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  1. The possibly final version of iActivate is now available at: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/58510/? The initial verison of the RNAM script at paste bin (thanks mator!): https://pastebin.com/eAQsB80T Thank you all for your very valuable help! This has been a really good experience for me :)
  2. I understand both of your arguments, and after testing both extensively, I choose to do it Mators way. Just like Mator said, as long as you make clear instructions, there shouldn't be any problems for new users (I've even added a message box directing people towards the guide, in case they miss it). This coupled with the ability to exclude any master from the list is a big plus (which you simply can't when automatically processing all loaded mods).
  3. Thank you, but to be honest I did borrow a lot of snippets from other scripts, but tweaking them for my own purpose. Still it is very fun! I do know about the scripting functions, as I've spent a lot of time there, but I didn't know you had to log in to access the changes/additions.. That would have been useful to know. I appreciate you telling me.
  4. You are right in that I understand very little when it comes to scripting, seeing as I begun learning about a week ago :) Thank you for your proposal, I will probably implement your solution.
  5. Thank you for your suggestion ThreeTen, and while I respect it, I feel like someone who is inexperienced will have a big chance to make the mistake of removing one of the plugins' masters (any file in their load order), and will get instant CTD when entering skyrims main menu. I will post a guide along with this optional file, as well as on Nexus, to guide the inexperienced/unsure users.
  6. This is an absolutely incredible script. I can't believe how ineffective mine is compared to yours. When I upload the newest (and hopefully final) version of iActivate, I will be sure to give major credits to you Mator! Concerning the CONT and FURN records, you are right there. I was under the impression that some mods (like Mörskom) added RNAM to these tags, but they were actually on the activator (ACTI), thank you for clearing that up. Concerning the AddMessage logs, I feel like they need to be there since a lot of (maybe inexperienced) users will use this script through TES5Edit. If there are no message logs maybe they will think that maybe the script causes the program not to answer (which appears to happen when not logging anything). The script runs perfectly and very rapidly. Skyrim.esm took 12 seconds to process. With my script I reckon it would take an hour at least (so bad) :D Thank you ThreeTen, for this information. I will use this instead of "for i := 0 to Pred(files.Count) do begin" for sure.
  7. Thank you all for your very valuable inputs! I never expected to get such good answers (from such awesome people nonetheless). I will start figuring things out immediately :D
  8. Thank you for replying (and for your awesome mods) sheson. I'm not at a computer so I can't try your suggestion, but the AddMessage is also written in the Process procedure, and that one functions very quickly dispite that. I can't explain that, but I will try it. If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to add more input :)
  9. Cool, I will do! Do you have any information, or know of anyone who is a wizard at scripting in TES5Edit?
  10. Hi fellow modders, I'm MilletGtR, the creator of iActivate on the Nexus. I've just recently gotten into the world of pascal scripting, so please forgive me if my quesions have obvious answers :) I'll get right into my issue. In iActivate, I have altered some of the game setting strings to hide the Activate text, such as "Open", "Talk" and "Search". The problem there is that some items in the world of Skyrim have an "Activate Text Override" defined, meaning it overwrites the game setting (Open, Search, Talk and so on). Initially I had the ambition to edit all of these objects by hand, to be included in the mods .esp, but that took a stop when I realized that it would require patch after patch to be compatible with some of the more popular mods out there. Instead I decided to learn Pascal and create a script in TES5Edit that people can run and make their own patch for their own load order. I've now created a fully functional script which finds all relevant records which contains the element 'RNAM' (which is the code for Activate Text Override), copies them to a new file, and at the same time removes the string attatched to 'RNAM'. Now I've come to my issue: The script works very well on small .esp's, but the bigger the plugin file, the longer it takes per record copied. It seems to be exponential. Down below is my complete script. Due to my research I suspect that the culprit is the wbCopyElementToFile function, which to me seems to scan the entire record every single time the procedure is run. If anyone has any idea as to why the script runs so slowly on big files, please reply with any information. I'm at the end of the rope, and can't figure this one out. I should also mention that my script runs very well and rapidly in the Procedure function, but extremely slowly on the Finalize function. Millet
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