMO \ Armature \ MODL - Model Filename -> [04AF02E5] < Error: Could not be resolved > Reports: I thought that maybe I did something wrong with imp_helm_legend merge so I reinstalled ICH and recreated that merge. Nope, nothing. Still gives me this error. I also have the exactly same version of Konahrik as in guide. Reinstalled it carefully with the same options. Still this file gives me the same error all the time. How can I fix it? EDIT I right clicked on the Merge and choose an option to fix errors. It repaired the file and merge became green. I guess it's fine.
  7. Legacy of the Dragonborn Patch Central was updated to 16.11.4 (the guide uses 16.11.2). It seems that Heavy Armory / IW / IA situation has changed a bit. It installs now one big file called "DBM_HA+IW+IA_Patch.esp" instead of two separate files. The problem is that Merge Plugins Standalone reports a lot of errors in this file and I can't merge these patches. There seems to be awful lot of errors (maybe the patch was updated to Heavy Armory 3.2?) and I don't know how to fix them :( Screenshot: https://imgur.com/7cPYnDn Unfortunately LotD Patch Central 16.11.2 is not available to download anymore :( I still have it because I downloaded it earlier, so I can use it for myself, however I think the guide might need an update for people who will be installing it fresh.
  8. @up Thanks, Dropbox link works fine, file is perfect ;-)
  9. @Darth_mathias Hate to be bringer of bad news but even though I downloaded new main CR patch (SRLE Extended LoTD - Conflict Resolution 1.38) it still contains ESP for SRLE Extended (no LOTD). Same missing dependencies as before (Bring your silver and so on). I don't know if this is a nexus problem or what. Maybe the file is still not fully uploaded on their servers? Here's the screenshot with the latest archive (downloaded few minutes ago): https://imgur.com/a/7tAhY NPC Conflict Resolution (Option 2) seems fine, though.
  10. I saw you updated the guide. I went to changelog and downloaded updated files. Thanks for the patches and removal of MLU, however... I don't know if something got mixed up or I'm downloading something different. The updated patches have missing dependencies outside of this modpack O.o Are you sure you haven't mixed them up with SRLE Extended (no LOTD)? I downloaded these updated files (12.10.2016): SRLE Extended LoTD - Conflict ResolutionNPC Retextures Merged - SRLE Extended LOTDSRLE Extended LOTD - NPC Retextures - Conflict Resolution (for Option 2 since I switched to this option anyway) All the files were apparently updated on 12.10.2016. I downloaded them from here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/77331/ My load order was complete with no errors but after updating these files I'm getting missing dependencies + main CR patch has a name "SRLE Extended Conflict Resolution.esp" (without "LOTD"). Missing dependencies for SRLE Extended Conflict Resolution.esp:Book Covers SkyrimBring your silver mergedCivil War OverhaulEMDR MergedMLU / MLU PatchesRealistic Room RentalRebirth Monster For SRLE Extended LOTD - NPC Retextures - Conflict Resolution.esp (Option 2) there are still missing dependencies for MLU/MLU Patches (I have a version from 12.10.2016) NPC Retextures Merged.esp seems fine, I guess. No missing dependencies.
  11. @up Thanks for the quick answer. I was actually thinking of making separate profile just for merges - I'll probably do it later on, seems useful for future :)
  12. A noobish question - when I make merged patches at the end of the guide, should I keep the plugins order from LOOT or should I order them for merge like in your guide? I was trying to find an answer for that but I don't know - maybe I'm blind ;)
  13. Yeah, SirJesto seems to be right. Here's quote from Legacy of the Dragonborn description ("Technical" tab): "Morrowloot items are already integrated into Legacy and thus all Legacy does is disable the Morrowloot references of these items, instead placing it's own versions. Use of morrowloot for it's re-balancing features requires a patch from Legacy patch central to address some vanilla item conflicts, but you do not need morrowloot if all you want are the items it provides."
  14. Option 1 also has MLU.esp as a master, unfortunately. There are also some other mods required to be reinstalled / removed for MUSless experience: Assorted Equipment (don't install MLU patches) Weapon and Armor Attributes 4.2 (don't install MLU patches) Konahrik's Accoutrements (don't install MLU patches) Dreadflopps Modular Leveled lists - SRLE Extended (don't install MLU patches) Dreadflopps Modular Patches - SRLE Extended (remove completely since AFAIK all files require MLU) + the ones that you mentioned need reinstalling without MLU patches (AAE, LOTD).
  15. I understand situation about MUS patches, especially for big mods like IW and HA. I was following "potential" development of IW patch for MLU/MUS by both Chocolatenoodle and Asator and if I'm not mistaken (don't quote me on that) they both said somewhere in the comments that IW is extremely ambitious big mod that's hard to patch for MUS. Not only it requires a lot of time but also IW's leveled lists are apparently kind of messed up. Not mentioning that IW modifies some NPCs records by manually giving them correct weapon, which is another layer of required compatibility with other mods that modify NPCs (all together it sounds like A LOT of patching). Honestly, for the purpose of the guide it's easier to drop MUS than make patches for every weapon/armor mod out there. Frankly, MUS might be also kind of incompatible with More Interesting Loot, at least in my opinion. I don't know how MIL is changed by the presence of LOTD, however by default it introduces deleveled loot to the game. Technically that sounds like a thing that would work well with MUS but in the end it might be exactly opposite - even on lower drop chance settings you still have a chance to find daedric items early in your game if you're lucky. The chance is very low but it's there - it's kind of confusing when you open a boss chest in Bleak Falls Barrow with MUS installed and you find some daedric shield (happened to me once). It's not game breaking but still it's kind of breaking the philosophy and purpose of MUS. Personally I decided that I will try to remove MUS from my game. Fortunately I decided that very early in the guide so I'm making a record of all the changes required for that to work. At the end I will try to remove MUS changes from CR NPC patch and I'll see if it works. If it does, then I will gladly share everything with you guys - what mods need to be reinstalled, what patches need to be removed/changed and so on. I think removing MUS would be good for players and you guys both. Less worrying about patches and compatibility + less confusion for players who finished the guide thinking that everything is now perfectly compatible, they play the game and suddenly they see high level items dropping even though they have MUS installed. I can imagine the confusion and fear that even though they followed the guide, they still might had installed something wrong :) Honestly, if Morrowloot Artifacts are really integrated into Legacy then there's probably zero need for MUS but as I said before - it's just a suggestion and more people should comment on that :) Also, removing MUS and updating the guide would require people who already started the game to remove their characters and start again since AFAIK there's no safe way of uninstalling MUS other than removing the save game (not sure about this one though - for sure it was the case for MLU on which MUS is based on).
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