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  1. Sorry for the triple post, it's not letting me edit. UPDATE: Issue solved, the thing to do was to make sure there's a line break between the fonts info you're updating in Oblivion.ini and the next section. [Fonts];SFontFile_1=Data\Fonts\Kingthings_Regular.fntsfontfile_1=Data\Fonts\DarN_Kingthings_Exeter_28.fnt;SFontFile_2=Data\Fonts\Kingthings_Shadowed.fntsfontfile_2=Data\Fonts\DarN_Kingthings_Petrock_14.fnt;SFontFile_3=Data\Fonts\Tahoma_Bold_Small.fntsfontfile_3=Data\Fonts\DarN_Kingthings_Petrock_16.fnt;SFontFile_4=Data\Fonts\Daedric_Font.fntSFontFile_4=Data\Fonts\DarN_Oblivion_28.fnt;SFontFile_5=Data\Fonts\Handwritten.fntSFontFile_5=Data\Fonts\Handwritten.fnt[speedTree]iTreeClonesAllowed=10 vs [Fonts];SFontFile_1=Data\Fonts\Kingthings_Regular.fntsfontfile_1=Data\Fonts\DarN_Kingthings_Exeter_28.fnt;SFontFile_2=Data\Fonts\Kingthings_Shadowed.fntsfontfile_2=Data\Fonts\DarN_Kingthings_Petrock_14.fnt;SFontFile_3=Data\Fonts\Tahoma_Bold_Small.fntsfontfile_3=Data\Fonts\DarN_Kingthings_Petrock_16.fnt;SFontFile_4=Data\Fonts\Daedric_Font.fntSFontFile_4=Data\Fonts\DarN_Oblivion_28.fnt;SFontFile_5=Data\Fonts\Handwritten.fntSFontFile_5=Data\Fonts\Handwritten.fnt[speedTree]iTreeClonesAllowed=10 the second apparently confuses the game
  2. To clarify, it's definitely DarnUI. Installing just DarnUI with none of the other UI mods replicates the crash.
  3. Hey! Followed the latest guide up to the letter and have made it up to the end of "User Interface". Now when I try to start a new game I get a CTD. Everything seems to be installed correctly and I checked to make sure the fonts in Oblivion.ini are in the fonts folder...they are, with the exception of Handwritten.fnt, which I assume is in the bsa. Is there something else I should be checking?
  4. Hey I'm following Fear and Loathing step by step. I've downloaded the medium size NMC Texture Pack, as directed, but the optional patch files listed in F&L aren't on the Nexus downloads page anymore. Instead, there's a merged plugin file listed as LARGE that includes the plugins mentioned in F&L plus a few others. Am I OK to download this patch file instead? Also, should I be downloading one of the screen ration fixes as well?
  5. This question is super newbie and I apologize, but if I followed the STEP v2.2.9 Extended instructions 100% and now I am trying to get the best visual effects out of Skylight (I have a powerful rig), what do I need to change from the initial STEP installation to make everything work? I just don't want to screw anything up obviously.
  6. Hey, I've followed v2.2.9 to the letter with the exception of adding Books of Skyrim. I'm at the part where I'm supposed to run the Dual Sheath Redux patch. I found the jar file in the "Data" tab and added it as an executable. It's showing up in my executables menu with the Java icon next to it. Java is up to date. When I run it, thought, I don't get any sort of dialogue box asking whether I want to patch. I think it's running and immediately closing maybe? I get as far as MO locking and announcing that it was running javaw.exe, then it closes and I'm back to the MO main screen. Apologies if this is the same question as the pinned one above, but I don't think it is? Can't be sure though.
  7. Had 1.3.6, wasn't working until I added the hotfix.
  8. New thread for a different problem than before. Trying to run the external installer for both A Better World Map and SkyUI and I get this: Couldn't find this elsewhere in the forum. Is this a Python thing?
  9. System Specs: https://wiki.step-project.com/User:OSheaman/SystemSpecs Running MO 1.3.6 I just built a new comp so this is a fresh install of Skyrim off Steam (although I had 300+ hours on the old comp). Have barely installed anything--MO, TES5Edit, SKSE, LOOT, Wrye Bash and added the executables to the MO list. Now any program I start from MO, including Skyrim and SKSE, runs only in windowed mode. Tried running MO as administrator. Can confirm that SKSE loader running by itself loads to fullscreen so this seems to be something I've screwed up at the MO level. Any thoughts?
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