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  1. The Fallout 3 INI Tweak Guide includes instructions on utilizing BethINI but I'm having a little trouble following them. The guide says to "Download the main file" and "run the installer, following the onscreen instructions" but BethINI is a portable application and as far as I can tell there's no installer. Since there doesn't appear to be any other file to download, I'm guessing "installer" refers to the BethINI application itself, so all I could think to do was to extract the BethINI archive to the same location as most of the other utilities and run the BethINI.exe file, but when I do that there are no "onscreen instructions" to follow, just a bunch of options. The guide then says to go to the Setup tab specify the Mod Organizer profile folder with the INI Path option, which I was able to do. All of the other paths looked correct. Then the guide says: "After Bethini runs the INI files in this profile will be changed. Carefully read the warnings." Again, this is a little confusing to me because it seems to me like the BethINI app is already running... and there's no instructions indicating HOW to run it. Again, my best guess was that what is meant by "run" here is to execute and save changes made to the ini file, so I went back to the Basic tab and selected "Save and Exit." At that point the program did generate a warning, which I read but didn't really understand. I clicked "Yes" to allow the program to execute the recommended changes. Then the guide says: "When the new INI files have been created the Fallout Launcher will run to complete the generation of the INI files." Does this mean that BethINI is supposed to run the Fallout Launcher automatically? Because that did not happen for me. Are we intended to manually run the Fallout Launcher at this point? If so, should it be run through Mod Organizer or not? I'm not sure if the instructions in this section are out of date, unclear, or perhaps I did something wrong earlier in the setup -- or if I'm possibly just confusing myself or overthinking things. Any guidance or assurance would be appreciated, thanks. Edit: I overlooked the support forum, so I guess I should've posted this there. If a moderator can move it to the correct place that's fine. I don't see an option to delete this post so I'm just going to leave it here for now. One of the more recent posts is related to the issue I've encountered so I guess that partially addresses my own.
  2. The sack meshes seem to alter the hitbox in a way that makes it a lot more difficult to loot a specific sack when they are placed closed together (as they often are). This could be my imagination though, or maybe just a problem on my end. Also, this is more a matter of taste, but the sack animation looks pretty unconvincing to me, like the sacks are made of a rubber/elastic material rather than cloth. It looks out of place to me. Another issue is that it makes looting these containers take a couple seconds, which may not seem like a big deal... however, sacks generally contain poor loot individually but a lot of times there are a bunch of them in one room so collectively they can constitute a decent haul. But the animation times also add up, to the point where a player may ask themselves how much they really want those alchemy supplies. The gameplay impact can actually be kind of significant. Animations on chests, furniture and doors aren't really an issue because they're more spread out so interacting with those objects never feels onerous. For these reasons I've also decided to disable the sack animations.
  3. It does appear that the latest version of the UUF3P - FWE patch includes the Vernon Square crash fix that I reported.
  4. There is a typo/broken link in the second paragraph in the Setting Up Mod Organizer section. Wrye Flash is spelled Wyre Flash, and is also spelled that way in the link, which causes it not to work.
  5. So, somewhat embarrassingly, I tracked the problem to a mod of my own making, which as it turns out was adding the "Don't Use 1st Person IS Animations" flag to certain weapons. Adding the NoMerge bash tag to that mod fixed the issue without compromising its intended function. Thanks for the support. For me, none of the weapons added by RH_Ironsights (as opposed to weapons modified by it) are being conflicted/overwritten by anything in my load order, so the base RH_Ironsight stats for those weapons are being used. Some of these weapons include the Single Shotgun, .556mm SMG and Revolver Rifle, but there are many. I don't know that these weapons are terribly unbalanced, but they did stand out to me for their value (in caps) if nothing else and a cursory inspection of some of their stats in FO3Edit indicates that they do seem to be out of line with FWE stats. It's possible I'm missing a patch, though. The only Ironsights-related patches I am using are the FO3RA patch and FWE patch from the RH_Ironsights Nexus page and stabbycat's FWE/WMK/RH_Ironsights patches. I'm not using EVE, MMM or 20th Century Weapons so I haven't installed their corresponding patches.
  6. Good thought. The only weapon mesh/texture mod I have installed is Hall of Weapons. I tried disabling that (and Precision Clutter for good measure) but still had the issues described above. However, I loaded up a stripped-down MO profile and that resolved my issues, so I have some narrowing-down to do to see where the conflict lies.
  7. RH_IRONSIGHTS I'm finding I'm having some issues with RH_Ironsights. For me, the ironsights don't work for the Assault Rifle, Chinese Assault Rifle, Laser Rifle and probably others. The view zooms slightly, I get the screen blur, and the crosshairs are removed, but the weapon is not moved into the proper ironsights position. The ironsights for many weapons do work, however. To troubleshoot, I tried removing and reinstalling by performing the following steps (I have FWE, WMK and RH_Ironsights installed, and no weapons-related non-Core mods): Another issue I have with the mod is that it (or at least the merged version used by the guide) adds a lot of weapons to the game, and those weapons aren't balanced for FWE nor do I believe they can be modified with WMK. These ill-fitting weapons end up having a pretty overwhelming impact on a few leveled lists, so that raiders and Talon Company mercs frequently drop them over the "better" FWE weapons. The way I addressed this was to use FO3Edit to remove the following top-level groups: Cell, Container, Leveled Item, Non-Player Character, World. I believe this has had the desired effect of preventing the offending weapons from appearing in the game without affecting the core functionality of the mod. I don't know if these hacks would be suitable for the guide, but I thought I'd mention them just in case. However, unless I can figure out why RH_Ironsights works so inconsistently with my install I'll probably end up removing it, as cool as the mod is. Hopefully someone can point something out that I missed, though. Other issues: I've noticed some issues with the latest version of LOOT (0.80). Sometimes when I launch it the text will be scrambled, and once it crashed on me during the sorting process. Otherwise it seems to work OK. I traced a game-freezing issue to the Tweaked Automat mod. When I went to report this on the Nexus page, I found that another user had as well.
  8. I'm not sure if listing 1.2.18 as the version number for Mod Organizer is intentional, but 1.3.8 is the latest version (though it requires Windows 7 or later). 1.3.8 does have some nice bug fixes and it's easy to overlook it since 1.2.18 is the version listed at the top of the Nexus file list. Other version updates include LOOT 0.80 and ENBoost 0.278 (which includes a VRAM autodetect).
  9. My approach is usually is to only clean what LOOT indicates needs cleaning, and to leave everything else alone. The masterlist isn't 100% complete and it's conceivable that there are mods out there that have intentional dirty edits that LOOT isn't aware of. If you want to be thorough about your cleaning though, I'd check the mod's accompanying documentation. If neither the mod's readme nor LOOT say anything to the contrary, cleaning the mod is almost certainly fine.
  10. Thanks for writing up this guide. Overall, it's a great help. I've stuck mostly to your Core recommendations, but ended up a removing a few mods. The DC Interior Projects seems like a wonderful effort, but to me the areas clash too much with existing vanilla environments. The unique items/monsters it adds, the sometimes overly-cluttered environments, the little story bits that don't quite mesh with the world's lore/tone all ended up taking away from the experience for me a bit. I've also removed the More Perks mods, as to me a lot of them seem silly or unbalanced, and the perk descriptions often are unclear or exhibit poor grammar. What's more, with the perks added by FWE and the More Perks mod the perk list gets to be quite extensive. Once you get a few levels under your belt it seems like it takes forever to scroll the available ones, and if you want to look ahead to see what's available and what you might want to build towards, it becomes even more of a chore to sift the wheat from the chaff. I found that Robert's male bodies resulted in a fair number of glitches, but so far with Breeze's haven't had any issues that I've noticed. For stability, I found that I had to make the commonly-suggested Fallout.ini tweak of setting bUseThreadedAI=1, and added iNumHWThreads=1 to the [General] section. (Setting iNumHWThreads=2 seems less stable for me, and I don't have any performance problems with it at 1 on my admittedly fairly powerful system - i5-4690, GTX 970). To clear up an issue with some NPCs having very pale faces, I had to add to add bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles=1 to the [General] section of Fallout.ini. I'm not sure if you would want to add a note anywhere recommending or noting these tweaks. As for suggestions for mods to add, have you considered No Theft Comments? The ideal thing would be a mod that adds a longer delay to trigger comments and/or making it karma sensitive, but failing that I consider this mod to be almost must-have. It's pretty immersion-breaking to be scolded for having my line of sight briefly touch someone's desk. The only other mod I've added is one to add some extra storage to the player housing, but IMO it's a little overzealous so I wouldn't recommend it. Thanks again for compiling the list, hope this feedback helps. Edit: Turns out I had overlooked the ini tweaks link/section of the guide.
  11. I ran into this issue as well and was able to isolate the problem to UUF3P - FWE Patch.esp. I was able to fix this by tinkering in FO3Edit. Note that I don't really understand why it works, but it works. This is how it's done for anybody who wants to try it: * Open FO3Edit. * Right click the list, choose Select None. * Tick the UUF3P - FWE Patch.esp checkbox, click OK and wait for it to finish loading. * Expand UUF3P with the + sign, expand Worldspace, click Vernon Square. * In the right pane, under Parent > PNAM - > Flags > Use Water Data, right click the entry that reads "Use Water Data" in the UU3P column, and click Remove. * Confirm when you receive the warning, close FO3Edit. Someone who understands more about the technical side of things might be able to make a better fix that doesn't cause FO3Edit to start highlighting things in red. A few minutes of running around in Vernon Square didn't expose any problems with this fix, but my testing was hardly extensive.
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