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  1. So I found that OBIS adds to the levelled lists Anska uses - you know, the woman in High Gate Ruins that is completely forgettable . Unfortunately it seems like some of these additions have a different voice type and when that levelled version of Anska spawns she will be mute in her quest dialogue. I made a quickfix for this that seems to be working at least for me. I'm a scrub when it comes to modding though so you may want to check it over in TES5Edit just in case. Anyone here or elsewhere is welcome to do whatever they like with the file as it took like 15 minutes to make.
  2. I did this, which removed some of her odd dialogue, but not all. I had a root around in xEdit and found that Endgame NPC Overhaul adds her to the potential marriage and follower factions, this is also carried over into NPC Retextures Merged and ASIS. According to the mod's page it's meant to allow her to be a follower, but I can't tell what's making her relationshiprank go to 3 instead of the default of 0. I suppose it's possible that the mod author did this on purpose, but why would that require changing her default relationship rank? Surely if In My Time Of Need doesn't set her relationshiprank high enough you could change the quest so it does? I don't know my stuff well enough to say, I couldn't even find a value for default relationship rank in xEdit - with that in mind it might even be a completely different mod altering her relationship rank for all I know.
  3. There's an option in the MCM for EFF where I guess you have to look at the container you want to be for dismissed NPC's inventories and then press the button. I haven't actually done it myself yet as I don't have a home for my character. To quote Expired's post on the nexus page for EFF:
  4. A few minor things I've noticed in my playthrough so far: Some Falmer enemies will use their fists rather than whatever weapon they're carrying. This wouldn't be a problem really except they seem to lack an animation for moving whilst unarmed. Pure guesswork, but perhaps they do this because their fists do more damage than the weapons they're given. The Wereskeever from Immersive Creatures will attack other skeevers. The result is that whenever you enter cells like Riften Jail or the Goldenglow sewers you'll immediately start hearing them roaring away at their brethren. This is a bug with Immersive Creatures on any install but I thought it worth mentioning. The fix for infinite Afflicted spawning doesn't seem to be working. After speaking to one of the Afflicted I'm not given a misc or full quest to speak to Kesh and Afflicted continue to spawn. It's merged into my bashed patch, I don't know enough about modding to know if that would break it or not. Saadia in the Bannered Mare is friends with the player and able to be recruited with a follower without having done In My Time Of Need. Again, don't know about this one other than it stood out as odd and isn't something in vanilla. Not a bug, but if a follower is dismissed or dies whilst having items in their inventory rather than equipment whatever items they had will go into an unreachable cell. Looking into this I found that you're meant to set a safe container for these items to go into via the MCM menu - might be something worth putting in the MCM section of the guide. Some of these may be due my own stupidity as when I originally typed this there were about three others that after doing a bit of testing were down to my own incompetence - I had the full EatDrinkSleep mod installed instead of just the animations for example.
  5. I went with WCSO Vanilla and removed TMB since as I understand it's meant for UNP which I no longer use. Redid the merged patch, rebuilt my bash patch as well just in case and so far my game hasn't broken or done something bizarre. Thanks for the help.
  6. Unfortunately I couldn't find an option like that neither in the fomod installer or the page for Windsong itself. It has a vanilla body option but I don't know if that would break the conflict resolution for option 1. I think TMB Vanilla Armors does the skimpy armors, so would break anything if I removed that? I guess there's not too much harm in giving it a go as I can always revert it. I'll report back if my game breaks horribly.
  7. Hi again, finished my install, started playing and everything works well. Before I dive into the game and don't see the sun again for a few months would anyone be willing to help me remove the mods that add skimpy armors and naked npcs/corpses? They're not really to my tastes and I'm not sure what mods add them and how I would go about removing them without breaking everything. I'm using Option 1 of the NPC Retextures and I've not removed any other mods in the guide if that helps.
  8. Thanks, good to know I've been doing the right thing. Looking forward to getting this pack running, I've discovered so many mods and fixes I never knew existed during my install.
  9. I've been following this guide to the letter and finally just got to the section of merging. This isn't anything I've ever done before as usually I run with about 100 plugins, so I was wondering if the clever people here would answer some of my questions. The merge guide mentions left pane placement for merges. Does this mean in MO's left pane? In Merge Plugins' options menu there is an option "Copy general assets" under the Integrations tab. Should I have this ticked? Assuming I have it ticked, should I then disable the mods in MO's left pane after creating the merge? Edit: Remembered something else I'm probably being dumb about. I've been leaving the mod priority in MO's left pane alone, should I be organising this beyond what the merge guide suggests or is the order of installation in the guide good enough? Thanks. I'd just go along with what I think is right but I don't want discover I've messed everything up later and have to redo it.
  10. I use the latest version from the Nexus, it does occur in Tamriel worldspaces but also in any city I enter - I don't know enough to know if this is considered part of the Tamriel worldspace or not.
  11. Well that's the thing, all they say is "DynDOLOD Missing data Fxxxx" with the xxxx changing each time - I don't know what the Fxxxx codes mean.
  12. I thought I followed the manual to the letter, but something must have gone wrong since wherever I go I get DynDOLOD missing data errors that keep popping up every other five seconds. I tried looking up if anyone else had ended up getting these codes but I haven't found anything, nor anything that would indicate why it's happening or what the error codes mean - maybe it's just because I'm incompetent :confused:
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