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  1. Thanks! I checked the environment variables,and strangely,it does have to do with the c:\Windows\Temp and fixed it accordingly,Thank you for helping me.
  2. I have this problem in a long time,Only to have report recently so that In hopes it can be fixed, I tried to install about 2 mods with the same result: A Quality World Map - With Roads Deadly Dragons Tried installing both manually and through the "Downloads" Tab. https://i.imgur.com/nXFwyVs.png
  3. Maybe try the Optimus fix that can be found in the nexus https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/33227/?
  4. I'm using the version 272 of the enb binary,the other question...I can switch it via Control Panel (Nvidia Control Panel Here)
  5. Hmm..I have Switchable/Optimus Laptop but the AO is currently Visuable or seeable.
  6. Okay I managed to change the Preset of Skyrim to "High" And I'm getting 80fps (if no Vsync ) and 59 fps with vsync,but it's the same old same old framerate drop.
  7. https://imgur.com/ojBMJVT What is this in the link here,I tried a few fullscreened games and I get these.
  8. Same fps,even though this issue isn't "solved" I thank you guys for the dedication on this site.
  9. Tried Changing the resolution on the Skyrim Launcher (Non MO) And Manually and the Skyrim Launcher (MO) But even I change it,the resolution is still the same.
  10. Checked the resolution,it can display 1280x768 or so.
  11. I meant that even I changed the resolution,It still in 1366x720 display even though I changed it in the Skyrim Launcher (Ran from MO) and even the ini settings.
  12. Okay,tried changing resolution to 1280x720 but when I run it (I use MO.) It still has the resolution of 1366x720!
  13. Even if I do that,it shows the same fps it shows me when I was playing before
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