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  1. I used these settings and compared with hybrids trees but both don't render the shadows (i use very high fShadowDistance values), its normal ? And i have a question, what does this setting do ? There is an explanation but there are several options, they are explained somewher ? thank you.
  2. I tried to get full LOD trees for LOD4 but im still getting hybrid trees, so, what are the exactly settings for this ? *original Skyrim thanks for the help
  3. Sheson, DynDOLOD can be installed without any mod manager ? i mean all manually...
  4. I don't know when i changed it but i have it at 0.5... I want full LOD textures on uGrids area when i use very high uGrids, but just for screenshots, not for playing. So, it's a limit can't be fixed temporaly just for taking some sshots ?
  5. Thanks for the answer, if i increase that value i could get LOD 0 texture for more seconds or what ?
  6. Sheson, do you know if there is a way to increase the full res ground textures rendering distance ? I mean, i can increase full LOD objects rendering distance with uGrids, i can increase the grass rendering distance with igrasscellradius but i get lod ground textures even in full LOD area. Example: *near *far (still LOD 0 area)
  7. Sheson, could you do a fast videotutorial of the hybrid trees ? (only for the trees).
  8. Renaming the DynDOLOD's lod folder fixed it, thanks =) I need to update (only) the DynDOLOD_Atlas_Tamriel.dds because i edited the lod textures in the past and now i want to make the atlas texture from the vanilla lod textures, but i can't find that docs\DynDOLOD_TexGen.html, where is it ? I only see: DynDOLOD_Manual.html and DynDOLOD_Reference.html at /Docs And also: I want to fix this mod to use it with your mod: ULTIMATE LUSH OVERHAUL (i'm only interested in the vanilla version) https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/32246/? *this mod only contains more poly ( for increasing branches/leaves density) meshes, nothing else. And i wanted to make the 3D static LOD (for Ultimate Lush) instead of 2D LODs but it doesn't come with modified billboards, so, can i do it just with this Ultimate Lush Overhaul modified meshes or do i need modified billboards, or both ? If i only need the meshes: What should i do to make the 3D static LOD with this mod's meshes instead of vanilla ones ? If i also need the modified billboards: How can i make the new billboards from the modified meshes using the tree's textures i'm using (for example vanilla branches texture and custom bark texture) ? Thank you !
  9. Maybe are the custom meshes from Oscape ? weeks ago i used it for making HQ lod meshes ...
  10. The list from DynDOLOD_tamriel_mesh_count.txt is huge ! ~1900 lines ! I don't use MO and maybe i edited some meshes (very lightly) but almost all the custom meshes are from others mods... So, should i use Dyndolod only with all vanilla meshes ?
  11. I was trying it but i get this error message: [00:08:49.995] LOD references: 73103, unique LOD objects: 2208 [00:08:50.004] Gathering textures for atlas creation Exception in unit create line 117: Invalid nif file signature [Apply Script done] Processed Records: 0, Elapsed Time: 11:53 Where is that 117 line ?
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