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  1. So I managed to generate some LOD at last but I am not sure if everything is okay with it. I mean it matches perfectly and the transitions are almost unnoticeable but doesn't it look a little blurry? Using the noise texture from the Skyrim LE mod Enhanced Distant Terrain would make my previous textures less blurry but when I use it on xLODGen generated textures, they became quite dark so I used the noise files in the first page of this thread. I mean it mostly looks fine, but I thought I'd double check here anyway. I used the settings listed in a guide on the nexus. So 512 diffuse and 256 normals I believe. https://imgur.com/a/gMA9yfR
  2. Sorry for the confusion. I may not be making sense but I was talking about xLODGen not DynDOLOD. Just to clarify, you said I could watch the command prompt window as the lines are being printed. I know DynDOLOD spawns a LODGen.exe in a command prompt window but I am not using DynDOLOD right now. I am just trying to generate landscape lod with xLODGen and when I run xLODGen there are no command prompts. It's just the SSEdit interface itself. Nevertheless, I switched the output directory to somewhere other than my C drive and the tool managed to create terrain LOD for Tamriel worldspace as it was the only one I ticked. After that was done I fired it up again and ticked the remaining worldspaces and it seems to be working. At least it got past Markarth and is doing Soul Cairn as we speak. So it might have just been UAC.
  3. Hmm I did not notice any command prompt windows while the tool was running unlike in DynDOLOD. The LODGen executable is all there is, and it just stops responding and I can't switch to it to take a look at the records so I have to manually terminate the process. I'll try setting the output folder to some place other than the C drive and see how it goes. Is there any likelihood of a plugin file causing this issue?
  4. Unfortunately the tool stops working for me while generating terrain LOD for Markarth World. It doesn't throw any errors or warnings, the program simply stops responding and I can see in the task manager that it's not using any CPU at all. I also checked the size of the output folder and it stayed the same for a good 10 mins so I am positive the program simply just stops working. I tried twice and it kept freezing up at the same place. I've attached the log file in case it might be of any help. LODGen_log.txt
  5. Whoops sorry I forgot about that second file. However for some reason I didn't get the error this time around. It's strange because I couldn't reproduce it. It seems to be random. I will post BOTH files this time if I get the error again.
  6. I've attached the bugreport.txt for the error. I am not sure if it has anything to do with Antivirus because I don't use one except Windows Defender. I tried turning off Windows Defender and trying it out that way but I still got the same error. Also when it did work, it worked while Windows Defender was turned on, so I don't think that is the issue. Edit: I do also have Malwarebytes installed but it's the free version so no real time protection, but I'll give it a try without that. bugreport.txt
  7. I get the exact same error Vokans reported a few posts above with the message "Exception in unit userscript line 331: One or more errors occurred" in the log. At first I thought it was because of Windows restricting access to files so I set ownership to all DynDOLOD and Skyrim folders. It worked for like once but then I kept getting the same error after running DynDOLOD again.
  8. I think it was the "Automatic Archive Invalidation" option being checked while creating an Enderal profile in MO. I installed Enderal on two different PCs. One of them had that enabled, and I got those weird looking LODs. That mountain shouldn't be there as far as I know. I left that option unchecked on the other PC I installed Enderal on, and everything seems alright.
  9. The thing is I have absolutely nothing overwriting the DynDOLOD Output folder in MO. It's at the bottom of my left pane load order and I am 100 percent sure I had both vanilla and Enderal billboards while generating LOD.
  10. My Tree LOD for Enderal looks like this https://i.imgur.com/qzsLEYT.jpg and I can't figure out why. I ran DynDOLOD as well but nothing changed. When I got in game the trees were still weird like that and DynDOLOD kept giving me "could not locate .json" errors. Any ideas?
  11. Well there were two things on the MFGConsole menu. FormID: 000139ab and RefID: ff000822 However checking the FormID in TES5Edit just displays the weapon stats and whatnot. There's nothing about a leveled list.
  12. Well it originates from Skyrim.esm obviously, but the last edit apparently was made by MLU.esp.
  13. I would but I honestly have no clue where to start. I loaded up all my plugins in TES5Edit to check what's overwriting MLU levelled lists, but I haven't encountered anything unusual. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong place.
  14. Hey guys. I found an Ebony War Axe in Embershard Mine at level 1. I have no idea why it was there. I had no problems in my previous playthrough and my load order is 90 percent identical to that. Any ideas as to what might be causing the issue? Here's my load order. https://pastebin.com/MbbF4Dx7
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