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  1. As before im not wanting to spend all the time sorting the mods anymore I am afraid.
  2. I re-installed FO3 which resolved it not launching at all. The Mods/Game loads upto the end of section 17, so after this I started enabling mods one by one and eventually it resulted in my screenshot above. Thanks for the help but I think I may just leave it now.
  3. :S I might just give up tbh, I might revert back to the more basic guide I follow before and add other mods later. Thanks to all for trying. That guide is a monster and I hope to come try the NV one once I do FO3 :)
  4. IIRC I changed that option whilst looking around the forums. Im sure it was not that by default. Thats just the screenshot.
  5. Since my last post I sat and took the first working profile and worked through the mods. I have found if any of these mods are active the game crashes at launch. https://i.imgur.com/2UlqDGM.jpg So with these all disabled I seem to get further, I can start a new game but I now get GFX issues :S probably due to these mods. GrantSP, that was already active it seems. Took it back off and same result.
  6. I appear to have to do the following to launch FOSE with mods. Select profile, launch FOSE via MO which gives a DOS box flash up a second the nothing. I then launch FOSE manually from FO3 directory, game loads with mods and FOSE. I seem to get the game to launch when I use the profile "upto people and mutants" so none of the people an mutants mods loaded. My Game crashes again when I use the profile "upto the most dangerous game" so something within 18 People and Mutants or 19 Poosh is causing the issue.
  7. Yes I did make profiles at the end of each section, but it was not clear if you should try starting the game at these points. Ok so uninstalled FO3, re-installed with steam as usual, started up no problem. Re-installed FOSE, Loaded up Mod Manager, loaded 'Clear and Present Danger' and launched FO3 with MO. It loads, but I get an error from one of the mods saying FOSE is not loaded, I ok that then another message comes up about stumbling over something? Then rather than the main game menu I see the ingame hud with a black screen. I then have to ctrl+alt+delete to get out. After this the game does not work at all again (even vanilla).
  8. Sigh thats what I was afraid of, spent so long getting the mods installed :( Is there not a way of adding more points during the guide to load the game to test?
  9. Did a clean install of the GPU drivers, game still wont launch at all :( What about my INIs for fallout, have a ballsed them up? Fallout.ini FalloutPrefs.ini
  10. Did not have a lot of time so did a few quick checks. AI.bsa is already first on mine and it is checked within the profile. I created a new profile with no mods (just AI checked within the profile) and lauched FOSE via MO, it crashed :( Launched via the Fallout 3 option in MO, it crashed. Launched via the Steam launch, the brought up the Fallout Launcher, clicked play and it crashed. This is odd :S I wonder if the multicore fix is working properly.
  11. I noticed that there has been a change in the 20th cent weapons on the guide. I suspect I followed the old way to install the mod, then I never noticed the update. Anyway enough on that. I have not had specific issues relating to fallout, however I have been having display driver issues on some other games. Fallout 3 was running fine without mods. Ill do a clean install of drivers. At work at the moment so will try everything you advise later. Thanks for all your help.
  12. I think I have the 20th Cent weapons one sorted. Not sure, I reinstalled the whole lot (20th cent weapons + compatability patches) and it seems ok now. I think I attached the things you asked for Grant. The Mod Organiser log had to be compressed. ModOrganizer.ini ModOrganizer.zip
  13. Its took me a while but I just finished the guide. It wont launch (fallout3.exe has stoped responding error) and I keep getting an error about a master file - "The masters for some plugins (esp/esm) are not enabled. The game will crash unless you install and enable the following plugins: 20th Century v5 ALIVE (TEST Container).esp"I cannot locate this file anywhere. For some reason I also cannot seem to get it to load FOSE via MO, I got the game to lauch at the end of the "The Need for UIO - User Interface Organizer " section, I launhed FO3 via MO and it starts but no FOSE, when i launch via FOSE Loader in the FO3 folder it seemed to be fine, but when I try FOSE via MO it comes up with a dos box for a second then its gone. I cant seem to make the bash file due to this either I dont think. TBh im not sure what info is needed. I spent ages on this thinking everything was ok as MO did not seem to indictate any issues. Help please!
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