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  1. Is it somewhat normal for textures to bug out after playing for a while? My game runs great but sometimes I'll eventually get the red block with a white exclamation point in it or flickering textures on surfaces that a quick save and close/open of the game fixes. Not sure if that is indicative of my LOD gen being messed up, the texture optimization or an actual issue with mods. It isn't really a huge issue.
  2. I was/am having similar issues with my bashed patch. I ended up disabling a couple mods to get under 140 plugins and just playing normally. Even if I make a bashed patch with what I have now(just to rule out the few mods I disabled) I'll end up freezing shortly after loading in game. I did make a bashed patch with only the tweaks and that part works fine with no freezing.
  3. One issue I had initially when I was following the guide over the last couple of weeks Shadriss is in the Archives tab of MO, the "Have MO manage archives" box needs to be checked along with all the archives that have check boxes.
  4. No problem. Hoped that helped. No shame in asking for assistance, with so many mods there is bound to be a problem or two.
  5. He means all the ones listed in above on the guide, not all the ones listed above in the popup. Typically the same ones you ticked when after you right click and press Select None.
  6. I definitely felt like things were more washed out when I enabled RWL vice NS but I think NS was one of the things causing me CTDs and it had to go. :\ Were you disabling storms for the same reason or just for FPS?
  7. I think I've given up on trying to mod New Vegas. I am 99% sure that I followed the pack exactly on my third fresh install and I'm still getting very frequent freezes. I appreciate the work you've put into this. Edit: I honestly think the bashed patch is the culprit here. I can rebuild the patch following the guide and freeze within five seconds of loading the game but if I enable all the plugins and disable the patch I'm fine. I don't really understand why that would happen at all.
  8. For oHUD there are options for it to activate when pressing right click under Immersive Hud in MCM but these only work when the weapon is out. If my weapon is holstered pressing right click does not enable the HUD elements. Is that pretty normal? Thank you for the guide! I've mostly ironed out my crashing issues I think. I deactivated a few months to be under the plugin limit and refrained from making a bashed patch and that seems to have fixed what I was dealing with for the most part.
  9. Fixed it for me. Though now after firing if I let go of right click the rifle gets raised into the air for a short amount of time. Not a huge deal. Thanks for the fix.
  10. Well... I have now completed the guide for the third time. The first time I know I definitely screwed up when merging mods. The second time I am iffy on and am not positive I did everything right. This third time I feel fairly confident that I followed everything exactly. I did the last couple of steps and sorted using LOOT and made my bashed patch and now experience freezing in Doc Mitchell's house. If I disable the bashed patch and enable the rest of the plugins again I do not experience said freezing. As far as I can tell I followed the bashed patch directions exactly. I am really confused at this point.
  11. Alright thank you. Seems my current crashing was due to the weather mod. Replaced with Realistic Wasteland Lighting as per the suggestion.
  12. Alright. Sounds good. I'm not 100% of that mod is the culprit here but I hadn't had any crashes until I was in one of the dust storms. If MO is managing my BSAs do I need to have any/all checked? The BSA section of the guide talks about it some but doesn't really say what the best course of action is. I greatly appreciate the guide and help.
  13. Understood. Would I put it in the same place in the left pane? I'll give that a try when I get home and make a new save to try it out. Thank you.
  14. Alright. I decided to scrap my New Vegas install and start completely over to try and see if I could get everything working. I've been installing one section, making a new save and playing through the first tutorial quest to see if the game hangs or crashes at all. I made it most of the way through the guide and had just installed some sound mods that are installed after WAR(I'm not home so I can't look up the names right now) and when I played through the game this time I started to crash. Disabling the four sound mods I had just installed didn't seem to fix it. Outside of those four mods the only difference between this time and all the previous times I've ran through the tutorial quest is that currently there is one of the very heavy dust/radstorms from the weather mod and I have the feeling that is what is causing things. Assuming it is that weather mod how would I go about fixing it? Also a separate question that might also be affecting the previous issues... which BSAs in the archive tab am I supposed to check and which ones am I not supposed to check? I've been checking all of them and maybe that is why my game was freezing in my first go around at the guide.
  15. Do the Book of Flesh and Book of Steel downloads get installed into the same mod? They both list the same mod name at different times which makes me feel like they would, but in that case it feels weird that they'd be installed at different times. Edit: Also, "bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles=1" only worked once it was in my fallout.ini file and not my falloutprefs.ini file. I don't know if that is specific to me or if the guide just missed it.
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