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  1. Hey Kesta, will you be using NMM or MO2 for your updated guide.
  2. Yes i did have Spice of Life - Fences installed and i removed it together with the merge i made for SRLE ext.... and still have crash, i think i have to do a complete reinstall of SRLE ext, as i have been at this for the whole weekend and its driving me nuts.
  3. My form id only goes to DD, so the one with EEA8B i cant locate that one, is there anywhere else to look?
  4. The one with form id 0x4E004362 is from Skyrim Immersive Creatures.esp, i am unable to find the other one.
  5. The error that comes up is "Skyrim has crashed because an object with form id 0xEEA8B base, form id 0x4E004362, and type 0x22 failed due to corrupy file etc"
  6. I Have a problem on the road from Solitude to Dragons Bridge where i get a CTD, I then remove DynDolod esp and dont get CTD, i have done this with a new game and same result, where do i start with troubleshooting
  7. I did remove them, but reinstalled them,I will redo dyndolod after i install a fresh SIC, heres hoping!
  8. Started new game, same error same spot, currently downloading SIC.
  9. Yes its the same record, this is a new game, but will try another new one as i have only played 20mins or so.
  10. Yes.. if i knew the esp, i could troubleshoot it, but unfortunately i have no idea, as i have removed the landscape mods that i think are for that area
  11. What areas or mods do the form IDs represent, if that is possible
  12. Yes when i travel down that road the same error comes up
  13. I Have a CTD on the road from Solitude to DragonBridge with this error:Skyrim crash because an object with form id 0xEEA8B, base form id 0x4E004362 and type 0x22 failed etc anyone know what i need to do?
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