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  1. I was able to determine that something in the trollf loading screens was causing an issue. I removed those from the install and was able to proceed, however it now crashes on Qarls TP3 when exiting. I found an erroneously named file in meshes\dungeons\exteriors (the file has a preceding space) and fixed that, but it still crashes. I'm beginning to wonder if Oblivion is struggling with my graphics card (980TI). ?
  2. I have installed up through User Interface and it seems to work fine until I get to the sewer exit. I cannot exit the sewers without an immediate crash. Backing out the UI changes (back to Fixes) let's me exit. I've done this step a number of times to the same result. Any ideas on what I may be doing wrong? Also - as any annoyance, Wryebash won't let me open up installers if the .ini is set to read-only. ?
  3. Kelmych - Let me say first, I appreciate your support and putting this together. I know it's a ton of work and appreciate the time. I'm using MO v1.3.8. As long as I check the Have MO manage archives, it's working..but I believe you say we should have it turned off in your guide. Currently I have them all checked and it avoids that looping problem with the FalloutLauncher modification.
  4. So, after troubleshooting, what I found was that the profiles had "Have MO manage archives" unchecked after the copy. I believe these were checked, previously . After checking this and the default .bsa's, it worked fine. I have no idea why this setting would be causing the issue I had previously, but it has seemed to resolve it.
  5. I just ran through the entire configuration again. Works up until I copy the Mods and Profiles directories into the new Mod Organizer install. Not sure what it could be in those that is causing the problem. I'm attempting to just reuse my known good config from MO from the prior install
  6. Steam Launcher is set to --start mo Selecting Play from Steam, it launches MO I select "FOSE" from the MO executables It brings up the command prompt with the FalloutLauncher 1.2 menu again. The FOSE executable was set by MO to: E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 3 goty\fose_loader.exe Should there be an argument listed there, or am I missing something in your steps?
  7. Hi Kelmych - Yes, I did copy the Modorganizer.ini file over as well. I ran the game once via the launcher, and was able to run successfully. I can also run it successfully via the FOSE_Loader in the GOTY folder. When I run FOSE from MO, it pulls up the command prompt for the FalloutLauncher selection (Fallout 3, FOSE or MOD Organizer), instead of launching fose directly.
  8. Hoping someone can help. I had to reinstall FO3, and copied over my MO profile. I can run FOSE_Loader directly, or from the modified FalloutLauncher executable (from the command prompt). However, running FOSE from MO creates a loop where it goes to the FalloutLauncher instead of running FOSE directly. The MO executable for Fose is correct steam\steamapps\common\Fallout3 goty\fose_loader.exe, but running this within MO calls the modified FalloutLauncher (command prompt menu) instead, where it will continue to loop. Anyone seen this?
  9. Kelmych - Yes, I am using the latest version of loot and also tried using the MO built-in sorter just to check. I've manually set the mod order in Loot to compensate but thought you might want to note it if others are having the issue.
  10. Thanks, I will try it without the patches and see how it goes. I've struggled in the past in getting the weapon mods working together. Also, a note on the load order. Loot is incorrectly placing the Enhanced Weather and Dynamic Weather Plugins. Not sure if you've seen this, but thought it might help. I had to manually correct it to: · Enhanced Weather – Rain and Snow.esm · Xepha’s Dynamic Weather.esm o Other mods / ESPs · Xepha’s Dynamic Weather – Main.esp o All other Dynamic Weather esps · Xepha’s Dynamic Weather – Rain.esp
  11. Thanks Kelmych. Sorry, I missed those MMM patches as I went through. For IMPACT, there are some patches developed that look like they should be applied. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/download/1000007586 (RH-WMK-DLC's). I was wondering if you're recommending those at this time, or if they should be applied during the conditional patches section?
  12. In following the guide, I noticed that both DCInteriors and Glowing Ghouls have MMM patches available. These are not listed in the MMM section. Has anyone verified if these are required, or not? Trying to determine what will be required for MMM to work. Also, the IMPACT section has a large number of patches that seem to be required. Since these are not in the conditional section, I'm curious if they are not required due to the other conditional patches listed?
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