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  1. There are over 200 mods in STEP:Core, do you remember them all? I didn't, and I had just installed them a few days ago. I'm not sure what is the inconvenience to add 9 words to be a little helpful, but whatever...
  2. Anyone tried Shenk Thievery Overhaul or King Harald's Library ?
  3. Oh, good point, may I suggest adding a little note saying something along the lines of "STEP:Extended users don't need to install this mod" ? By the way, I didn't point it out, but CRF is included in STEP:Core
  4. Small detail, but I just want to make sure I should not select "Skyrim Distance Overhaul Patch" while installing ICW if I installed DynDOLOD (which is incompatible with SDO plugins, AFAIK) ? ___________________________________ Lanterns of Skyrim is already part of the STEP: Extended, is it still listed in the Pack as a complement of information for people using ELFX? Same thing for Cutting Room Floor, except there's really no reason to have it listed in the Pack anymore.
  5. Thank you for the information! Although, if I may share my opinion: could really be named 2.3, by the time it's released there will be so many changes since the release of 2.2.9 it warrants a new increment altogether (maybe not in itself, but the cumulative changes +
  6. From the deleted 2.3.0 changelog page, it appears that 2.3.0 will not come around because a lot of post-release changes have been done to 2.2.9 anyway, is that correct? I understand there's a version being released, but I can't find any information on 2.3.0
  7. If I understand correctly: if we follow STEP, then we shouldn't install W&C at all?
  8. I ran into the same problem, may I suggest adding this to the wiki?
  9. For some reason this mod has disappeared from the 2.2.9 page. There seems to be an icon of a broken link and the HD Dark Brotherhood Door mod is the one in this place on the page.
  10. Oh snap! I completely missed that from the installation instructions, thank you!
  11. The current version of CCO says it installs the hotfix as well, I believe the wiki/installation instructions should be updated.
  12. I'm a bit confused by the 2.N section. In the STEP Patch detailed instructions we have to disable all the SMIM plugins, install the STEP patch (in my case Core) and then activate all the plugins as the first step to create the Bashed patch. Did I get this right? Also, I assume "activating all the plugins" exclude the HRTP dummy plugins? __________________________________ When doing step 4. (after clicking rebuild patch), I got this popup. I assume I should click "OK" ? I would suggest mentioning it on the wiki page.
  13. I was in the process of creating the LOOT Meta Rule for this mod and I wanted to make sure I got this right. While following the instructions for Creating Meta rules, this is what I've got after filtering for Show only conflicting plugins on RealisticWaterTwo.esp (I'm confused as to why RealisticWaterTwo.esp is now listed after HearthfireChimneys.esp in the left panel, but I'll disregard that for now). The instructions say : There's no "Load After" window here. There's also nothing I can drag and drop. To get to the Load After window, I need to go to Edit Metadata and then I can drag and drop the plugin. Is this what should be done? If so, the instructions are missing a step entirely.
  14. I'm assuming you mean using tab and space to go through the steps of the fomod install? If so, it kept hanging at the same screen on my side.
  15. Thank you for the precisions! I'm fully aware this kind of work is mostly done "behind the scene", but there will usually be indicators of the development outside of the private areas, if not in the changelog, then on the forums. And when I see things like "I forgot about this thread" and weeks of total silence, it looks deader than rock. In any case, I hope these comments are not taken as misplaced criticism. You guys have a life and so do I. It's perfectly fine that "it's ready when it's ready", but it looked like it was more inactive than that and I needed to make sure that was mistaken.
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