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  1. Ignore this post, I was asking for something that I should have dug deeper before asking.
  2. First off, love your tool, it really is a true benefit to the modding comunity. Thank you for taking the time to make it. I do have a feature request: Under the Gameplay Tab in the Combat block, would you add "fVisibleNavmeshMoveDist" to the archery tweaks?
  3. When you say "scripts" that MergePlugins doesn't handle, do you mean scripts that use the GetFromForm and/or GetFromFile functions (the functions that hardcode the ESP/ESM filename into the script)? If so, that is awesome, because that is the last piece that Mator's MergePlugins standalone doesn't handle (since he added script fragment handling).
  4. How is this tool different than Mator's MergePlugins Standalone?
  5. I just ran v2.17 on Enderal, no other changes to the installation than upgrading DynDOLOD. TexGen again ran without issue. This time DynDOLOD.exe got passed the place it bombed out in v2.16, but when it gets to the end and says's complete, LODGen.exe is still running in its own window (it's not stalled, it's still chugging along through LOD levels) Am I supposed to just wait until LODGen.exe is fully complete? Shouldn't DynDOLOD.exe actually wait for the LODGen job to be truly finished before it pops up saying it's done? Regardless, thank you very much for tackling this issue so quickly, I love your tool and it's now a permanent part of any of my load orders.
  6. I'm trying to generate DynDOLOD for Enderal (English), and it's bombing out, giving an Access Violation on Write error. This is a completely vanilla reinstall of Skyrim. 1. Installed Enderal using the Enderal Launcher (not from MO), and updated to the most current update 2. Installed ENBoost v0.308 3. Installed Vivid End ENB. (Nothing was installed in the Data folder) 4. Installed through MO: DynDOLOD Resources, Indistinguishable Vanilla Tree Billboards 1K, Enderal LOD Billboards, DynDOLOD Patches (Enderal Files Only) and nothing more (in that load order) 5. Set MO, TexGen, DynDOLOD to run as administrator (MO, and Steam are NOT installed in Program Files, but C:\Opt\ModOrganizer and C:\steam respectively) I was able to use TexGen with no problem and generated the TexGen Output (1024 resolution), and installed the Textures as it's own mod in MO and have it active (I didn't deactivate any of the mods from (4) above) But when I go to generate the files using DynDOLOD.exe, I get this error everytime: [00:01:23.386] Ignoring DynDOLOD.esp[00:01:29.238] 000569D7 _00E_MePack_RockBig01Snow looking for rock1asnowmountainslab02[00:01:29.833] Missing model "meshes\test\impextwall02.nif" - ignoring _00E_TestLightOut [sTAT:0005C25C] in Skyrim.esm for dynamic LOD[00:01:30.113] Missing model "meshes\test\farmhouse04.nif" - ignoring _00E_FarmhouseShaderTest [sTAT:000DE74D] in Skyrim.esm for dynamic LOD[00:01:33.160] Missing model "meshes\enderal\landscape\rocks\rockmineentrancegreatmeadows.nif" - ignoring _00E_GreatMeadowsMineEntrance02 [sTAT:00034874] in Skyrim.esm for dynamic LOD[00:01:38.065] Skyrim.esm TREE 515[00:01:38.078] Skyrim.esm DOOR 319[00:01:38.088] Skyrim.esm FURN 481[00:01:38.099] Skyrim.esm CONT 540[00:01:38.480] Skyrim.esm MSTT 873[00:01:38.490] Skyrim.esm ACTI 2673[00:01:38.503] Skyrim.esm STAT 12620[00:02:10.176] [00:02:10.176] Exception in unit userscript line 263: Access violation at address 08883CA5. Write of address 09C75F15 What did I miss?TES5Edit_log.txt
  7. Respectfully, but I would request that you move to an alternate method of a "checking" for other mod installations. Checking by explicit ESP name totally scuppers anyone that might try to merge mods together using Mator the Eternal's Merge Plugins TES5Edit script. It's one of the reasons that I won't be able to merge down more than a dozen weather mods into a single simple ESP because Minty Lightning for some reason was coded to explicitly call of it's own ESP by file name.
  8. If I've unpacked the BSA's into their own Mod in MO, do I still need the ESPs for when I run DynDOLOD?
  9. Would someone add a listing of all the modules of The Ruffled Feather Mod Collection are supposed to be installed for STEP Core/Extended to it's details page? I understand the convenience of the option to just install the STEP approved modules, but I still prefer to install each as separate mods in MO (I just install multiple times, selecting only one module at a time.)
  10. Are there any general guidelines on what types of textures are likely to have problems being optimized by DDSOpt? I've got many, many weapons and armor mods that owing to what I've seen in the ESPs in TES5Edit are probably not in any way shape or form optimized (it's clear many authors, while wonderful artists, don't have a clue about making properly optimized and efficient game files.) Just from looking at your list, the only risk in just defaulting to "always optimize" is the risk of faulty textures after optimization. Also, has anyone made a list, or is there at least an off the top of your head list, of what mods are already known to have issues with being optimized? And again, is there in general known types of textures that lead to problems (body textures, weapon textures, etc...) Thanks, TB
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