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  1. Solved, Game Setting fFastTravelSpeedMult should never be set to 0, as this causes infinite loading screens. As for why, limitation of the game engine I suppose. If anyone else wants to chime in as to why, feel free. Also if someone can tell me if I can and how to delete posts, that would be swell since this is the second consecutive topic with me solving my problem before any other people comment, and while that is great, it makes me feel like I am talking to myself (embarrassing). Edit: I am guessing because if it is 0, your "fake" travel speed is 0, so you never move, causing infinite loading waiting for the character to make it to his/her destination.
  2. Additional information, it seems to be my specially made compatibility patch, but because I do not know what kind of edits could cause this issue, I can't fix it. Will look through it for anything out of place, the only edit to it lately is pulling out some edits that my order no longer needs, and changing duration of fortify enchantment ingredients so I have time to name the enchanted items. Will remove the ingredients to see if it works. Edit: Removing ingredient edits did not solve the problem.
  3. Any ideas as to what causes this? I cannot fast travel because of it. It came out of nowhere yesterday and affects all saves, old and new. It is every fast travel. Edit 1:Load order has not changed and it had been working fine before this. Edit 2:Tried papyrus logs but no errors were logged by it.
  4. Skip my entire first post as, I reread the original post and found that you had already done this. The second part of my first post is still applicable. Sorry I wasn't able to help.
  5. This probably isn't an issue, but your enblocal has two [Window] subsections, one turning off and the other turning on fullscreen borderless. Also the reserved memory in it is rather low at 128mb, have you tried increasing it to 256/512? In the first post you say you were using 512 but your enblocal says differently, so I am just seeking clarification. Also follow kabepo's suggestion and make sure this isn't an issue with vanilla skyrim. Skyrim has never liked my pc either, so after suffering stuttering like you for multiple years I switched to SSE 2-3 months ago and haven't looked back, imho more stable (framerate and ctd wise) than skyrim ever was.
  6. So for some reason it is fixed now after that laborious verification (backing up all mod data and ini settings beforehand + plugins.txt). The BSAs should have all been vanilla, so the problem was most likely an error that went unnoticed weeks ago when I was cleaning the esms in SSEEdit, I will just not clean them for now. Marking topic as solved for now, unless someone else has a more appropriate answer.
  7. After more testing, loading only vanilla esms, I can confirm more or less that the same thing happens, going to repair with steam to see if it fixes it. It has honestly looked like missing meshes to me anyway, correct me if I am wrong. BTW the above screenshot was taken from the raven rock docks.
  8. So I have this issue in solstheim where no matter what I do I can't get things to load properly (see screenshot). I made sure it was a consistent error and not a one time glitch. I checked into some worldspace and cell conflicts but that was a dead end. Any help solving this problem is appreciated.
  9. @Darth_mathias, thanks for showing me that. He basically has the same mods I do in that list, modding the graphics is where we seem to depart from each other the biggest. This will be useful when I do my SSE build again, for now though it is time to do a complete playthrough and look for bugs, ahem I mean adventure.
  10. @TechAngel85 I agree that the current modding community for SSE is completely capable of supporting a wonderful modding experience, it is only a shame that so many others can't see it because of a no-script-extender bias. I will look forward to what your build has to offer. Just a heads-up when I was choosing mods for my SSE build, I noticed that EBT seems to have brawl fixes inherently, so modern brawl bug fixes should not be necessary, should it? This is more pointing to the STEP guide having both, than anything. Also, I do not know if the gameplay expansion area of your new guide will fall more in line like STEP or like SR:LE, because these mods aren't really vanilla, however, for your personal playing, I completely and highly recommend EnaiSiaion's mods Wildcat, Imperious, Ordinator, Thunderchild, Aurora, Summermyst, and Apocalypse. They all breathe new life into the vanilla environment, without going too overboard in any areas. Sancrosanct is nice as well if you often play as a vamp!
  11. Thanks for also chiming in @TechAngel85. I will at your suggestion continue to soldier through the patching. Currently I am 2/3 of the way done. I meant to say so earlier but as I was about to post, the internet went out for me for an hour or so. IP maintenance maybe. Also, is there anything similar to the STEP or SR:LE in the pipeline for SSE? If so, where should I be watching for news/updates/information regarding it? For SSE weather, I use Vivid Weathers. It has a nifty little ingame config tool that allows you to alter saturation, bloom, and I believe interior and exterior brightness ingame. There are only a few options each but it falls in line well with vanilla and looks good, maybe not as well as domolite can look, and domolite can look stunning, but still VW is still pretty good and performance friendly as well. As for @Mator, thanks for the heads up on SMASH! If there is an update coming soon I will wait until then I guess as I am mostly done with patching for this load order anyway. However I will absolutely have to redo it if SKSE gets ported (yes I do realize that it may never be ported ). I will check it out next time I have to redo my mod loadout regardless!
  12. Thanks for the reply Mator. I forgot to mention in the original post that I am playing Special Edition and not Legendary Edition, and I forgot to even check if SMASH was compatible with SSE. I could not get MO to work with any workarounds so decided to use Wrye Bash because it does have some primitive loose file conflict tools. So now that I have my loose files taken care of I need to work on the esp conflict. Because I use WB I ran a bashed patch and then started my patch on top of the bashed patch. The goal is to properly resolve most conflicts in SSEEdit.
  13. So I have started my conflict resolution patch for my lightly (100ish esps) modded play through. My question is even though I am only part way through, is it okay (game save corruption in mind here) to patch as I play, so to speak? I understand that it depends on what is being patched, obviously, but is there anything to avoid specifically?
  14. No other mods installed. Just STEP Extended 2.10.0 in its entirety, did downsize some textures via DDSOpt but only on things like SRO with 4k textures, which are killer on HDD loading times. For a fix, I just used a bat file to remove the iron helm, but the rest of the iron armor should be removed as well, PC has the whole set but the prison garbs are equipped in place of the boots, cuirass, etc. Mods are sorted via LOOT with all the rules set, cleaned where supposed to with TES5Edit, masters resorted except for the one mod in the guide that said not to resort masters, I think Hearthfire Expanded? Its not a huge issue, my only concern is did any other important scripts not fire that were supposed to? I have made it to Riverwood with only one issue, Hadvar didn't follow me through the prison dungeon once, he did meet me outside the cave though. He did follow me other times, I tested like 3 or 4 times.
  15. After a fresh install of STEP (probably my tenth or so time over the years between STEP and SRLE), I started the game to make sure it was working and ran into a bug where the PC wears an iron helm during chargen. Ran it a few more times to make sure it was a consistent bug, googled around a bit and did some researching in TES5Edit on my own and have narrowed it down to one of the quests added by Stealth Skills Rebalance. I narrowed it down by deleting the quest via TES5Edit, and the issue disappeared. Restored from backup and it reappeared. The specific quest is triggered during the first main quest unbound, so perhaps that is the cause? Perhaps someone with more experience than me with quest modding (I have none) can help patch it so that it no longer is reliant on that trigger and replace it with another?
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