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  1. Here is some general feedback since I've been using Bethini for a while now. This is for Fallout 4 btw. I think the gap between "high" and "ultra" is too big. For example, my PC can handle Fallout 4 on Ultra, if Godrays are set to Medium, shadow distance to High or Medium and a few other tweaks that really doesn't make much difference. When I choose ultra preset in Bethini, it sets all these values to ultra (well most of them) in the launcher (I just spent a while observing and checking what values Bethini sets the ini files and compared them and so on). If I choose "High" preset, it sets most of the option to medium/high that my PC can easily handle. I think most people are in a situation as me, their PC can handle Ultra as long as a few settings are set toned a bit, such as Godrays, Shadow Quality and Distance. I find that the AFx8 change in "High" preset unnecessary, decal quality going down to Medium, and that the shadow distance is still at "ultra" on high preset, this IMO should be exclusive to Ultra bethini preset and some of the view distance option to be closer to the ultra preset. My suggestion would be this: 1) take the current Bethini Ultra and name it to something like "Ultra High". Then take that "Ultra High" and tweak a few values such as godray quality, shadow quality and distance and a few very high FPS hit tweaks to be less FPS tanking and name it to Ultra without touching the newly created "Ultra High". This would mean it would be like this; Low Preset, Medium Preset, High Preset, Ultra (toned down version of Ultra High that tones down very heavy FPS tanking tweaks) Preset and Ultra High Preset (formerly ultra preset) 2) Give the option to tweak values such as Godrays instead of it being "disable it or enable it". As example, I can play Ultra Preset as long as I tone down godrays quality, bethini only gives option to enable or disable, but a simple drop down menu could let you choose the quality of godray. Additional suggestion is to add the option to enable/disable Weapon Debris feature in Bethini and choose quality. PS: I know I can select Bethini presets and then change stuff in the Launcher but I read somewhere by the author that this is not recommended and thus I base all of my feedback on this information. If I want to enable Weapon Debris or change Godrays quality after choosing a preset in Bethini, I would need to open the launcher (not recommended), or directly edit the ini files (which is not an option for non tech savy people, lol). I am about to go to sleep and really tired, so I may have missed a few things or that all this could be non-sense. This is not an attack on the tool, just my personal thoughts and feedback and what I like to see. Let me know of any issues DoubleYou.
  2. I haven't seen this mentioned but apparently you can only have one sStartingConsoleCommand tweak in your ini files. The first line under the category (i.e [general]) will take precedence apparently. I use a mod which needs sStartingConsoleCommand=prid and could not use sStartingConsoleCommand=fov 95 95 I got a popup saying that a mod missed a tweak in the ini files because my custom one took predesence. It suggested to change it so: sStartingConsoleCommand=prid;fov 95 95 which seems to work. You can apparently have multiple starting console commands, just put " ; " after each CC. This is very useful. Perhaps this is how bethini should handle FOV in Fallout 4? Thanks for the tool BTW DoubleYou.
  3. That seems like a bug, no? There is no reasonable reason for why Bethesda would do this. The fact that you can change FOV on the fly seems to indicate that this is one of those popular "Bethesda facepalm" moments :P Thanks for the tip, I will try that out.
  4. I was thinking since using "fov 95" in console (or any other number) immediately reverts it, and using Bethini to change fov also doesn't do anything for me, I am thinking that Bethini does the same function whatever "fov 95" does. However, if I write "fov 95 95", then the FOV sticks until I exit and relaunch the game. I am thinking that "fov 95 95" does additional changes which Bethini doesn't account for and this is why I get the same result from bethini as I do when I type "fov 95" instead of "fov 95 95". This is just an educated guess. I have also reset my .ini files and made brand new ones and tried again with Bethini. No dice. If somebody can confirm this for me I would be grateful. Simply set a FOV in Bethini, then go ingame, type "fov (desired number)" and see what happens. If the screen changes while in CC, bethini didn't apply settings. When you exit CC, the game should disregard the CC fov command you just typed in and revert to whatever the game set at launch, regardless of Bethini. Then again open the console and type "fov (desired number) (desired number)" so it looks like this as an example "fov 90 90" and see if it sticks after exiting CC. CC = console command
  5. I don't use MO, I use Wrye Bash for Fallout 4, and in rare cases NMM for fomod mods.
  6. No, FOV option doesn't work for me in bethini. If I set it 90 in there I notice in game it is not 90 or whatever. For example, if I set it to 95 in bethini, I go ingame, notice FOV is off, go to console and type in desired FOV and it feels much better and I don't get nausea from low FOV. Ini files are not set to read only.
  7. I can't seem to get FOV to stick for Fallout 4. It always reverts in some form with Bethini. I always have to use "fov 95 95" in CC every game start. If I use "fov 95" it reverts even when in CC. Does others have similar experience?
  8. I have been playing Ordinator and YASH together for a while and saw it got mentioned how those two play together so I thought I would chime in. The problem is that they're compatible but not depending on how you look at it. You see the thing is Ordinator is balanced around vanilla and YASH is balanced around itself. There are a few problems here and there that are easily solvable. For example, Ordinator have perks that make damage scale to your skill. YASH does this by default so you will actually have stronger weapons/magic spells than what Ordinator was balanced around. This is easily solved by removing the YASH2 perk called "YASH2_MagicScaling" (player.removeperk [iD]". Same goes for weapon damage, they seem too high but this can be solved also by looking at the hidden YASH2 perks but I haven't look too deep yet since I am a magic user. Another problem, because Ordinator is balanced around Vanilla and YASH2 around it self you may find yourself having too many perks. YASH gives you perks every 20 skill level. (skill level 20, 40, 60, 80, 100 etc.) which is not ideal with Ordinator because the author has multiple times stated that Ordinator was built with 1 perk per level in mind. I have to waste the perks on skills I don't use otherwise I will max out all the relevant skill trees. Those are the two major ones that comes to mind but there are small ones that I can't pinpoint but it feels off once you play with both, you get the feeling that everything gets scaled twice in some way. Hope this helps. I am loving both YASH2 and Ordinator, both have permanent load order spot for me personally. Don't mistake my above rant as a "YASH sucks" rant because I love YASH2, but it has some minor issues with Ordinator that hopefully can be worked out by finding the relevant stacking things that make the game easier. Also, I am not saying that YASH2 is at fault or Ordinator, I am simply saying that both mods were built with different mindset and different ideas of how to balance it self. I had for example my steel axe (just a test weapon) do 99 damage which doesn't feel right when you're only level 15. I had to turn off some scaling stuff just for testing purposes but I don't remember which ones it was. Hope this helps.
  9. Go into "skyrimprefs.ini" and press CTRL + F, in the search box, type in "ishadowmapresolution". Make sure that one you're looking at doesn't have "Primary" and "Secondary" in it, what you're looking for is the one that says "ishadowmapresolution" nothing more. If it is set to 4096, change it to 2048 or 1024. Do you have the correct GPU drivers? Did you install AMD Gaming Evolved? Uninstall Gaming Evolved, it causes problems with Skyrim. Before you install make sure that Gaming Evolved has not changed the Skyrim's resolution to 1440p or 4k using VSR (which is basically playing at 1440p/4k at cost of playing at true 1440p/4k and getting half of the benefits, i.e you don't actually play at 1440p/4k, it down samples the image.) Uninstall previous drivers. Use Display Driver Uninstaller for this, DDU for short. Install GPU-Z/MSI Afterburner and monitor your core clock, temperatures and make sure the GPU is not throttling/overheating. If you have trouble understanding please post a screenshot here. I recommend using GPU-Z. When in GPU-Z, click on Sensors and play around in Skyrim for a bit and post results here.
  10. Yeah, that explains it. I am playing 1080p. I'll just have to look around then and stick to 1k/2k textures. That and DyndoLOD + ENB + Verdant should not push everything too hard I hope. :D
  11. Well, i dont know if i should say 4 gb or 3.5. Isn't every 970 a 4/3.5gb cards?
  12. And I am afraid that it won't run 2/4k textures with an high end ENB on ultra with 4x aa and 16x AF and OK shadow settins, using DyndoLOD. Anyone have anything to share regarding 970 and skyrim mods?
  13. https://www.uesp.net/wiki/Tes5Mod:SkyProc this is a guide ive been following for hours now and im still stuck at step 2. lol i want to keep this short so i was wondering.. Is there any Skyproc based mods tutorial? like creating a mod with SkyProc? afaik there's no "noob" "eli5" firendly tutorials and i think if anyone here is experieced with skyproc devloping, it would benefit the community. there's guides for CK, TES5Edit, wrye bash etc. and they're all perfectly done "where as you dont need to be a rocket scientist to manage to complete and do the steps". But when it comes to SkyProc all I could find is an abandonded forum last post from 2013, and a tutorial aimed at people who is already experienced with JDK, netbeans and lev or whatever it is called Thanks!
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