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  1. If you run higher than 1080p you can try lowering it. Also since you don't use the ENB DoF, I would suggest reinstalling Vividian with the Performance settings instead of Default. That is personally how I have mine set up. I did go back and manually turn the ENB water settings back on, but my FPS is still much better with Performance than when using Default. [spoiler=Here's the difference between the versions from the readme.]Vividian ENB - High Quality Version --------------------------------------- This Version has high quality effects and enables all those fancy water effects and some sharper Ambient Occlusion. Use this if you have a Highend Graphicscard. Vividian ENB - Performance Version --------------------------------------- This version disables effects like Depth of Field, ENB Waters and reduce quality of different effects. Use this version if you experience too heavy unplayable Framedrop with the normal version.
  2. I found the .esp from my SR:LE install and uploaded it Here. ​Hopefully that doesn't break any site rules or anything. Let me know and I'll take it down.
  3. I just finished merging the esp files for the Immersive Citizens mod. I wanted someone to confirm that this looks correct. The ELE and RRR Patch are both showing up unbold when saving. Are the records in those 2 patches being added?
  4. This is slightly off topic, but you state to uncheck the SR Conflict Resolution patch to make the RSpatch. Is this something that needs to be done specifically for installing PM, or should this be done any time I need to make the RSpatch? Like for example when making the RSpatch for the base SR:LE install.
  5. Is there any real need to switch over to LOOT yet? I noticed that you tried once before to switch over and then changed your mind. Are there any issues left with SR:LE running a LOOT load order?
  6. I have a bug where the camera flips when I strafe right in 3rd person. I know this is quite an old bug but figured it would have been dealt with by this point in time. Running the full base SR:LE mod list. Is this something that should not be happening with this mod guide?
  7. I was reading the section for running the tes5edit script to make the files/esp for the DynDOLOD mod and wanted to know if it would be possible to make seperate folders for the DynDOLOD output files for each level of quality. Then switching between them to measure performance impact. Example: My main concern is if the DynDOLOD.esp needs to be remade with the script to work with each version.
  8. I'm updating this to say I've found the issue. I'm actually in the process of updating all of my SR:LE install. My install is about a year old at this point. The problem was that Audio Overhaul for Skyrim(AOS) was still ver. 2.1 and needed to be updated to 2.2. I'm still unsure about the whole D drive location of the error though.
  9. It's saying something about files on my D: drive but I have nothing skyrim related or TES5Edit on that dirve. Everything concerning skyrim is on my C: drive.
  10. I'm in the process of trying to merge the .esp files for Vividian ENB and keep getting an error saying that it's failing to copy some files to the merged patch. Here are the files that are failing as well. Is this normal or do I have an issue that needs to be fixed?
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