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  1. Hi, this is pretty insignificant but would it be possible to extend the size of the groupbox at some point? I run BethINI for the standard edition of Skyrim. I don't know if this occurs within the special edition of BethINI. Whenever Dynamic Trees are ticked both the Tree Animations and Skinned Trees options kind of flicker over each other when moving the cursor over them. Don't know if that was intended or not. Also would increasing Post Load Update Time have a better impact on performance for the game? I happen to run quite a few mods that reduce the size of textures, meshes, and particles in-game or even remove some effects altogether. I pretty much have my BethINI settings to medium or lower and the view distance and load distance is pretty short generally. But I still get some stuttering as well as FPS hits in weird places like inside of cells for some reason, I feel like the open world area would or at least should give me more issues than indoors... Oh, I happen to use Wrye Bash and BethINI, but I dunno if that's important...
  2. I unchecked the LOOT stuff before I used the tool, as well as disabling the merged patches option. I unticked all the plugins that were added from the NPCs Protected Redux installer, and the tool ran through each plugin with no error messages at all after making that change. I suppose that's my solution for now. The only reason why I'm using SUM is for Arcane Cleanser, which focuses on enchantments. Thanks for the response :)
  3. I use the legendary unofficial patches with NPCs Protected Redux. When I run the patcher it always stops at the NPCs Protected Redux plugin and I get a missing masters error for that plugin. I know that there was some issues with SUM and the unofficial patches a while ago because they were too hefty or something. Will I need to use TES5Edit and alter the legendary patch plugin or is this a different kind of situation? Both USLEEP and NPCs Protected Redux are up to date, and the game runs fine with no 'missing masters' related crashes, so I'm assuming something else is the problem. Any help is appreciated.
  4. The problem went away after I set Mod Organizer to close after running the 4GB launcher...
  5. Recently, I started having this issue, and after reorganizing the priorities of all the UI mods I use at the moment, I'm at a loss on what the problem is, or what I should do. But I have an error log generated by MO today, though it may not be related to the issue I'm currently facing. After a period of time has passed and I'm playing through New Vegas, the mouse cursor does not highlight items, within specific menus. I'll link to a video below that I recorded of my issue, in case this is going to sound super unclear. So far the only menus that are affected are the Main Menu (After game time has passed, not at the start of running NV), the pip-boy inventory menu, the pip-boy status menu, repair menu, barter menu, dialogue box, and message boxes that come from me hitting enter to select an item from one of the listed menus that I can't use my mouse to interact with. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jze96c8facz6s4y/FalloutNV%202015-10-06%2022-59-38-694.avi?dl=0 I tried using "enableplayercontrols," hoping maybe that would help, but it did not. I tried setting up priorities where DARNUI, MCM, and the weapon mod menu had the highest priority with the rest of the UI mods following, and the opposite. Tried setting UIO to have a lower priority than the rest of the UI mods I'm using, and also attempted the opposite. I also disabled all of the UI mods and gradually added them in until I noticed the change in the menu after playing for a while. It seemed like enabling The Weapon Mod Menu started showing the change, but I don't think WMM is the problem because I've always used it, and never had any problems with it before... Most of my attempts resulted in either making things worse or not changing, so this is my current modlist: This is my current load order. I use LOOT to organize it: And this is the error message I received today in MO:
  6. I have 'Enabled' already selected I made the change in bash_default.ini like so: (I couldn't find a bash.ini...) [General] ;--sOblivionMods is an alternate root directory for Bash Installers and other ; Bash data. Putting it under the game's install directory can cause ; performance problems during gameplay, so by default it is placed at the ; same level as the game folder. Here are the Oblivion and Skyrim defaults, ; and two other examples. ;sOblivionMods=..\Oblivion Mods ;sOblivionMods=..\Skyrim Mods ;sOblivionMods=C:\Games\Oblivion Mods ;sOblivionMods=C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim Mods sOblivionMods=D:\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Oblivion Mods I think now after messing around within the Installers tab, the issue is that at some point some or none of the packages display for some reason. When I first added the packages to the Bash Installers folder, they displayed and I was able to install them through with a wizard with no problems at all. And the only two mods I've installed through WB are here and here. I downloaded and put a new mod into Bash Installers folder to see if I would yield any results similar to how I was able to see the first two mods when I first added. It is a .7z archive like the rest of them, all three installers are. The new package doesn't show up in the list where the other packages are. The bottom-right of the screen says "Packages: 2/3" though, so it seems like the program knows it's there. One thing I've had to resort to since having issues with the installers not displaying is enabling and disabling options in the context menu, specifically these ones, in order to get the packages to display in the list of installers: I know I've enabled/disabled 'Show BSA Conflicts' multiple times when running WB through MO, 'Anneal All' works too. For now, the third package has not displayed at all with all the fiddling I've done within the installers tab so far. I've no idea why I'm getting the missing files error messages, but it doesn't freeze or crash the program, and the mods that are usually associated to the error messages have been functional so far, so I'm not worried about it for now. Oh and the third package is this, if you need to know. Also, sorry for this longwinded indirect answer to your question. I thought maybe it would be helpful information if I'm being unclear.
  7. Because whenever I try to start up a BAIN installer through MO, only the manual options come up, not the actual BAIN installer.
  8. Hi, I've run into an issue recently with Wrye Bash when running through MO. I apologize if this isn't the right place to put it, but unfortunately the content seemingly involved wouldn't be approved on the Nexus. I only use the two files within the Bash installers folder in order to generate files to use as replacers within Oblivion. Everything was displaying and working fine before, but now it isn't. For the error message I looked into the mods folders to see if the file was missing or not, and it's there. I'm not a seasoned Wrye Bash user, I've only started consistently using it recently. Even when using Full Refresh, nothing displays, and I'm not sure what else I could try. So if someone could help this Wrye Bash newbie, that'd be appreciated. :)
  9. I recently transferred from using NMM for Skyrim to using MO, and I'm trying to get my old saves to load without crashing. I went through and made sure I had installed each esp/esm that was needed for my current playthrough, and after multiple crashes from multiple saves, I enabled papyrus logging and it printed out this log: I have used the Save Game Script Cleaner on one of my saves, but even when loading the backup I still get only crashes. I thought extracting BSAs would help, but I'm not sure. My modlist and load order are here: modlist.txt loadorder.txt Any help is appreciated
  10. Oh, well shoot. I guess the problem was me running Mod Organizer in compatibility mode. I must have forgot to disable it after I figured out why Fallout 3 kept crashing at launch. Thanks for trying to help me anyhow. :)
  11. The executable points to LOOT.exe https://www.dropbox.com/s/h49suye6dhjblhs/Screenshot%202015-06-21%2020.36.50.png?dl=0 LOOT is installed under the D drive on my computer. The C drive is where the Operating system is installed, Windows 8.1
  12. I'm using MO for Fallout 3, and I use the external most recently updated version of LOOT on my computer. Yesterday, I could run LOOT successfully through MO with no issues at all. Today it is not functioning as it did yesterday. The only difference from today and yesterday is that today I installed a pip-boy retex mod, but I don't think it's related to my toubles. The error log that Mod Organizer displayed is this: DEBUG (14:47:03.0361): get file attributes: D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 3 goty\Data\JIP Companions Command & Control.esp -> D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 3 goty\Data\ModOrganizer\mods\JIP Companions Command & Control\JIP Companions Command & Control.esp: 20 DEBUG (14:47:03.0361): first access to Storage for Craterside Supply in Megaton DEBUG (14:47:03.0361): get file attributes: D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 3 goty\Data\CratersideSupplyStorage.esp -> D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 3 goty\Data\ModOrganizer\mods\Storage for Craterside Supply in Megaton\CratersideSupplyStorage.esp: 20 DEBUG (14:47:03.0428): create process (w) null - "D:\Bethesda Programs\LOOT 0.7.0b4\wow_helper.exe" 0x9b0 0xf60000 (in null) - hooking ERROR (14:47:03.0430): failed to inject into (null): failed to access thread context. Please note that Mod Organizer does not support 64bit binaries! (The parameter is incorrect. [87]) DEBUG (14:47:06.0102): sh file operation w 3: C:\Users\Marie\AppData\Local\Temp\scoped_dir4676_1254 - nullptr DEBUG (14:47:06.0130): hooks removed ----------- LOG END ----------- I don't understand what I did wrong to cause that error, since it worked fine yesterday. I thought that running LOOT in compatibility mode to Windows XP SP3 would help, thinking that would put it in 32-Bit mode or something, but that did not make anything better or worse. I also tried running LOOT as Administrator, which also didn't do anything. Any help would be appreciated.
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