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  1. Hi, I am using DynDOLOD v2.61 and I am experiencing "Error creating textures for atlas: Access violation at address". This did not happen with previous versions. Usually the error is always with DynDOLOD_DLC2SolstheimWorld. I am still using the same mods I used in previous versions. I attach bugreport and DynDOLOD_SSE_log. Hope they help. Thanks in advance for your help. I really would like to use DynDOLOD as it is a great tool for Skyrim. Best regards. DynDOLOD_logs.zip
  2. Hi, I have done it, and Skyrim now looks amazing!! Finally, after some weeks of work configuring a lot of mods, I think I can have the Skyrim experience I was looking for. So, just say thanks a lot for this mod and all the help all of you bringed me :)
  3. I will try with trees.ultra. I have read txt file and I just have one doubt. Is it needed to do the steps from a clean dyndolod installation? I mean, do I need to clear Dyndolod Output folder, install Dyndolod.esp and then do all steps described in txt file, or can I use the files I have right now after a normal Dyndolod installation? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, Just one question. Is it possible in any way to increase the resolution or details of trees in the distance? Best regards.
  5. Hi, First, you should check that .json file is in Dyndolod Output folder /skse/plugins/StorageUtilData. I had the same error, and it was because of Dyndolod was not loaded properly when I load the game. Following instructions to update dyndolod helped me. Do following steps: 1 - In the exterior, go to Dyndolod menu and deactivated it. Wait till "Disabled message" appears. 2 - Go into a house, save the game. 3 - Exit the game, go to MO and deactivate Dyndolod. 4 - Run the game and load the game. Dyndolod should not appear on menus. Save the game and exit. 5 - Go to MO, activate Dyndolod. Run the game and load the game. Go outside and activate Dyndolod if it is not actived. As I said, follow those steps remove my .json loading problems. Hope this helps.
  6. Thanks for the advice. I will try with default ini, as I don't have any ENB. EDIT: it seems that use a default ini does not work. It looks like this issue is happening on Helgen starting the game, when Helgen is attacked by the dragon, because I dont found the problem on another places. After the first mission, I come back to Helgen (once it is destroyed) and the issue does not happen.
  7. Yes, I started a new game. To be honest, I started the games 3 times to be sure, and I always get this with Dyndolod activated.
  8. Hi, Not sure if this is related to the last issue with the low texture and resolution with the trees, but I would like to ask for help for this one. As you can see in the screenshot, the textures look very bad. It is estrange, as the textures look bad, and a few seconds later, look good. After a few seconds, again bad textures. https://pasteboard.co/1vIoZakH.png This error was happening when I had a lot of mods installed, and I thought that could be something related to another mod, so I tried a minimal mod installation in order to check one by one which mod can do this. To start, I just installed the Unofficial Patchs for Skyrim, Dagronborn, Hearthfire and Dawnguard, the HighRes Texture Pack DLC, SKYUI, SFO v1.87 with its tree billboard and Dyndolod, clearing cache in TES5EDIT before generate nothing, deleting all previous generated files for Dyndolod and installing them from the very beginning. I think that could be something with Dyndolod, as if I deactivate it, the textures look perfect at any moment. Is this something somebody can help?
  9. Hi, I had same problem and it was fixed setting the following order mods in MO before generate LODs with TES5EDIT: Vanilla Tree Billboard Dyndolod Tamriel Reloaded HD Tamriel Reloaded HD Billboard After generate the LODs, create Dyndolod Output and update Dyndolod saving the changes, I set following order to run Skyrim: Vanilla Tree Billboard Dyndolod Dyndolod Output Tamriel Reloaded HD Tamriel Reloaded HD Billboard Hope this helps for you as well. Regards
  10. Hi, You were right. The LOD was not generated correctly because of an incorrect order installation. Sorry, I am very noob with mods and started with them a month ago :/ Now sometimes I am getting a low resolution flashing (very few times, and right now just localized at the beginning in the game, in Helgen), but because of it is happening on walls, ground and trees, I think that should be something related to a textures mod I could have installed that maybe is not loaded in the correct order when I generate objects with TES5EDIT. I will try today to identify wich mod can do this. I am aware that some mods require a special installation (COT Winter Edition, SkyMills, etc.), but I would like to ask if is there any identified mod incompatible with dyndolod. Also I have another question. I have SMIM without SkyMills. Not sure if I have to do something special in this case. In the tutorial it was said that SMIM had special installation in case of SkyMills is present (or at least, this was what I understood, sorry if I am wrong). Thanks in advance for all your help. Best regards.
  11. Hi, Finally, avoiding Tamriel Reloaded I could get good trees. To be honest, not sure yet why I had this issues, but installing just only SFO v1.87 I got the result I wanted. Regards EDIT: Just to confirm, I installed generated LODs as you can see in the following screenshot. https://imgur.com/47fkysn After run TES5LODGen, I right click on Overwrite folder and create a mod named "TREE LODS" that I install above Dyndolod. When I run TES5LODGen, I have installed the tree mods with their own billboards and dyndolod as well. I create the mod TREE LODS and install it as well, and finally I run TES5EDIT to generate Dyndolod Output, installing it above Dyndolod as well. To be honest, I followed step by step the tutorials, the one from Terrorfox and the 30 mins video in Nexus page as well, without result :( EDIT: Looks like the problem with billboards was the order. I had to place Dyndolod below Vanilla billboards and above the other billboards after generate the lods :) I have performed more tests and just only one issue has been detected, but it is very estrange. When I start a new game, after leave Helgen a enter Skyrim, some trees sometimes has purple or weird textures. It is strange, because if I enter Helgen, and leave the cave to enter Skyrim, different trees can have the these weird textures. Other times, all trees look fine. And one time, the bug was fixed in real time, without leave the game. https://imgur.com/CtByNYl
  12. I tried with the correct billboards in the order you told me, but for Tamriel Reloaded HD and Tamriel Reloaded Trees some trees cannot be displayed correctly, even standalone each one without SFO. I get floating trees or weird textures for a few trees. I think that it is something related to TamrielTreeLod.dds and the correspondent meshes. Maybe the billboards I downloaded from nexus have this problem, I don't know. Anyway, as I had Tamriel Reloaded Tress just for some trees I liked, I think that I will uninstall TRT and install SFO v1.87 that can make me happy as well, with Dyndolod. By the way, has somebody apart of me experienced these troubles with Tamriel Reloaded Trees or Tamriel Reloaded HD when installing Dyndolod?
  13. Hum... after a lot of tests, it looks like Tamriel Reloaded Trees has incorrect billboards for some trees. SFO v2.3 works fine with Dyndolod...
  14. If we consider Vanilla Billboard, should it be like the following? Vanilla billboard SFO SFO billboard Tamriel Reloaded Trees Tamriel Reloaded Trees billboards Is this correct?
  15. I am starting to think that maybe is something related to SFO. I have tried with a different version of SFO, v1.87, and now what it is happening is a floating trees issue: https://imgur.com/VQ7YkLM I will try to generate tree LOD without SFO and just only Tamriel Reloaded Trees and keep you updated. It seems that using both mods is messing TamrielTreeLod.dds and the meshes, as both are changing those files. Thanks and regards.
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