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  1. I didn't check the STEP compilation, but as techangel85 said, in the worst case, I expect only some redundancies. I will have a look at the STEP patch.
  2. This is not a secret for anyone with a minimal amount of skills in navmeshing. For example, the navigation meshes are also used by the AI for general spatial reasoning and spatially localized information. That's the basic of basic, any decent lectures about navigation mesh contain this kind of information. Information which can be found in less than 5 minutes by searching on the net. If you want to be able to understand a complexe problem in a specific field, it asks a minimal amount of skills in the field and the only way to get skills is through hard work. So don't expect to understand easily why it's not possible to fix some compatibility issues between ICAIO and ETaC with the current tools available. I'm aware of the problem. I didn't add a script activation system for the release because the community wasn't ready to believe that it was possible to do so much without using scripts. Besides, a increase duration of 20 secondes (if you load a save or start a new game), for your first loading screen, the first time that you load my plugin, is a minor annoyance. Moreover, as explained in the description, the plugin won't work correctly if you use the coc command. Anyway, this annoyance will be removed soon, as I'm going to add a MCM menu in order to turn on/off the mod when you are in game. So the activation won't be automatic anymore, but manual. This will allow me to update the mod more easily.
  3. I have no clue about what knowledge and experience you're talking about. I don't know as well who is included when you say everyone. ICAIO is the proof that I know much more about AI and navmesh that most of the mod author. Therefore, most of the time, I don't feel the need to justify my decisions. Because this is not attempt? From my article about compatibility: He is the problem: - First, you'll have to edit my mod in order to make it work with ETaC, which is possible, it requires to reposition several of my extra markers and to redesign some AI. If you're not the author, It's not easy to do it properly because you need to figure out the purpose of all markers. - Then you'll have to solve all the navmeshes conflict between ETaC and ICAIO, which is not possible without editing ETaC, because the mod author of ETaC depleted vanilla navmeshes to substitute them with extra navmeshes. - Then for each optional plugins from ETaC (Whiterun Exterior for example), you'll have to create an alternative version of my mod designed to work with ETaC and with one of those optional plugins from ETaC. - Then you'll have to make additional compatibility patches to solve all the navmesh conflicts between ETaC and the compatibility patches that I provide for OCS, CRF and PCS. - Then you'll have to create additional compatibility patches to solve all the navmesh conflicts between the compatibility patch provided by ETaC and the compatibility patches that I provide for OCS, CRF and PCS. - Then you'll have to make compatibility patch for the newly created compatibility patches, because the newly created compatibility patches will conflict between each other as well with other plugins which are tagged as being compatible with my plugin. My plugin is available publicly and for free. Therefore, contrary to me, if some people try to understand how AI works in Skyrim or in FO4 (or in video games), they won't start from scratch. It means also that I have no obligation to provide a professional support or a professional communication. Anyway, I can't be everywhere and can't do everything, especially when I have more important problems in the real life. When I can dedicate some time to modding, my priority is to improve my mod. No, my interpretation is just different than yours. Yes to all questions. Not really. For example, Wet & Cold from Isoku adds and removes aliases permanently. RFYL and WVA from Arthmoor does the same thing but only when a dragon or a vampire attacks. I can't speak for the community, but thank you for proposing your help. The real art of my mod comes from the navmesh design and from my custom AI packages. Both are important and have to be modified to solve compatibility issues with some towns overhaul. Apart that, I'm agree with your analysis. It's more fast and much more easy to create a town overhaul compatible with my plugin by default. Example: Dark water crossing from Arthmoor. For the next version, I cover DWC and NPCs living in DWC will act differently if you use DWC from Arthmoor. For example, they will go sleep to their new home instead to use the tents. No compatibility patch will be required.
  4. Present since the initial release: https://www.flickr.com/photos/128143940@N04/15203069248/in/dateposted-public/ I can give you more example if you want. Blackmailing is useless with me. If the STEP staff want to remove my plugin from STEP, that's their right and I won't discuss their choices. But I won't do fan service because I mod by conviction. If they want to remove my plugin from STEP because they don't like my edit on Rorikstead, so be it.
  5. Sorry if you don't understand the problem. This is the best I can do right now. It's not easy to explain simply a complex problem even in your native language. It's even more difficult through a forum. I worked on this problem during a whole month. In the current state of ETaC, it's more easy to do a towns overhaul similar to Arthmoor rather than to try to find a solution to make ICAIO and ETaC work together. The source is easy to find (the adress is on the SS), besides the whole context is not in Arthmoor favor, specialy when he says things like that: There is quite a gap between what he said and the reality: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198051804717 And laugh at me just because I spend more than 4k hours in the CK is not a good way to invite me to collaborate with him.
  6. As I said, there is a ton aliases running permanently in Skyrim vanilla (I gave several examples of quests). Besides, if it was really an issue, Arthmoor would have already fixed these aliases through the USKP. Currently, there is just no evidence at all that it's a problem. Besides, Skyrim performance monitor doesn't show any anomaly.
  7. I understand that they are frustrated, but that doesn't justify their behavior. If they have asked kindly and without stabbing me in parallel, I would have answered. By spreading false informations and by giving value judgements against me (without presenting arguments or proofs), they don't improve my feeling toward them. At least Nazenn started to withdraw his accusations. Don't you think that I wasn't frustrated by the lack of information when I started to make this plugin? Can you imagine the amount of frustration I had to deal with during several months? I have to face all that frustation alone, because no one couldn't help me, for the simple reason that no one had the knowledges to help me. Therefore, frustration is not an receivable argument for me. Besides, I don't even think that they spent more than 1 hour to analyze my mod. That's not the language barrier the main problem in my opinion, but rather the cultural barrier. Besides, no one prevent them to say that it's a misunderstanding. Contrary to them, I explain my decisions and my thought. Agree. But not everyone think like that.
  8. I would like also to remind you some facts. - I made this mod for 2 reasons: * To show that it was possible to do something much better than the products made by the videogame industry * To show that people care about AI Everything else was secondary and remains secondary. If you like my mod, that's fine, if you don't like it, that's fine too. Besides, the current compatibility of ICAIO is already way beyond my initial expectation. - I have much more important problems to deal with, such as winning enough money to rent a room, to pay the electricity, to buy some foods etc. - My life time is limited, it means that I won't have enough time to do everything I want to do. It means that I have to make choices, take decisions. It means that i can't make everyone happy, so whatever I do, some people will hate me. - I don't necessarily live in the same country as you, it means that i don't have the same culture as you as well as the same values as you. Trying to convince me that you own the truth, is a waste of time at best. I don't judge your values, so the minimal respect is to don't judge mine. If you can't accept that, it doesn't really matter to be honest, I said what I have to say. History will prove if I was right or wrong.
  9. They will get nothing from me by behaving like that. Either they offer me a win - win deal, either they learn by themselves as I did. I forgot to share the context. I don't want to work with Arthmoor because 5 days later after he asked for help, he started to spread hoaxes about ICAIO. Here is an example: https://postimg.org/image/czruazf9x/full/ Since, he spread hoaxes regularly about ICAIO and then he started to complain in public that I don't want to helm him. In short, on one side he asks me for help, on the other side he stabs me in the back. I don't want to aknowledge this kind of behavior, hence my decision to don't work with him. If it's below 10%, it's not significant for me. When I wrote the description and the article about compatibility, I had to find a good balance between clarity and accuracy. I check the navmeshes personally, I test them in the Creation Kit & In game. I check if the area I use are navmeshed and if some statics objects are added, I also check where they have been added and if they overlap my markers. I also check if the position of vanila static objects are moved. If I have some doubts, I test directly the AI. If some people doesn't trust me, it doesn't matter, they are free to do whatever they want after all. I've already done this several times. Here is an example with enhanced landscape: here I stopped because I don't have the time anymore.
  10. @ TechAngel85: So for you, this is not an insult: but this is an insult?: There is something that I don't understand. I would be glad if you could moderate this thread in an equitable way. I know that in England or in USA, you can say whatever you want about anything, but that's not the case everywhere. In France, we don't tolerate insult or accusation without bringing evidences. Thank you to take that into account Edit: For the sake of clarity, I removed the parts which became irrelevants since the insults toward me have been removed from Neaorox posts.
  11. There is quite a gap between what he says and the reality. Here are some proofs: proof1 ; proof2 ; proof3 No proofs, no evidences. On the paper, my AI packages uses less ressources than the Vanilla AI package: my AI packages are optimised while the Vanilla AI packages are not. Indeed, my AI package uses less conditions than the vanilla AI package. Besides, the methodology that I use to apply my AI packages is routinely used in Skyrim vanilla. Indeed, Skyrim Vanilla contains a ton of quests running permanently and containing a lot of alias which are never cleared even when the related NPCs die. Here are some examples of quests: DialogueWhiterun, DialogueSolitude, DialogueRiverwood_Revised, DialogueFalkreath, ect. If you know how to use the Creation Kit, it's easy to check by yourself. Does it drains ressources? According to the literature, no. The only information that I found about this are on Creation Kit wiki: https://www.creationkit.com/Quest_Alias_Tab Here some interesting informations: According to the wiki: My alias are filled with unique actors and not with specific references. This is easy to check by yourself. So according to the official wiki, Arthmoor lies. But, this is the theory, what about practice? In practice, this is easy to check by yourself by using a performance monitor tool such as Skyrim Performance Monitor which will allow you to track Skyrim’s system resource usage. Of course, contrary to Arthmoor, I tested. The result? Even without using ENBoost and even by filling all the alias dedicated to the extra NPCs, Skyrim Performance Monitor didn't detect a significative drain in ressource (less than 1% in my case). This has been confirmed by several users using low rigs (see the comments on the nexus forum). Another evidence against Arthmoor, is that the USKP doesn't adress this "issue", while a ton of vanilla quests (the dialogue quests for example, I gave exemples above) are filled with aliases which run permanently. So, nothing concrete supports Arthmoor theory. I skip the "10+ minutes to process" as it's too easy to check by yourself. What? A quote from my article about compatibility: The word incompatible is not really suited (but I use it for convenience). "Not designed to work with my plugin" is much more appropriate because most of the plugins listed here don't directly clash with my plugin. Therefore, for most of those plugins you won't see any incompatibilities by using TES5edit. However, in practice, the issues that you'll get by using my plugin along with one or several of these plugins are real. Here is a small sample of issues you can get: impossibility to complete some quests, quests not working as intended, NPCs performing actions with thin-air, NPCs having path-finding troubles, NPCs stuck forever (or for several hours) at specific places, etc. The reason for these issues is very simple: to work, an AI uses one or several references, usually invisible markers (in my case, I use only extra invisible markers) positioned according to the layout of cities, villages, or interior rooms. So if a plugin disrupts my AI, it also disrupts the vanilla AI. Therefore, most of the plugins tagged as being "incompatible", also disrupt the vanilla AI in some way. Other plugins are listed here, either because they delete references edited by my plugin or because they modify several navmeshes also edited by my plugin or because they add static objects overlapping many of my markers. Some of my markers are buried under stuffs. Here are some proofs: Markers colliding with each other: https://postimg.org/image/g3wwgmk0z/ Marker hidden by a stair, which causes Aela to throw arrows against the stair: https://postimg.org/image/ev8sr8b13/ Static object overlapping a marker: https://postimg.org/image/6n8vrfofr/ Marker which is no more accessible due to the presence of a wall: https://postimg.org/image/eigpll6kf/ Note also that the extra smelter will cause issues, because NPCs will try to use it while the area around the smelter is not navmeshed: https://postimg.org/image/k2tng2rqb/. For the smelter, the mod author could at least turn "on" the flag 'ignored by sandbox" All this issues are easy to spot, you don't even need to use the Creation Kit, all you need to do is to turn "on" bShowMarkers=1 in your skyrim.ini under the display section. Note that these screenshots have been taken by using JKs Cities - lites. This is why I tagged JKs Cities Lite as being slightly incompatible. You never asked me this kind of information, hence the lack of answer. This plugin is the prove of my skills in the AI field. If you don't want to believe what you see, that's your problem. If some people don't want to aknowlege me, it doesn't matter. If I prefer to spend my time to take action rather than to boast on a forum, it's my right and I take it. I refused to give permission? I threatened people? Where are the proofs? Where are the evidences? But me I have counter evidences: evidence1 ; evidence2 ; evidence3 ; evidence4 ; evidence5 Add to that the existence of several non official compatibility patches, such as the one for Immersive Wenches. Here is a public talk between me and lordkoz: Shurah wrote: Hello, The patch for Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul is no longer required. See ya lordkoz wrote: Edit: I notice you removed your edits in the "WIServerParonSceneA" quest and that helped but wenches are still getting selected by your quests, its noticeable in windhelm since yours quests will make them all gather inside candlehearth inn, or walk outside the city back and forth. Other thing is the edit in the "WITavernServerSandbox" package that makes all npcs in the servers faction to hold a drinkstray, in the patch the wenches were excluded so they can use their own patrol markers and ai, otherwise they will just stand still. Also since wenches scenes have 0 priority so all other scenes have priority over them and they are getting used as alias in your quests, they just dont play them. I would say that the patch its still necessary, since it lets the wenches be wenches XD. source: https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/1414415-immersive-wenches/page-142 This shows that i'm fully aware of the existence of non official compatibility patches and that I tolerate them. Let be honest, the real reason that you can't make compatibility patches is because you don't the have skills and the knowledge to do it. Conclusion: they have no proof, no evidence, no argument but they talk a lot Edit: For the sake of clarity, I removed the parts which became irrelevants since the insults toward me have been removed from Neaorox posts.
  12. The answer is big, so I have to split it in 2 parts. For me, the only interesting comment is the following one from blurgblod: Jawz is the one who has made the installer and I'm fully satisfied by his contribution. I prefer when the users don't complain that they get a CTD at the main menu. Besides, nobody prevent the user to do a manual install. I refuse to share any information? What about the description (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/65013/?), the multiples video about ICAIO (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEFdan-sAeAgM-4VUutkHrQ) as well as the article about ICAIO incompatibilities (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/articles/50303/?). Besides, I didn't lock the esp, so anyone is free to open it in the Creation Kit and to analyze how it works, but I guess that it's more easy to accuse without evidences. Wrong, as i explain in ICAIO's description: My plugin is compatible with any plugins editing the AI. Indeed, Bethesda offered the possibility to give a priority number to each AI (between 0 and 100), the higher the number is, the higher the priority is. If 2 plugins add an AI with the same priority number, then the load order is taken into account by the game engine. So, either my AI has priority or my AI is overridden. The AI used by vanilla quests have a higher priority that my AI. Therefore, my plugin doesn't prevent the vanilla quests from working as intended. Besides, the AI used by a vanilla quest is only active if it meets specific criteria. For example, an AI related to a vanilla quest will not be active if the related quest is inactivate or completed. Overall, the fact that Thalassa never released a single mod, doesn't give him credit at all. Add to this that most of his statements are incorrect and easily checkable (if you will to spend some times to check them). Moreover, the fact that I ban him for trolling decreases even more his credibility on this subject. Edit: For the sake of clarity, I removed the parts which became irrelevants since the insults toward me have been removed from Neaorox posts.
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