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  1. @sparrowprince Sir I salute you! I feel bad I've been meaning to get to this but I'm just recently out of work and for some reason my wife wants me to find another job.... jobs are overrated. Did you use blender or maya? It seems that with the new maya plugin that's the better way to go but everyone seems to use blender.
  2. no sorry, i've been super busy. I'm hoping to have some time soon to jump on it.
  3. This is a great mod we should definitely add it to STEP
  4. I would like to suggest this as a replacement for individual ramccoid mods.
  5. I know that this is an old topic but I'd like to point out that mods with scripts and/or plugins have different colored text. It's very easy to ignore the mods that are not texture only. Personally I'm trying to get this to play nicely with my STEP because it very conveniently combines many of the very best textures into one mod.
  6. Do you mean vertex weights? Yeah that could be something.
  7. Hmm wow.... I'll haven't had that happen to me. I'll double check it to see if I can figure out what's wrong. They also updated the nif Maya plugin so maybe that will help.
  8. Here I'm gonna post up the meshes. I haven't had a chance to fix the seam issue but I want to make sure it isn't crashing anyone else. https://1drv.ms/1dTlOrT
  9. Just thought I'd post an update. I've fixed the CTD now I just have a few mesh tweaks and I'll throw it up to be tested.
  10. If it's not at least DX11... I feel like I'm the abused person that keeps going back to my abuser. Why do I have to love BethesDUH games so much ;_; . Of course I do have Deus Ex to look forward to. I so want to try porting Skyrim to the new Fallout Engine assuming it is new or improved.
  11. What is the solution to neck/wrist seams? Is it a texture problem or mesh problem or both?
  12. @crime_syndicate: The fact that it isn't crashing on your MO profile suggests that you have another mod that replaces femalebody_0.nif Just a general question, are we waiting on my meshes to officially release this as a mod? Just for clarity I've reached out to Alecu who has been involved with the Maya 2016 plug-in to see if he can help me figure out what is going on. I fixed the naming on the 0 mesh but it is still crashing. (I may have banged my head on my desk once or twice!) Can I just say that I hate the nif format? I'm sure I'm not alone. Also this is off topic but am I the only one wondering how possible it would be to port skyrim onto the new Fallout engine? I think it's kinda fishy that they haven't bothered to mention what api's it runs. They have to know if they keep it at DX9 they are dead. Honestly they should be making every effort to make it DX12 or Vulkan. (my two cents... maybe 10 cents)
  13. Haven't had a chance to look at it but I plan to today. I'm gonna take a look at the unp/cbbe/whatever to see if I can figure anything out via context. I feel like there is something I'm missing.
  14. That's what I'm trying to figure out... xP I would love someone to tell me haha!
  15. Nope it isn't fixed yet....
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