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  1. Thanks for the suggestion -- the Improved Loading Screen Colors mod I quoted in the first post alters LoadScreenIS, but unfortunately it doesn't affect the main menu. Instead, it affects the loading screens you get when you load a save or change zones.
  2. I've tried changing all the Image Space forms that have "Default" in the name one by one, but none of them affect it, so clearly it's coming from something other than those. If I find anything, I'll update the thread, but so far no luck.
  3. I'm referring to the background in this case -- I have a mod that replaces the Imperials 3d model with Skyrim art (concept art, community screen caps, etc.) I've posted before and after shots here. In the Before shot, the highlights are detailed, the colours are fully saturated, and the shadows have weight. In the After shot, the highlights are blurred or bloomed (compare the area above and to the right of the spriggan's nose for example), the colours are washed out, and the shadows have a haze over them.
  4. I'm looking for a way to alter the image space modifiers for the Main Menu. Specifically, I want to eliminate the change in contrast and vibrancy that happens after it finishes loading assets and gives you the menu options. If you're not clear on what I'm talking about, when the game starts the Main Menu has a neutral image space while the spinner is running as it loads up. However, once the spinner finishes and the music starts, the image space changes. I'm not sure on exactly what changes are applied, but visually it seems to lose contrast at the low end, loses some colour vibrancy, and applies what might be bloom to the image (again, not sure exactly what is being applied from a technical perspective). This isn't much of a problem if you use the vanilla menu screen, but if you use a mod that replaces the menu background with images, the images look much worse after the change than they do initially. I tried using Improved Loading Screen Colors in an attempt to address this, but that mod seems to affect the loading screens when you are zoning in game or loading a save, not the Main Menu (which it does quite well -- it's just not addressing what I want to change here). When I look at that mod in XEdit, I can see that it is making a change to an image space modifier for the loading screen. However, I cannot find a corresponding image space modifier for the main menu screen. Not sure if there isn't one, or if it just has a non-obvious name. Anyone have any suggestions?
  5. Apologies if this isn't the place to ask this. I haven't been able to find specifics on the Mesh Rule dropdowns; in particular, are larger numbers higher quality or lower quality? So, is Billboard 1 higher quality (with more performance impact) than Billboard 4, or is Billboard 4 higher quality / more FPS cost than Billboard 1?
  6. On looking more closely at it, the affected trees are the Aspen trees. The issue appears to have happened when generating the TexGen files for it -- for some reason, all of the TreeAspen##_########.DDS files had a bright red leaf area with no transparency. This doesn't appear to have happened with any of the other tree types (the pine trees for example all do have transparency). So something effed up when generating the TexGen for these specific trees. I was able to solve it through the following steps: I'm not sure which specific step did the trick, but the combination ended up working. Upgrade Dyndolod 3 from Alpha 39 to Alpha 47 Upgrade "A Little Tree Mod" from version 0.8 to 0.9 Turn on the billboards from "A Little Tree Mod" (previously they were installed in MO2 but not enabled) Rerun TexGen Rerun Dyndolod After doing all those, it is working.
  7. When using "A Little Tree Mod" and "Cathedral Landscapes" there seems to be a specific variety of tree that I'm getting very red LODs for. Not sure what's going on. Here's an example. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/images/126384
  8. I was able to get it to work after regenerating the entire grass cache. As far as where the .BTR might have gotten into the .CGID file, I did have some flat paper map mods installed at the time I generated the original grass cache, and one of those mods covered the soul cairn. Since these mods include their own .BTR files, it's possible that a map-mod file got used when generating the .CGID file. This time around, I disabled all of the paper map mods while generating the grass cache, Texgen, and Dyndolod. Whether disabling them was what enabled it to work this time or it was just a coincidence, I don't know. I hope this info is useful, and thanks for the assistance.
  9. I have XLODGen, TesGen, and Dyndolod set up to generate to my data drive. Then when they are done, I copy the output folder tree to the MO2 Mods folder and add it as a mod. The arguments I use are -sse -o:"D:\SSELOD Output\SSELODGen [Output]"
  10. Thanks for the assistance. The Soul Cairn grass cache files are here: https://ufile.io/i6ytz5sh
  11. I'm getting an Integer Overflow error when generating the LOD for the Soul Cairn when using Dyndolod 3. It only happens in this region -- if I disable DLC01SoulCairn in the Dyndolod Advanced screen and generate for all other regions, it completes successfully. This would suggest a problem with a mod, but I'm not sure where to start looking for a culprit. The error occurred when using Dyndolod 3 Alpha 39. The contents of DynDOLOD_SSE_log.txt can be found here: https://paste.ee/p/NXy5f The contents of bugreport.txt can be found here: https://paste.ee/p/qIOPO
  12. I am most definitely not an expert, but based on the above it sounds like you may have over-written or deleted some of the vanilla assets. To make sure that you have the full vanilla file set, I'd start by using the Verify Integrity of Game Files button in Steam (right click on the game in the Steam library, choose Properties, then go to the Local Files tab). That won't help you with getting improved LODs, but it may at least help you with the missing objects problem. Good luck.
  13. In regards to the bEnableLandFade setting in Skyrim.ini, is there a similar setting for building and object LOD fade? The setting is working well for me for the terrain, but I am also seeing similarly ugly flickering as I approach city exteriors etc.
  14. SOLVED: @Greg, you were correct. It turns out that in fact it was the script mismatch I mentioned in my previous post, and it was baked into the save game. Unfortunately, in order for the fix to take effect you need to start a new game (so if anyone in the future runs into this, sorry, your current save is probably SOL). In any case, after removing the script mismatch and starting a new game, Barbas appears in the correct place and Ill Met by Moonlight proceeds correctly after talking to Sinding the first time.
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