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  1. After Sheson's patient help last December I have a fully working implementation of DynDOLOD running in MO2 on one PC, MO2 is installed using the 'profiles' option and DynDOLOD is in C:\Modding\Common\DynDOLOD, along with Common\LOOT and other tools. Recently I wanted to get Skyrim moved to a second PC but didn't want to re-install everything from scratch so I used Steam to install a clean copy of Skyrim and then copied the following directory trees from the PC where DynDOLOD is currently working to this second PC: 1) AppData\Local\ModOrganizer 2) C:\Modding As far as I can see these two trees hold the entirety of Mod Organizer and DynDOLOD and I know of no registry settings either tool uses which would also need to be copied across. After doing this I can run MO2, the modlist is as it is on the original PC and I can run the game, tools like LOOT, Outfit Studio and even TexGen run just fine. However, when I come to run DynDOLOD I get this error: Okay, this seems obvious, I haven't installed Resources archive ... but I HAVE! MO2 shows "DynDOLOD Resources" is installed and active and if I run a CMD shell within MO2 the directories and files from the Core section of the Resources mod are where they should be in Data .. for example Data\Textures\DynDOLOD\lod\HolyCow.dds is present and that MUS have comes from the Core section of Resources! It gets more strange .. if I use XCOPY within this CMD shell inside MO2 to copy the whole Common\Skyrim tree to a temporary area, exit CMD and MO2, copy the saved Skyrim tree back to Steamapps\Common and run DynDOLOD manually IT WORKS! I am at a loss to see how this setup which works fine on one PC and works fine when MO2 isn't involved fails on the second PC when using MO2 when as far as I can see everything associated with MO2 is present on the second PC and the game runs just fine within. Although I could see no reason it would fix things I re-installed all the DynDOLOD requirements (DLL/scripts, Resources, Patches) and double-checked them against what is working on the first PC and they were identical, but the error still occurs. Is there any way I can get DynDOLOD to tell me WHAT is missing? The error message isn't really helpful in helping me do what the error message tells me: "Verify the core files from DynDOLOD Resources archive has been installed completely" As far as I can see I have done so and it has! Something that is happening when MO2 is running DynDOLOD is somehow 'hiding' the files which I can see in CMD and I have no idea how to track down what's going on. I've attached the log information DynDOLOD displayed in its main window. DynDOLOD_log.zip
  2. Indeed TechAngel I was frustrated but that wasn't a justification to be rude .. LostDragonist replied to an e-mail very quickly and explained what he was intending to say. I apologise to you both, my comment was unacceptable.
  3. LOL, what a typically arrogant developer, LostDragonist closed my ticket with this comment: "Duplicate of #218. This is a known issue. Previously, MO2 would have failed silently. Now it warns they user that they're doing something wrong." So it's the USER's fault if they do something the software allows them to do and then the software breaks!!! Well at least there's an alternative to MO2, albeit less than ideal, clearly the MO devs treat users with problems with contempt.
  4. I've found where to open an 'issue' but then go 'techied' when I read this: "Create a [GIST](https://gist.github.com) which is a paste of your USVFS logs," WTF does that mean? (Rhetorical, I'm not asking you but Github is a typical techie playground where 'normal' users aren't expected to join in). I'll take your suggestion and post a link to this thread. Cheers. [edit] After battling with the 'create ticket' function I eventually managed to create one. /sigh, why do techies like to make normal users jump through hoops to report bugs in the software they write?
  5. Er, no. I don't have an account on Github and the one time I tried to report on there I couldn't without one and I don't know how I'd report a technical fault like this on a VOIP system like Discord. [edit] So I created a Github account and found my way to: https://github.com/ModOrganizer2/modorganizer I see nowhere to actually post an error report. It says "Issues should be reported to the GitHub page " which completely fails to explain where this is, I thought I was ON the Github page.
  6. With 2.1.5 and earlier every time MO2 opened it put its window where it was when closed the previous time, 2.1.6 is moving it down the screen bit-by-bit on every open, it looks like the amount it's moving down is the height of the window caption perhaps. Kind of trivial I know, but 2.1.5 was fine so something broke in 2.1.6 it seems.
  7. I changed MO2's logging to DEBUG in case that provides more info, the attached logs relate to a sequence of tools being run: LOOT, TCC, LOOT As expected, the exception dialog occurred when LOOT was run the second time. logs.7z
  8. I have a seemingly reproduceable problem with a new 2.1.6 installation. As I mentioned in a separate post I made some minutes ago I have some tools that require process elevation and the problem I'm having seems to always happen after one of those apps has run. The sequence of events is this: 1) I use the RUN button to launch a command-line tool called TCC which requires process elevation, so I get the dialog my other post is complaining about. 2) I click OK and TCC runs normally. 3) Back in MO2 I then, say, run LOOT. 4) The console window for usvfs_proxy_x86 opens. 5) An ERROR dialog appears saying "Unhandled USVFS proxy exception (line 110): The system cannot find the file specified." 6) I click OK and LOOT opens normally. I assume line 110 means something to the programmer who wrote this, sadly I'm not he so I have no idea what it's referring to, also It'd be nice when an error like this occurs if name of the file which is a problem was actually included in the error message, it helps users try to fix problems. Right now I have zero idea what the problem is or how to proceed, having never seen this with 2.1.5. I have uploaded the log files I could find from MO2. Note that in one there's a message saying it failed to spawn TCC.EXE, this is bogus, TCC DID run. Because the tools seem to run I'm not sure if this is a real problem or not, but given problems with the VFS could corrupt game save files I'm leery of using MO2 in this state. As extra information, after the error occurs every attempt to run tools will get the exception dialog, only exiting MO2 and restarting makes them stop, until that is I run another elevated process and the dialog start happening again. logs.7z
  9. I have a couple of tools I need to run from MO2 that require process elevation so every time I run them I get the annoying: "This process requires elevation to run" ... "Start elevated anyway?" How do I stop MO2 annying me like this?
  10. Thanks for checking Sheson, I saw the NetImmerse Overide reference and know that it is needed for at least one mod I intend to install but I'll definitely get the new upload to deal with that minor problem. As I said right at the end of my first post "I absolutely expect it's something stupid I've done (or not done)" and so it proved, I made at least two errors which were the causes of the crashes I was having. I only came here to ask for help as it was adding DynDOLOD that provoked the problem, given the numbers of players who use it and the relatively simply setup I had which triggered it I never 'blamed' it but neither did I have the knowledge and experience to diagnose the cause. For hopefully the last time I want thank you for your patience and perseverance in dealing with a problem which I'm sure you were sure wasn't of your making .. unfortunately I don't have a first born to offer you as payment :D .. I've learned a lot from what you've told me and the documents which you prompted me to read [sadly at times not carefully enough]. Thank you.
  11. The logs I had were dirty because previously you told me not to clean the masters to avoid possible errors in that process and you said not to install mods and to me USLEEP is a mod so I wasn't adding that either .. I didn't realise you had expected I had gone back to cleaning and patching, so the testing I've done since Saturday was clearly fundamentally flawed, sadly. After generating LOD and adding the DynDOLOD_Output to the game and installing SkyUI the game seemed to run perfectly, DynDOLOD's MCM was fine and to me the Papyrus.0.log looks okay but I've uploaded it and would be grateful if you could glance at it to check there's nothing there that still looks suspicious. Thanks. Logs.7z
  12. The next thing I did was install the DynDOLOD resources and re-ran the game and now of course it created a Papyrus.0.log because there were scripts added which called it. I then removed SHESON_DynDOLOD_Quest.pex and re-ran. I've attached both logs, '1' is the first run and '0' the second, as you'll see from the timestamps.Papyrus Logs.zip
  13. Okay, I reinstalled and did this: Steps performed: 1) Use the Steam app. to uninstall the previous version2) Install from Steam and run it for the first time to get the initial .INIs created and to check the Skyrim.INI is as it should be, click Data Files to ensure they're all enabled; Note that the masters are NOT cleaned.3) Create a new character and run through Helgen to get the normal 1 Save and 3 Autosaves, take one more Save after exiting Helgen and completing the intial quest set and opening the Riverwood starter quest.4) Install SKSE and PapyrusUtil, create an SKSE.INI in Data\SKSE with the [MEMORY] section for the 768/256 values and edit Skyrim.ini to enable all the debug options in the [PAPYRUS] section.5) Load the character save from step (3) after exiting Helgen. On exiting the game there wasn't a Papyrus.0.log even though I'd enabled Papyrus logging in Skyrim.ini: "[Papyrus]fPostLoadUpdateTimeMS=500.0bEnableLogging=1bEnableTrace=1bLoadDebugInformation=1" I'm totally confused now as to what causes this log file to be create, but maybe it's because nothing actually made use of it since there's no SkyUI or DynDOLOD at this stage! I've attached the logs I did get. I'm going to do the next part you asked me for.Kraggy Logs.zip
  14. Well I guess that's possible, in which case I'd use the method Vortex uses to deploy mods, I'd use a Hard Link to 'point' steamapps\common\skyrim to the new tree's location or the 'real' one used by MO, which I see must work as Steam would be none the wiser. Thanks for confirming that in theory the tree resulting from this copy is going to be intact as far as the game itself is concerned.
  15. Hi Greg, I'm returning to this subject and understand about how A/V packages are very, very suspicious of programs that use hooks .. as an old mainframe O/S guy I was appalled at how PC 'operating system' allowed such exploitable mechanics to be so freely available in user-land space. :( Anyhow, due to this issue I'm looking for a way to benefit from MO2's mod management (which now I've some experience of it from following videos from folks such as Gopher, GP and DWM I find so much more powerful than NMM or Vortex) while at the same time not having to disable my A/V for long periods of game-play, as well as be able to use a few tools I have I want to be able to use side-by-side, which of course MO2 doesn't allow for. If I understand what MO2's VFS does for apps which run from MO2's 'Run' button, they fool the external app into thinking that there are files in the Data tree that aren't really there and fakes the O/S file APIs so that the external program thinks it's reading and writing files in the \Data tree but which are in fact elsewhere. It seems to be easily seen by running, say, Free Commander both from within MO2 and separately from it, side-by-side and comparing 'fiction' with 'reality', if you see what I mean. :) So, if I were to simply drag/drop the the entire steamapps\common\Skyrim tree to, say, c:\Skyrim, would I end up with a complete 'copy' of the virtual tree which the game sees, and end up with a playable game disconnected from MO2? Obviously there's the stuff in "My Games" to consider and maybe any registry entries Steam may use for its DRM garbage, but that would be easily handled by a simple batch script or somesuch. It would seem to be a perfectly obvious "yes" from the theory of what the VFS does and the reality of seeing the results of the drag/drop, however, somewhere is some documentation about MO (1 or 2, I'm not sure) there's a comment which sadly I can't locate right now which says something about the .BSAs not appearing exactly the way they do to the game; I forget the context of the comment so now don't know what the issue may be. Do you recognise this comment I think I read and is there an issue here in the context of what I'm trying to achieve? I'd appreciate any thoughts you may have as this is something I'd really like to do if it's possible. Thanks.
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