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  1. I really like the HD one by Slangens, but would it be consistent with the style of maps used for Cyrodiil and Morrowind?
  2. Thanks for the info and willingness to help. I haven't finished my latest LoTD install and haven't looked terribly close at all the REGS mods and how they might conflict with the current LoTD load order, but after seeing REGS mentioned a few times in this forum, I thought I'd check it out and the one mod from REGS that is the biggest temptation is JK's Cities Lite. If I could just add that, it would be very satisfying. But I'll finish this install and play around a bit just to see if it doesn't crash after a few hours of play. Then I'll create a another MO profile and start adding some REGS mods one by one to see how they impact performance or show conflicts in xEdit. I'm hoping a 1070 card can handle a few extra bits and pieces alright, but if it can't, that won't be the end of the world. A playthrough with SR: LoTD has plenty enough to offer already.
  3. Have you had REGS and SR: LOTD guides installed together for a full playthrough? Did it just require a few CR patches, like the REGS guide indicates? And did it remain stable throughout the playthrough? I wouldn't mind trying my hand and at least adding pieces of REGS to my SR: LOTD install, but curious to hear about other's experiences with both.
  4. Thanks for the response! I think I'll go ahead and start modding, see how it goes and just passively keep an eye on things here. Good luck with the classes and enjoy the vacation.
  5. Hello Diana - thanks for such a nice guide. I just reinstalled Morrowind and Oblivion and was looking at doing a Morroblivion playthrough, since I never did give Morrowind a go and while I spent 100s of hours in Oblivion, never finished the main quest, haha. :) Before starting in on your guide, I did want to ask about this: I haven't been following the Oblivion mod scene over the years, so I'm probably going to ask some dumb questions, but in terms of graphics overhauls, I was thinking of following Bevilex's guide to complement yours since you're still working through those sections. Based on this comment, I assume that'd be fine and they'd play nicely together? Including adding ENB and Oblivion Reloaded parts of his guide? In what ways are you seeing your guide deviate from Bevilex's? Also, in your experience, how stable is this Morrowblivion experience? I have a good, modern rig, but that can probably only do so much for the Oblivion game engine. I'm fine dealing with CTDs so long as they aren't too frequent - just want to go in eyes wide open. :) Thanks!
  6. I finished my install of SRLE LOTD this week and booted it up with my old card - a 2GB GTX 670. It did load and I was able to start a game, and wondered around the Dragonborn Gallery a bit. But of course it didn't work for long. Once outside and doing things around Solitude, it'd just freeze up and crash, as I expected it would. :) I've since upgraded to an EVGA 1070 card and it is certainly a much better experience, as anyone would expect. Ran Skyrim Performance Monitor for about 30 min and ran around Solitute and then Falkreath. Tended to get mid 50s to 60 FPS most of the time. As DarkladyLexy has mentioned in the main/pinned thread, there's a drop in FPS around Falkreath - for me it was getting as low as 34 or so. But the biggest drop occurred in combat. Had a fight with me and a neutral NPC against a pack of wolves (four or five in all) and with all the action and spells going on, dipped down as low as 13 FPS. But even in the fight, FPS was mostly in the 30s. Just had some spikes down once or twice.
  7. Catching up on some updates listed in the Changelog and got to updating the LOTD Patches part, but I don't see the DBM_3DNPC_Patch under Miscellaneous any more. Was it removed? Is it still needed?
  8. Thanks, good to know. Yeah, I'll lean that way. Esp since that'll probably keep pace if/when I finally upgrade to a 1440 or 4k display. I'll probably still finish the guide and test it with my current card first just for ***** and giggles. But I'll be surprised if it even plays. :)
  9. Never mind, sorry - misread. Though you were saying you had a 1080 and were getting 40. Was assuming you must be on a 4k monitor. :) If you get 40 with a 980ti on a 1080 display, that means I probably should probably go for a 1070. That helps a lot, thanks!
  10. What resolution is your display?
  11. This post in the SRLE Extended: Legacy of the Dragonborn thread made me curious about LotD performance: Instead of clogging that thread with performance questions, thought I'd start a new one. What performance are others seeing with LotD with their rigs? What cards work well at 1080p, 1440, or 4k? For people looking to buy a new card for a 1080p display (i.e., me), would an RX 480 or GTX 1060 work? Or should I just pony up for a 1070?
  12. FYI - Ordinator updated today and is now up to v7.55
  13. Ha! Well that was easy. At least I apologized up front. Now I'll just say thank you. :)
  14. Sorry if I'm being dense, but just wanted to check - when I'm installing the Fading Pride mods, like here: Am I installing the meshes and textures in the root directory of the mod, and then only the TBBP meshes from the UNPB options? Or am I skipping the assets in the root directory and only installing the TBBP meshes (so making that folder my Data folder in MO)?
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