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  1. Not sure what changed since last time, maybe you can see it in the logs, or perhaps clearing the logs fixed something, but despite my test profile not working, my original profiles appear to be functioning now. Perhaps something in the previous logs was messing with MO?
  2. I had tried a vanilla dump before, but I redid it for this test after clearing profiles to confirm that it was completely clean. Only mods set to run were Wet and Cold (holiday and ashes as well) plus SkyUI Here is a pastebin link of the logs that appeared: https://pastebin.com/jNBUNT6C
  3. The filetypes used are indeed set to be managed by MO. I rechecked. Some of the non-nexus mods are not set to that by default, but the Nexus mods aren't working either, so I am not sure that is the issue.
  4. I checked through most files I could find, none were set as "read-only" under properties-attributes. Is that what you meant by them not being claimed by MO?
  5. Not sure if it is relevant, but MO is currently denying me access to the contents of the profiles. I can see the .ini and .txt files, but am being prevented from opening them. Unusual issue was going to post them to see if anything there can help
  6. sorry, had work The differing binaries actually direct to different copies of the game. The copy on the F drive is the one steam automatically runs, the one found in SkyrimTest is just as it sounds, a copy pasted over so that I could verify that the binary route wasnt causing an issue and wasnt corrupt. I dont think this is an issue, as there are separate skse launchers and MO executables for each
  7. Here, was having file attachment issues, copied the .ini as a spoiler
  8. now using version 1.3.6, still fails to load active mods. Brings up the standard Steam loading screen (the Dovahkiin looking over the mountain with the play, data ,etc. options) I have attached the ModOrganizer.ini file. Working on the mods list
  9. have tried multiple, realized was on 1.2.18, will repost if works post-update
  10. Yes to all of the above. Steam is running, the mods i attempt to use are properly installed and checked to run. I run SKSE through MO, and I have confirmed that the binary I am using is correct. And Yes, I can use the command "getSKSEversion" to confirm that SKSE version 1.7.2 is successfully installed. Thank you though
  11. This will probably sound like 1000 older posts (believe me I know), but when I load Skyrim up, none of my mods are running. I have had this issue for quite while now, and have tried literally hundreds of solutions and read dozens and dozens of forums to try and find a fix. I have reinstalled several times (both MO and Skyrim), I have changed drives, tried different mod setups (I have double checked compatibility, and for the sake of testing, even tried just using SkyUI or other single mods alone), I have double and triple checked the binaries and file pathing, and at this point, I am completely stumped, and no one else has given me a solution. If anyone can help, I would be extremely appreciative, I will respond with any information needed as quickly as possible. Thank you. My current load order has but a single mod used for testing to see if MO is working, SkyUI
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