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  1. All is working as intended. LOD is properly in place in game. Thank you again.
  2. Keep me posted? I'd like to know if it's something specific to my load order. Kinda like where it sits. Halfway between Anatriax's guide, and SRLE Extended.
  3. Here's mah bebes. Disabling merged plugins made it work without errors. On a side note: thank you, and EssArrBee, and Zilav, and Hishutup. Without you guys Skyrim would have sucked for the last 4 years.
  4. Honestly, I'm just gonna scrap it all and start over. I have all of the mods for SOME Extended on my external. I guess this is what I get for experimenting xD. I probably messed up cleaning a mod or something somewhere.
  5. Disabled all dynamic patches. ASIS, DSR, Bashed Patch, I don't use a Merged patch. Error persists. I can run the Standalone if I use the wizard clicking Medium preset. Any other preset freezes. Using the Advanced Wizard also causes it to freeze, even if only the Medium Preset is clicked. Also just to make sure I'm not an idiot, I reinstalled .net 4.5, papyrus utils, my DRIVERS, ran Glary5, rebooted, and now I'm trying it all again. Still receiving the same errors. My screenshots are loading white, or I'd load a few. I'm working on fixing that. But you're familiar enough to go from this description: Vanilla before TLL command everything looks... vanilla. TLL command functions as it should. After loading DynDOLOD.esp loading into the game, it seems that NEAR LODs are absent (ie, Dragonsreach while standing at the Meadery) while very distant LODs (like mountains) are present. Basically it looks like I typed TLL but it only half worked. Typing TLL with *.esp active functions as intended.
  6. Now it's all gone... I'm missing textures/meshes somewhere. I'm going to reinstall a few mods and I'll report back.
  7. Shouldn't be on low. I'm using BethINI, and the ultra preset. Everything appears as normal without dyndolod.esp. After loading it, anything LOD is completely gone. I had to TCL and get right up on Dragonsreach to get it to materialize.
  8. Also: before when I said it was running, it finished. Only when I loaded up ALL LOD was gone.
  9. Keeps saying too big to attach but it's a smaller file size than my other attachments?
  10. Well. I closed it, opened it and just used the Wizard to run it. No candles or fxglow. Seems to be running ok. Got the error, but DOS boxes are popping up. I'll send a lot if it finishes. If not, I'll do as you directed.
  11. Ok. After RTFM (I have), I click Advanced, then right click in the world's window and select all. I load rules for candles and FXGlow, then click Medium. I've tried low and high as well. Same result. If I click ok it hangs up on creating atlas textures, I even let it sit over night thinking it might push it's way through. It's been doing this for a few days. I have downloaded fresh copies of the Standalone, Resources, and Patches I need. I have to go into task manager and end the process. Closing the app does nothing. It totally freezes up. Could it be a memory problem, through MO? Also it leaves no log file
  12. Update 2: found a warning in the log. Only one. [skyrim.esm] Warning: File contains duplicated top level group: GRUP Top "HAZD". Investigating record in xEdit.
  13. modlist.txt loadorder.txt Anything else you need? let me know. I didn't see any errors in the main window while loading. Looked fine just like when loading xEdit. Update: Seems the error happens even when loading just Skyrim.esm, so it's an issue with the installation / MO hook. Redownloading/installing and trying again.
  14. Just wondering why half of the mountains and grasses show up as redundant in MO when directions are followed exactly? If they're going to show redundant, what's the point of installing them? Yes. I payed careful attention to install order, directions to delete specific files, and directions to alter load order in the left pane. As experienced of a modder and as detailed of instructions as you give... you think you'd notice when the redundant icon is lit up in the flags column...
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