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  1. That's the thing. My trees are fine, its stuff like nordic ruins are cut in half or only have pillars. My road LODs are ice textures, my farm houses were using imperial tent textures this time. I ran texgen exe and after I replaced the core files with the new texture ones and ran dyndolod.exe and I still have these issues. Its like the lods are missing parts of the mesh.
  2. Hey, its been along time since iv ran DyndoLOD and I want to update my games LOD. Issue is im still running 1.49. When I do the old uninstall process of DyndoLOD and the install the new version my LODs are all cut in half and are the wrong texture. I'm unsure what im doing wrong. I run the texgen and import the generated lod textures over the core files and then run DyndoLOD. Could it be cause im updating from 1.49 to 2.21?
  3. You said "As always, there is no need to generate from scratch or update anything unless you want to." Does that mean I dont need to update, again? Cause, as iv stated I only get this message about tamriel_ojects.json in the MCM menu.
  4. Alright, im stumped, im gonna say now im not using the 2.0 beta. Iv re-ran DyndoLOD so many times before and never had this issue. I recently found out my Beyond Reach file was two updates behind so I installed it. The mod author said he did do some minor changes to the worldspace so I figured a re-run of DyndoLOD wouldnt hurt. I followed it step by step, go into a vanilla interior/new save/quit/uninstall dyndolod/delete texture,meshes,skse files from data and scripts and cache from my xEdit folder/load save and wait 10 ingame days/make another new save/run dyndolod/save changes to dyndolod.esp and move everything from my output folder to Skyrim datas folder/load skyrim. This is how iv always updated Skyrim, first I would go outside and DyndoLOD would activate before the MCM menu registered so the message on DyndoLODs MCM menu would say the json doesnt match, so I wait inside Riverwood Trader until the MCM menu registers, this can take some time but I found out if I open MCM menu and then close it I get the MCM menu quickly. Once the menu registers I check and it says the json doesnt match and DyndoLOD isnt active, I will go outside and in a few seconds I get a message saying "DyndoLOD Successfully Initialized" and everything looks normal. I dont get any other message after that saying the json file doesnt match, but when I check DyndoLOD in the MCM menu it says the latest message is the json doesnt match. If I deactivate and reactivate DyndoLOD it doesnt say that anymore and says the last message is DyndoLOD succesfully loaded. What am I doing wrong? Iv done it 3 times last night and just did it again. Im stumped at what to do and why the MCM suddenly keeps saying the json doesnt match but the message I get ingame says DyndoLOD successfully activated.
  5. Edit Fixed It But one question, if I rerun DyndoLOD for one worldspace and update it and the esp but still use old jsons and textures for other worldspace, I updated Solsthiem but didnt touch the rest of my game like Tamriel, would that be an issue? Or should I just re-run DyndoLOD all over again.
  6. When im rebuilding the texture atlas it says "cannot find lod something something" for the rebuilding of the atlas? Should I worry that ill have missing textures or is it because that specific thing wasnt changed to be rebuilt?
  7. Crap, it was there the entire time. Ill be the first to admit I am an idiot. Alright, so I got the shortcut looking like this "C:\Users\User\Documents\Skyrim - TES5EDIT\TES5Edit.exe" -o:"c:\output" Is that right? Edit: I read I have to set "Set Expert=1 in DynDOLOD.ini", but I cant find DyndoLOD.ini, may I ask were it is located?
  8. Then why does 1.49 have brighter roads than 1.46, I dont really understand. Aswell I cant figure out how to get texgen to work, I dont use MO, so how do I set up the -c: path without it? The RTFM doesnt touch on this and really only shows how to use it via MO. Edit: Sorry to be really persistant on this issue, I know iv posted about it before. But I cant seem to figure out how to get this to work and always end up back to using 1.46.
  9. Is it possible to run 1.49 of DyndoLOD with the texture and meshes from 1.46? Everytime I run 1.49 the roads and well, world in general is much brighter than my other textures. While 1.46 is pretty close to the same color of roads and ground. And Ill be honest, I cant figure out how to get the texpas to work, aswell id just have to rerun DyndoLOD with the new textures anyway, right? Also 1.49 lod roads are very, broken. The lod roads look cracked and only bits a pieces of road show up, very brightly too, while 1.46 has full dark roads.
  10. Alright, im at a loss. Few days ago I lost my current saves, so I had to reload to an old save that was running some mods I dont use anymore and DyndoLOD wasnt co-oping with that old save. So I re-ran DyndoLOD v1.46 (v1.46 is the only one that has roads in the distance that matches my texture mod and I cant get the texgen thing to work), iv done this 3 times. Down to the t on how to uninstall, reinstall and update DyndoLOD. Each time I load the game, I get the message DyndoLOD Sussecfully Activated then I get the message 1 New MCM Menu Registered. When I go to check the MCM manager for DyndoLOD I get this: But I dont get that message in the corner at all, iv loaded, reloaded, uninstalled and reinstalled DyndoLOD 3 times now and im at a loss as to why I keep getting this message in the MCM menu. I tfc'd and looked around and my LODs seem fine, nothing out of place, no missing textures or meshes but I still have that message in the MCM menu. Any idea on what im doing wrong? Edit: I deactivated, waited for the message and then reactivated DyndoLOD and the message is gone. Saying DyndoLOD sussecully activated. I fast traveled to Markart and saw that Markarths worldspace fully activated then left and the message wasnt there anymore. Guess I fixed it?
  11. Hey sheson, for awhile iv always ran DyndoLOD with my entire loadorder cause I didnt know what would and wouldn't add something for a LOD. Doing this obviously takes awhile but I wanted to make sure I got everything, but yesterday I learned of cleaning masters so I cleaned DnydoLOD and it removed alot of my load order as masters. I was wondering if this at all harmed my DyndoLOD. It still has a good 30 or so mods as masters but alot of mods (IE cloaks of skyrim, SIC, etc etc) and everything that it left were towns, new land mods and well I guess anything that made a LOD. Should I rerun DyndoLOD or is it safe to use this new "clean" version of DyndoLOD with fewer masters.
  12. What is the texture atlas? I just want to change the road lod to a darker road to match the texture I use for regular roads. Will chaning the texture atlas do that? Also, how do I set -o paramater via NMM or without MO? I dont use MO only NMM and I cant seem to figure out how to set the -o paramater.
  13. How exactly do I do texpas without using MO again? I use NMM so how do I do this to make the roads less bright? I watched the video but im a lil confused and it says to re-run World.pas, so does this mean I gotta reinstall dyndolod again? Iv never really updated, I just deleted the files and uninstalled dnydolod and reinstalled everything.
  14. Since ETaC now supports a new Expanded Winterhold Ruins mod I had to update DyndoLOD. I did it like usual, step by step via the video provided on how to install DyndoLOD. Issue is when I load the game, DyndoLOD is obviously in effect, I have the LOD but DyndoLOD wont activate. It says the json isnt matching with the data. And it should, I even did it twice. So I decided maybe its time to update to 1.49 version of DyndoLOD and I ran into this error: Iv never ran into this error before, but I did recently change my skyrims ini file to [General] bBorderRegionsEnabled=0 Is that the culprit? Iv already deleted that line in my ini and saved it, gonna re-run DyndoLOD and see if I run into the issue again. Edit: Nope that didnt work, got the same error.
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