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  1. Most people aren't aware 'cause they don't read the description since it's a very popular download. Those settings are in the MCM menu. You just delay the scripts and/or reduce the damage it takes for blood to splash or whatever. The problem is that when you use overhauls that change damage you're going to have to take a shot in the dark to change these appropriately so there's blood but not too much since the game is really finicky when it comes to script latency and FPS. The game engine becomes really unstable, I think I found a masterlist of poorly running mods on reddit that outright said that it isn't recommended to use this mod at all or just turn off the scripts and use only the textures. The default settings with Requiem overhaul are insane tbh, since the damage is so ramped up. It was one of the main causes of my crashes and I only realized that after 2 years since using both Requiem and EBT together. I got so angry I split my keyboard in two, now I sit with my rubber dome Microsoft Comfort Curve 3000 happily. I was relieved after all that, I removed one of the four main causes of crashes on my system, and currently I have 0 crashes after carefully cleaning, patching, tweaking and load ordering mods. I have achieved what I thought was impossible with mods. You could say nearly 7 years of Bethesda game modding has finally payed off. Now I wonder if I can ever make Oblivion or Fallout: New Vegas run fine.
  2. I have a question, while the mod seems stable enough I wonder how much performance is being eaten by the active cloaking scripts that manage weapon/quiver styles. Personally I have disabled them, since running Requiem, Dual Sheath Redux and DynDoLOD already brings script performance down to a non-acceptable level. Also I'm conflicted between using vanilla papyrus values, and the slightly tweaked ones to help with script latency. I need to test everything with Elephant's script latency tester when I have time. Typically latency is at ~60ms on average with spikes up to 200ms when the frame rate dips anywhere below 45fps, removing graphical mods doesn't seem to matter and I can't get any further smoothness from ENBoost since I hit a wall with what I can do with it. I can't remember exactly, but I think there's a certain calculation on how much time per frame you're supposed to allow, this and second paragraph belong in another thread though.
  3. ; Info: Crash when trying to do: v14 = MagicItem::unk_406C70(a3, result)->properties.projectile; ; Function may return NULL and other places that call this function check for NULL return. ; Address: 7E39EC ; Solution: Check for NULL and skip if it is. I've reported the 7E39EC address some time ago and Meh321 incorporated a workaround for the error, I had thought this wasn't of any use to the author, since everyone's load order can be very different and might not help anyone, I was proven wrong. It turned out that the error can be present in a few cases, the fix he made is genuine, I think the crash was caused by Requiem's magic or possibly some ability from Imperious race mod, since I do not run any other magic altering overhauls. Under some circumstances during combat I would crash due to this error. With only this applied and nothing else, I can run around Skyrim indefinitely for 20min+ in UGrids 5 and other .ini settings at S.T.E.P recommended defaults. I have disabled other settings from Crash Fixes to test if crashes may happen under any other circumstances and so far my load order of 170+ mods is 99% crash free since applying this one setting. With the combination of tweaking Enhanced Blood Textures (notorious for crashes) and replacing a combat overhaul with something less stressful. I don't think this plugin would have fixed the CTD's I had say one or two years ago. So even if it was available in it's current state, it probably wouldn't have helped me since there were so many variables that were making the game engine unstable. When I stumbled upon Crash Fixes on the site that would not be named, I was intrigued, and it seemed similar to what a stability mod for FO:NV does. The author seems to know what he is doing, his test methods are called unorthodox here, I do agree, but in the end there doesn't seem to be any concrete evidence that Meh321's causes anything to go wrong with save games at the moment. Warning, ramble below: I must stress that, rarely do I ever appear to report any issues since nobody would learn anything from my particular experience, since my Skyrim setup is very specific to my OS, hardware and load order configuration. My only 2 threads that I have created have resolved themselves by essentially changing everything since I upgraded my system. It was for the better, which I am quite happy with after losing so much faith with modding in general, in the past 4 years I had many failures to face but not without a bright side to it.
  4. You are using both Climates of Tamriel and Pure Weather? Those are both weather and lighting mods and should be incompatible. Choose only one weather overhaul. I switched from CoT to Pure Weather because CoT had weird performance impact and the weathers weren't varied at all.
  5. An easy and painless way to to change race while keeping progress, stats, etc. Is to use the "changerace" command in the console with the race editorid that you wish to use. After that use "showracemenu" to edit the body, face and everything else, but don't select another race though the racemenu or else you will lose the stats that you had before. If you want to start with clean stats (initial) meant for the new race, change the race through the command "showracemenu" and continue to edit as you would normally. Short answer is: The save game will be running fine with the changes you make to the race and stats, just make sure not to introduce invalid values when editing through console. The long answer:
  6. Thanks for the input guys I appreciate it. I agree that having everything on the system drive is a bit too much, especially when I mod everything and game constantly and because of the high I/O going through the hard drive it shouldn't be a surprise. Plus, I've just discovered that WD Green drives should be avoided, unless only used for storage, light work or something. I've discovered the 4GB being too little as soon as I tried dynamic LODs. Meshes just hog all the memory and plus for some weird reason Skyrim mirrors stuff so that's even more load on the computer. If there was a scrap of code to do something similar, people who made SKSE, PapyrusUtil and so on maybe would have found a way to make that a reality. Regarding ExpandSystemMemoryX64= parameter, I have set that to false recently and didn't see much change on performance or stability. It only helped to have "defaultHeapInitialAllocMB" in skse.ini set to 1024 (768MB) without touching the scrap heap size, it was proven that the second block never goes above 256 anyway so there is no reason to change it. I recently went back to 768 (512MB) for "defaultHeapInitialAllocMB" I have a lower chance to hit the limit because I have set Skyrim to purge cells that I will most likely will not visit any time soon, but that only happens if I hit a load screen. I have to do another stress test to see how long it takes to crash with certain parameters in skse.ini and enblocal.ini being changed.
  7. There is a program which picks up after the outdated TPC and goes by the handle SMC (Skyrim Mod Combiner). Rarely anyone mentions that it even exists. I found out about it myself after looking around some forums. I don't think TPC could even be called a program because all it was is several batch files that do basic windows operations (copy, cut, paste). The main feature was able to use separate predetermined folders to combine texture mods. SMC does a lot similarly but it has updated list of which textures/meshes you can combine (they do replace whatever the developers deem a better replacement) and gives a lot control because of its GUI, something TPC lacked.
  8. The short answer is: No. Long answer: Claralux is an old mod and I suggest to never use it unless it is updated and optimized. Once you install a mod, most of them leave a permanent footprint on your save game, so you have to be very careful what you start with. Uninstalling Claralux will have negative impact even if you uninstall using the author's instructions (if there are any).
  9. Your system is something I always wanted to have since moving from AMD CPU to Intel just for Skyrim, but I digress. Could you post your enblocal.ini and Skyrimprefs.ini in spoiler tags? Maybe I can help at all by reviewing your settings, I am quite aware of the performance differences of our systems. You shouldn't give up 2K textures, especially when you have a dedicated graphics card with enough bandwidth and VRAM. Town overhauls and better meshes tend to slow down Skyrim quite a bit, I faced that first hand when using SMIM with any of town overhauls, JK's Skyrim seems to have the most minimal impact so far but it is still pretty heavy in Solitude, Windhelm, Riften and Whiterun.
  10. Update: After some frustration I uninstalled DynDOLOD in hopes that I could at least retrieve some RAM, I didn't do it by the book exactly so I pretty much lost most of LOD objects. So I cleaned out the leftovers from my save game, waited 10 days indoors. reinstalled DynDOLOD with medium preset instead of high. The FPS drop was acceptable. In my search to hunt down the last of the CTD's that have been bothering me for years, I went on the internets to research the mods I have been using, comparing load orders with other ones that people are running, all that boring stuff. And came up with almost nothing, the blame that had been put on some mods that made people's game CTD, wasn't really valid anymore because the mods have been updated, had bugs fixed and have been cleaned with TES5Edit. So I tried targeting mods in my load order that were rarely seen anywhere else, plus the ones that were made/updated before 2012/2013. (I still kept a few because I thought I couldn't live without them) I opened up TES5Edit and found out that none of them have any identical records or undeleted refs, then I was going to guarantee myself those mods were safe. So I used the automatic error search, found a few mods and patches that contained those, I don't really know how Skyrim usually reacts to invalid references but to be safe, I fixed those manually. I was feeling hopeful, so I fired up my last save that I was trying to fix after I uninstalled some mods. Went outside, got greeted by thugs 'cause I stole some soul gems from Farengar, Cat is a gold digger but Farengar didn't need those soul gems anyway. Then I opened up the console, put on speedmult 200 plus TGM, and went on a rampage going from my house in the woods through Whiterun hold to Falkreath hold then Morthal hold and finally Solitude hold (I was finally able to crash once I got bored of murdering everybody and when I entered the city to try and slaughter everyone senselessly while gloriously crashing at the same time). I was not disappointed! Usually I would crash in 1-3 minutes after starting such a test, the game lasted 30x longer without crashing, maybe it was just a fluke. Somehow I destroyed one or more CTD that have been there for years, I didn't know what to do or what to blame, naybe the so called "save game corruption" so I thought the crashes would go away once I start a new playthrough each time, little did I know that some .esp files that I loaded were always one step behind, ready to make the game crash randomly in exteriors. Only since last year I was compiling a list of mods in categories that are unstable/buggy/fps hungry/incompatible/outdated. By avoiding such mods, today I came to a realization that even though Skyrim engine is a shadow of what it could have been with the technology that was around. Modding the game heavily is possible without crashes and long as I stay cautious. I think I maybe am finally ready to start playing Falskaar, Moonpath to Elsweyr and Wyrmstooth. I was holding off from playing a lot of adventure mods for years because I was afraid all of it would be for nothing if the game just decided that it needed to crash. (I hate the implementation of making the application crash instead of letting it run as if nothing happened, but then again if the corrupt information made it to the save game you would be screwed either way) Its 3AM here and I am feeling fine. Once the sun hits I am going to take a nice bike ride to try and forget about the awfulness that I had to put up with because the mod authors sometimes just don't care to fix game breaking issues and me for believing that some mods I use are not too good to be true, because they are at times and I had my fair share of them in the past 4 years, so taking notes and building lists is very important to me, should I stop playing Skyrim for a number of years and forget about the negatives of modding. I still have the Superfetch CTD but a workaround to disable Superfetch completely seems to work OK. Superfetch probably only starts when applications are using more than half of my RAM, which happens only with Skyrim, because this game is a memory hog even more so when a lot LOD objects are visible. I am going to start playing Skyrim again and see if some of the distant detail reducing decreased the FPS spikes to a bearable state. I have to watch RAM usage constantly now while playing Skyrim, which is sad because this is the only game that starves the system of RAM. Hard to believe that Morrowind with MGSO, maxed settings, HUGE cell distance and a heavy load order actually uses RAM and VRAM and looks prettier in my opinion. PC gaming is becoming worse for me rather than getting better, it just puts me in depression each time I read an article about a game developing studio or publisher messing up. I wish I didn't care, but I do. *sigh* Enough typing for a day, just remember kids... take notes, manually search and destroy conflicts and errors in your plugins and finally enjoy the game if you haven't had the time because you were modding it longer than you have been playing it. Like me. There is always something satisfying about solving mysteries like mine! This PSA was brought to you by... okay I'm going now.
  11. 1.3.5 still didn't fix the shortcuts. They still crash MO immediately, I thought the issue would obvious so I didn't even report it. Windows blames one of the .dll libraries. 1.3.4 ran OK all of the time but I wasn't looking to break the program on purpose or anything. It's just that beta software combos should be avoided for the most part, unless you're the type that debugs everything, reports issues, that sort of thing.
  12. Dat profile name. Seriously though, if you saved the profiles folder and didn't by any chance lose whatever was in it, you should be fine, your mods and load order intact. I don't remember if I have ever seen this type of issue before... Are you running MO with admin rights? Not mixing up installations? Are the file paths used my MO for saving everything correct? Also, I wouldn't recommend using the 1.3.4/1.3.5 beta versions more so on an experimental preview release of Windows 10, the stable release has it's bugs too but it's nothing in comparison to what the beta versions have in store. Did the "new" nVidia driver lure you in to use Windows 10 TP? I probably can't be much of help because I am not a user of the same OS.
  13. Slightly hard to comprehend this... post your load order in spoiler tags. Also why would there ever be a reason to disable all plugins, especially the unofficial skyrim patch? And what flags are you talking about? Do you mean the banners in the city? The game doesn't have any flags AFAIK. Also some objects stop animation if you are under 30 fps.
  14. Well, since I am not running anything higher than default uGrids, memory seems fine for the most part. 2+ uGrids raise memory usage but not by much. I have tried changing distant detail settings and those are the only ones that do something with stutter, problem is that those settings are at what S.T.E.P and some other places on the nexus recommend based on my particular hardware, so while that works for everybody it should for me too, thus there isn't much point on going with lower values. The lag spikes can range from minor nuisance to completely stopping the game for almost 15 seconds, worse case scenario accomplished by forcing the world objects to load and equipping a different weapon from favorites via hotkey. On another topic, I need a stress reliever, because Skyrim doesn't want to play ball... In the mean time Fullmetal Alchemist and Dragonball Z Abridged for me it is then.
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