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  1. The most important thing i need to know is if there are any Model Filename entries that you edited in the CR (beside the four static entries)
  2. Thanks man, very much! And that would be great if you have some spare time!
  3. I also didn't install any ECTV mods this time, the script lag inside the cities was really bad in my last playthrough (especially in riften, markarth and even in whiterun). The guide currently enforce you to choose between all the ECTV mods or none, so i chose none. Else i would have taken only Clefj's Dragon Bridge, Riverwood, Whiterun market, Orc Strongholds, and Solstheim from ETaC, and some of the new additions from Dawn of Skyrim (the skooma dealer in riften, for example- but that mod has the heaviest impact on performance inside the cities). I find my game more immersive and interesting when there isn't a blacksmith, an alchemist and a magic store in every little town.
  4. First i'm hearing of this, so i went and checked it out. Saw it doesn't include LOTD (and MAS, Forgotten city, 3DNPC, although it does sort of reqtified wyrmstooth) and so i passed. The only thing i liked about it is the opportunity to lighten up the visual demands, 'cause i only care about the gameplay. So yeah, for the time being i'm sticking with this guide. Also, a request- can you please make a list, even an incomplete one, of visual mods that i can safety uninstall? For example, i already don't use dyndolod, TAFM (expect immersive fallen trees) and every HQ tagged mod.
  5. Also, i checked the updated Complete fast travel (now Carrige and Ferry Overhaul) and the updated DBM_UnofficialFix_Patch in TES5Edit. DBM_UnofficialFix_Patch seemed good to go, so i re-merged LOTD Patches using the updated version. The updated CFTO.esp required some tweaking: 1. Conflicts with NPC Rtextures Merged- added the conflicting npc's records to CRPatch.esp, and took care of the conflicts by dragging&dropping, quite simple. 2. The last two condiotions in CRPatch.esp \ Quest \ 00025251 <CR08> were no longer needed, so i deleted them I can happily help with TES5Edit tweaking and keeping the CRPatch.esp up to date if you need some weight taken off of your shoulders, btw
  6. Ok so after saving for the first time with uExterior Cell Buffer=24, i exited, changed back to uExterior Cell Buffer=36, and saved successfully without ctd. game running smoothly. Still sure would love some explanation for this....
  7. Finished the guide, ctd on save. Re-installed everything, including skyrim, ctd on save. Only after changing 'uExterior Cell Buffer' from the default 36 to 24 did i manage to finally save. But i read that the value should actually be 36, since my uGridsToLoad is 5 and the value should be (uGridsToLoad+1)^2. I used the new CR Patches, and never had any problem with the reqtificator. Maybe its a memory issue? Is it safe to play with uExterior Cell Buffer=24? Please.....
  8. I would guess it has something to do with PCE + Skyrim Radioactive. Maybe you forgot this patch: rpatch__radioactive-pce.esp?
  9. Thank you very much! Also, some little mistakes i noticed while going through the guide, just to help making it better: 1. The Mod Notes for The Choice is Yours is misplaced (It's right after the Mod Notes for LECM - Gilgergreen Regrown). 2. Skyrim Wayshrines - Immersive Fast Travel - SWIFT, and its Falskaar addon are missing from the Integration guide [i think i saw in some post here that the integration guide hasn't been updated yet, but just in case] 3. The UPDATES - DBM_UnofficialFix_Patch v1.3 from Legacy of the Dragonborn mod should be installed as its own mod, because this file is part of the Legacy of the Dragonborn Patches merge. 4. ISC DeadlySpellImpacts Patch.esp ,ISCompendium AOS Patch.esp and ISCompendium Enhanced Blood Patch.esp files from Immersive Sounds - Compendium should be moved after installation to a new mods folders, because they are part of the ISC Patches Merged merge. Keep up the good work!
  10. There isnt any file in the folder "WLSO - Weather Lighting and Sound Overhaul 1.06", within the optional pack.Per the "WLSO Merged" files list, it should be named "wlso.esp" [P.S i reported your post by mistake, sorry]
  11. Regarding WLSO missing esp file that is being updated- is there an ETA? Its the only thing standing between me and my first battlemage playthrough... thnx for all the hard work!
  12. Saw your new info and your answer, Thank you! Another potential change, for the 'Clean The Bethesda ESMs' section- The Dawnguard ESM must be cleaned twice, but it shouldn't be backed-up in the second time it is cleaned
  13. Hi, just wondering- since you made ICAIO optional, can you recommend/include as optional mods like run for your lives or when vampires attack for those of us who choose not to install ICAIO? Also, i couldn't find any mention in the forum as to why you removed 'bring out your dead'. Is there a problem with the mod, is it incompatible with other mods or is it just your personal taste? And last, but not least, in the 'Optimizing The Bethesda Textures' section from the prerequisites page, you are asking to install the High Definition Base Game Textures mod, and not to extract the BSAs (But only for the expansions- i guess it also applies to the base game, but you didn't explicitly wrote that). So, why not remove those lines: Select "BSA Extractor" in the left pane. In the right pane, double click the value to the right of "enabled" and select "true". From the 'Configure Mod Organizer' section to the end of this section (With the extra required line like 'Click the [settings].....')? Anyway, thank you for your extraordinaire guide!
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