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  1. Just an FYI in the event you weren't aware, copy.com is shuttering just over a week from now. https://www.crn.com/news/storage/300079567/barracuda-closes-copy-com-cudadrive-services-may-be-looking-to-sell-itself.htm Staff might want to move any of the unhosted mods from there.
  2. Lines 1 and 60 of the Worlds.pas script still reference version 1.48 Threw me for a loop until I opened the 1.49 archive and inspected the file. Just thought I'd point it out.
  3. Just rebuilt an extended install and about to build the bashed patch. Loot claims the three HRT packs are missing masters for the UHRP. The "MO Manage Archives" box is ticked and the following BSAs are ticked in archives, unticked in plugins: HRTP01HRTP02HRTP03UHRTPSTEPVanOptTex01STEPVanOptTex02BWSAm I missing a procedure somewhere or is my MO borked and not handling those archives properly? EDIT: I noobed it and forgot to move the the UHRP.esp into optional
  4. On my last go through of the tutorial, I noticed Michael put an info graphic indicating that the DynDOLOD Mod should be placed immediately after the Vanilla billboards and also according to the tutorial, the DynDOLOD Output should be placed immediately after the last billboard you have installed from the LODGen page at Nexus (i.e.: SFO, Realistic Aspen Trees, etc.) This will change for every user as they add/remove mods with corresponding billboards from the LODGen page. So, yeah. You've got it now.
  5. vyc8rchive] != [Archive] Either a neutrino passed through my G: or the cat jumped on the keyboard when I wasn't looking. You better have little Johnny open the crate 'cuz Damien is gonna be really PO'd and super hungry.
  6. <Jamie Hyneman> Well there's yer problem</Jamie Hyneman> Here's a screenshot of my World's Script wizard and one of Michael's DDL tutorial. Whole bunch of LODGen_* files missing from ..\TES5Edit\Edit Scripts\ as shown in this directory listing... This is after nuking my DDL specific tesedit install and re-installing from here and reinstalling DDL 1.28 from scratch, per the Gamerpoets video.* I'm pulling my hair out trying to find where those missing edit scripts are sourced from. Looked in the standard tesedit zip, looked inside the 1.26 and 1.27 zips. Nothing. I don't have any children nor plan to but you're welcome to my mangy half-maine coon, half-mountain lion. It eats more food than I do but you can always resort to feeding it little Johnny and all the other offerings you've been collecting. * Although Michael's tutorial still has user's generating their output into a MO mod, I don't trust MO's hook anymore. Per your and TFM's instruction, the script output gets pointed to a tmp dir outside of the skyrim/MO-VFS directory structure, hand copying them into the DDL output mod when all is done. edit: whoopsied the first scrot, clarity, and OCD tendency to fix stuff I post
  7. I'm getting the No Worlds Loaded since rebuilding from scratch with STEP, WT, and FS. The JSON files are there and the .esp gets written but each time the worlds script runs Lodgen, the window is open for only a couple of seconds with a file not found error, closes and the worlds script moves on. With STEP 2.2.9 and DDL 1.26, the script took my rig about 30 mins. Now, with and DDL 1.28, I get the above behavior in only 10 minutes. The lodgen.log At my wits end because I know it's something ridiculously noob I'm doing wrong. EDIT: Found it! The "file not found" clue tells everything. c:\skyrim is the location I dragged and dropped the 2.2.9 install for safekeeping. The current build was clean and fresh so Tes5edit has (or MO hands off to Tes5edit) the path cached somewhere. Registry maybe? I found TES5Edit\EditScripts\DynDOLOD\DynDOLOD-LODGen preset default.ini with the c:/skyrim path in the Data directive but modifying didn't help on the next run. Can't find where the current preset is cached. I also noticed that in the TES5Edit.log, I see that it pulls it's skyrim.ini and skyrimprefs.ini from c:\users\my-user\MyDocs\MyGames\Skyrim. Is this normal/correct? EDIT 2: Found the cache! Adjusting it made TES5Edit happy. How it followed/got switched to that backup path is beyond me. HKLM\Software\WOW6432Node\Bethseda Softworks\Installed Path for future reference. Oddly, DDSopt also puts a couple of keys inside of Bethseda's node. Also found ./WOW6432Node/BOSS Still doesn't build the output files though. Lodgen still kicks "file not found c:\skyrim\data\meshes\lod\nordicexterior\nortempleexteriorribfree03_lod.nif" and MO's data view do not show the ..ribfree nif exists. Would the fact that my HighResTexturePacks are still listed as unmanged by causing this? I've disabled MO's manage archive function and the dummies are enabled. Calling it a night and will try tomorrow after backing out the step optimized vanilla, WT and FS.
  8. I was wondering about this as well. I initially tried placing them after the SFO billboards and (IIRC) couldn't get DDL to activate. I now have them between the bashed patch and dual sheath redux. All seems well in game but don't take my word for it ... I'm just getting back into Skyrim after taking a four-year break. My current playthrough character is appropriately named John Snow. Sheson clarified while i was posting this, apologies for the cruft
  9. That makes sense now that you point it out. Oddly, lodgen/tesedit/MO behaved during a second go around with the same procedure. EDIT: Having just re-installed DDL and re-watching GP's video, he has the user setting up an output directory inside Skyrim->MO->mods
  10. TES5Edit_090515, LODGen 3.1.1 r1915, MO 1.3.4 Immediately after completing as en extended install, ran the DynDO procedure as specified by the GP video. All looked well until the very end. The script in the black window had a seizure although TESEdit showed no errors and indicated successful completion. The handoff back to MO not as graceful... what looks to be a complete tree of directories/files ended up in overwrite but couldn't say for sure, too new at this. Here's MO's error: Here's windows app log #1: Here's windows app log#2: I have also attached MO's hook.dll.dmp(.txt) if it helps. Also filed a report at MO's bug tracker but the upload option is disabled. Not sure if any of this is helpful to you folks. I'm not a dev or anything, just know how to find dumps and logs and forward them to smarter people than I. hook.dll.dmp.txt
  11. Late (err, early in the morning) on day three of my "let's see what Skyrim looks like in 2015" misadventure, I successfully completed an Extended install after *finally* discovering the -forcesteamloader argument. Joy was had. In that giddy state of mind I decided to to tackle DynDOLOD after listening to Michael's reassuring voice for another half-hour and, sum-na-gun, it worked. More joy was had. Sadly, I have a touch of OCD and noticed the Vampire and Traps esp's were no longer needed yet there was the clutter so off to the Optionals they were banished. Of course I remembered to hit LOOT up for quick re-order and there was something about having to rebuild the bashed patch whenever mucking about with mods coming and going so back to WRYE we went. Lo and behold, I noticed the instructions to tweak "Crime: Alarm Distance" had escaped on the first go around so I complied, forgetting to Deselect All first. Whoopsiedoodles. Hmm. Just throw out the patch and try again? Why not. Except that WRYE seems to have remembered the tweaks previously applied (Crime and Timescale are still showing the values I gave it earlier.) My question then: Does WRYE just have a cache of what I last told it to do or are all those tweak values now embedded/applied in other places? /me is a little intimidated my the god-mode tools we now get to play with And while were here, should I be concerned that my STEP Extended Patch has a striking resemblance to John Boehner? Your's in hunger, Marvin
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