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  1. Yea I was looking at that one and Immersive Jewelry, I decided against unlimited rings and amulets because of immersion breaking but EK is nice because if you want only 2 more or enough for each finger then you can and the MCM menu is nice. And for me not seeing all the rings is fine.
  2. How many rings can you wear in total just curious
  3. I think I am leaning towards EK RingLimiter because your can se how many you want to equip in MCM
  4. Hi all, got the game running superbly by the way great job guys and gals. I have a question I really hate how you have 8 fingures and 2 thumbs but are only aloud to wear 1 ring, is there any mod that you know of that has no issues with this guide. I have seen: EK_RingLimiter: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/26355/? and Skyrim Unlimited Rings And Amulets: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/6703/? would these work.
  5. So running into a bit of an issue and I know Dark posted how to do (I took a pic with my Ipad and followed it) I can't get Predator Vision to work without turning off ENB, I would love to use it with it on so is there anything else I can try, I moved Enable Sensitivity value all the way down to 1.00 the lowest and at 1.74 it goes from black to gray.
  6. When I built my new pc last month I never knew about the limit so I got a card with 8gb and windows 10 and now I'm ticked because I'm limited in my 3 fav games F03 NV and Skyrim.
  7. Hopefully in the next month or 2 it will be :). I really hate being hampered lol
  8. Right on ty for the heads up Dark just doing merges now so perfect timing
  9. So I need to do it in Dual Sheath Redux and then CK or can I do it in TES5Edit
  10. ok then I will have to test it when I finish I'm at the merging part now.
  11. ok, it wont mess with anything else will it, if I chose those instead.
  12. does Skyrim Performance Monitor have a log that I can look at for past sessions.
  13. was Better Circlets HQ supposed to be changed to v2.10 or switched from main to old version. I am a bit confused about what changed on it
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