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  1. Wow, thanks Sheson for the very quick update! So it was just the "1 BSXFlags" entry in the nif? I put your updated mesh into "Meshes\DynDOLOD\lod\effects", overwriting the old nif and even without regenerating DynDOLOD the close-up river foam is fixed (close-up is not glowing and not static anymore, but moving as it should)! Only the distant lod is still glowing (see screenshot), but I guess this glow will disappear as well, when I regenerate DynDOLOD anew. Didn't have time to try this out tonight and will probabely wait for v1.36 before doing so - don't have so much spare time atm. Thank you again for fixing this so quickly! And I'm really proud to have found something that will be included in the next update! Now I can go out and brag to my friends!!!
  2. Hey Sheson, thank you for asking me to post this! The non animated foam is from DynDOLOD.esp. When I disable it via console there is another texture beneath it which belongs to Skyrim.esm and which looks good and is animated. I tested this with a new game (played through Helgen and saved indoors in Riverwood - that save is the one I used for these tests), so I don't think it has some relation to save game update... I checked this for several locations, all draw the same picture (apart from the different Form-IDs). To not spam you with too many pictures of the same problem I post below only screenshots of Form-ID "95005a96" (which belongs to DynDOLOD) and of corresponding Skyrim.esm Form-ID (0001ccc8): Well, I'm glad that it is the ENB and therefore hopefully not so complicated to solve! Disabling the weather of TAZ.esp is a little too adventurous for me, since I know that tristan1974, the author of TAZ put alot of work and thought into the weather settings of TAZ. So I'd rather edit the Weather Effect colors in TES5Edit like you showed me before or play around with ENB-settings from the ingame ENB Menu or via the weather ini files like sugested by TechAngel (see below). But I'm not so sure what parameters to play with in the ENB Menu. Do you have a notion about which values to start with or a link to an up-to-date guide that covers those settings (as you say changing something "here" might change something "there" and it would be good to be prepared and know where to look to, before trying around blindly). I found only 2 weather types with this tree lod problem so far (I'll check all weather types, that I have in Skyrim.esm till tomorrow ... maybe there are more than two), so the changings will need to effect only those specific weather types. Hello TechAngel! I feel flattered to get so much prominent help here - thank you very much I had a first look at my overcast_rain.ini and searched for lines with "lod" or "tree", but couldn't find any and I have no idea which values to start messing around with
  3. Thanks Zilav again for your answer! When I switch the ENB off tree lods for those few specific weather types are fine: With ENB: Without ENB: As next step, I raised brightness of the "Effect Lighting" value in TES5Edit as you showed me in your last post - the result didn't show any difference to the original setting. Therefore I tried some really noticable colors for "Effect Lighting": and ingame I noticed a change but not with the tree lods - but the river foam (ignore the white one - that one is another problem I still have when using DynDOLOD - some of those river foams are static and glow ... but that's another topic >.<): So I guess "Effect Lighting" is the wrong value... Edit: Thanks again for helping me with this, now that it's obviously ENB related and NOT a problem with DynDOLOD! For everybody, who reads this without knowing the previous posts: DynDOLOD works great :)
  4. Thank you very much Zilav for your answer! I have lots of respect for your work and please excuse this very late response! Haven't had time to give it a try till now. I haven't installed "Status" yet, and was using the ENB Menu Weather Pannel to check the Form-ID. On my first check I found one weather which produced the dark tree lod. You were right in assuming, that only TAZ_lightingDLC.esp "is winning" the weather IDs - only in two cases there is the esp from Mindflux SnowFlakes winning over TAZ_lightingDLC.esp. When I looked up the weather in TAZ_lightingDLC.esp in TES5Edit I noticed, that the "Effect Lighting" color settings for day and sunset are already really bright. The screenshot above was taken shortly before sunset and if you look at the color of the tree lods, they don't seem to resemble the corresponding colors in the row "Effect Lighting" of TES5Edit's Skyrim Weather Editor Shall I proceed and make them brighter even more? The Sunset setting is already at 220/240 brightness. Or is Effect Lighting the wrong row to modify?
  5. This post took me ages, cause I didn't find words to express my gratitude Thank you so much Sheson!!! The billboards you've created are awesome! Much much better, than the old ones! They are darker than the original ones - which fits my setup very well! I just raised the brightness by "+1"; for the original ones I had to use "-5", because of the ENB I'm using (T.A.Z. ENB). There are only 2 issues I noticed: 1) the small grass patches around the tree trunks of the pine lods are gone (don't worry about that - don't think that alot of people would notice it without direct comparison) 2) while the lods are darker in general, they fit the color of the close-up trees of SFO 1.87 perfectly. I just noticed, that at certain weather effects they turn really dark, like when it's raining or when the sky is completely clouded (I guess this is probabely related to my own ENB, ELFX stuff - not sure if it has something to do with the lods themselves... just noticed it for the first time with your billboards - probabely was there with other billboards as well, but unnoticed) It's cool, when there is fog: But looks off when it's raining without fog: And looks too dark as well when sky is completely clouded: But as I said, I'm guessing, that's something to do with my ENB and ELFX esps... with non rainy/cloudy wheather they look just perfect. Anyway - absolutely awesome Sheson! Thank you so much for generating these billboards and thanks to Zilav for creating the Tree LOD billboard creator for xLODGen Is there any way to send you a small donation for your efforts? I couldn't find a donate button on the nexus page of this mod! Edit: Just another screenshot, because it looks so funtastic >.< Thanks again :)
  6. Oh man! This is so freaking awesome! You even went to the same place to take the screenshots - really really awesome - Thank you so much!!! I just downloaded the new billboards you've just created and I'll try them out when I come back home! On your last picture they look 1000 times better than the old ones - and I am relieved somewhat, that you got the same mediocre results with the original billboards (I thought all the time I was just messing up badly)! And I was looking all the time for the wrong numbers in my Textures\Terrain\LODGen\ subfolders!!! That's probabely why I couldn't find those Form-IDs, which drove me nuts after trying all kinds of installations - really exited to come home and check TES5Edit to get the real Form-IDs I need to look for - they were probabely there every time I did a different test... >.< Thank you again so much and I'll let you know how it works tonight
  7. Thank you Sheson! Very much obliged In the meantime, I had the idea, if my problems might be related to my DynDOLOD generating procedure: I always load all plugins in TES5Edit that come before DynDOLOD (only DualSheathRedux.esp comes after DynDOLOD.esp, so I don't load DSR), like described in Neovalen's instructions and in the GamerPoets video. I have 150 plugins installed and I stumbled over older posts in this thread, where it seemed to help people to load only plugins that might have something to do with lod generation. Do you think it would help if I don't load mods, of which I don't expect to have anything to do with lods like AOS.esp, Beards.esp, ConvenientHorses.esp and stuff like that? Have to be carefull though, cause many of them are masters to my Conflict Resolution Patch plugin, which I build on the basis of "STEP Extended Patch.esp" (it is still called so in my mod-setup) and removed and added entries to match my setup.
  8. Oh, thank you for that offer Sheson - that's very kind! I'm wondering as well about "Skyrim Flora Overhaul - RecPines and LODs Basic v181b" - it seems to be taken down from SFO nexus page! I could send you my version - but I think your effort here would be unnecessary - even without "Skyrim Flora Overhaul - RecPines and LODs Basic v181b" I have my tree lod problem... and I could live without the Recolored Pines - I'm more reluctant to sacrifice "Lush Trees" - but anyhow... This gives me headache, even if I only use SFO and RealisticAspen with the correct billboards I have the same problem: Tree Lods don't match the close up trees (shape is alright, but trunk and needle/leaves color are way off (even with adjusted lower brightness). Most pine trunk lods are orange, while the close-up model have brown/greyish color... (here another screenshot) And even without "Skyrim Flora Overhaul - RecPines and LODs Basic v181b" and without "Lush Trees" I have the problem as well, that the Form-IDs aren't in my Textures\Terrain\LODGen\ subfolders. So I guess the problem I have is not with "Skyrim Flora Overhaul - RecPines and LODs Basic v181b" :confused: The mods I'm using for a "minimal" set-up: TES5LODGen - Vanilla Skyrim LOD Billboards Dynamic Distant Objects LOD - DynDOLOD Skyrim Flora Overhaul - Basic v1.87 Skyrim Flora Overhaul - Dragonbrn v02 Skyrim Flora Overhaul - RecPines and LODs Basic v181b TES5LODGen - SFO 1.87 Basic LOD Billboards Realistic Aspen Trees - 2k Vanilla LOD Realistic Aspen Trees 3.4 - Billboards for TES5LodGen Lush Trees DynDOLOD - Output DynDOLOD - SFOv1.87 Tree Lods darker (-5) Really don't know what to do about the Field-IDs that should be in the Textures\Terrain\LODGen\ subfolders, but aren't. I guess my lod problem is related to that.
  9. Well, took me longer than expected -and since I don't want any firstborn to be sacrificed unnecessarily, I took myself more time before posting again >.< For now I'm concentrating only on the tree lod problem I'm having - the problem with the glowing water foam will have to wait. I doublechecked Form-IDs like described in the FAQ: Tree LOD: LOD trees do not match close-up full model trees. I did this three times. One time with the installation I posted last in this thread, one time without "Skyrim Flora Overhaul - RecPines and LODs Basic v181b", since I don't know how to create the billboards and one time without "Skyrim Flora Overhaul - RecPines and LODs Basic v181b" and "Lush trees" (which I completely forgot to mention before - sorry for that!) Every time I tested a new settup I installed DynDOLOD anew (original DynDOLOD.esp, TES5Edit/EditScripts/DynDOLOD/cache deleted, DynDOLOD Output created anew) and with a new game (playing through Helgen intro till reaching Riverwood and saving indoor there - that's the save I used for testing). The results in all 3 tests the same: In my Textures\Terrain\LODGen\ subfolders, I can't find any of the Form-IDs I get from the close-up tree models Another strange thing I noticed is, that the close-up tree models have up to three different Form-IDs - see attached screenshots Screenshot_01: general view with orange tree trunks Screenshot_02: pine tree with 2 Form-IDs Screenshot_03: pine tree with 2 Form-IDs I really hope we get this running - but after 2 weeks of tinkering with DynDOLOD I have to admit, that I'm getting frustrated!
  10. Yep, I was wondering about that dot as well! Don't have the dot at the end of the line in my ini neither.
  11. That makes sense! I was wondering what you need them for! Yes, reloading the save before that bug fixed it! But, as I'm so eager to finally start playing the game again (after 3 months of modding), I want to make sure that it's as stable as possible - therefore I asked ... hope it doesn't happen again! Tree texture atlas TamrielTreeLod.dds and meshes are used from my DynDOLOD - Output mod; it doesn't get overwritten by anything apart from the "DynDOLOD - SFOv1.87 Tree Lods darker (-5)" mod that I generated aterwards to get a darker LOD (and problem happens as well without the darker lod DynDOLOD mod). The load order of my Billboards and DynDOLOD related stuff is: TES5LODGen - Vanilla Skyrim LOD Billboards Dynamic Distant Objects LOD - DynDOLOD Skyrim Flora Overhaul - Basic v1.87 Skyrim Flora Overhaul - Dragonbrn v02 Skyrim Flora Overhaul - RecPines and LODs Basic v181b TES5LODGen - SFO 1.87 Basic LOD Billboards Realistic Aspen Trees - 2k Vanilla LOD <- There's no SFO 1.87 LOD for Realistic Aspens available - therefore the vanilla lod version Realistic Aspen Trees 3.4 - Billboards for TES5LodGen DynDOLOD - Output DynDOLOD - SFOv1.87 Tree Lods darker (-5) The TamrielTreeLod.dds from "Skyrim Flora Overhaul - RecPines and LODs Basic v181b" and "Realistic Aspen Trees - 2k Vanilla LOD" get overwritten by the TamrielTreeLod.dds file from "DynDOLOD - SFOv1.87 Tree Lods darker (-5)"! I'll doublecheck Form-IDs like described in Q: Tree LOD: LOD trees do not match close-up full model trees and let you know what it yields. Yes, I use Particle Patch All-in-One. It gets overwritten by SMIM, Realistic Water Two, Finer Dust, Better Shaped Weapons, ELFX, Project Parallax Remastered and Vivid Landscapes. Without using DynDOLOD I don't have that one lod of glowing foam though. And can't be a save game update, cause everytime I try something new with DynDOLOD I start a new game now - takes lots of time, but makes sure, that it's not save game update related :) But I'll try your suggested method and will try to disable it via console and see if there is another form id. It'll be sometime tomorrow till I can give you feedback on the Form-IDs of the trees. Thank you very much for your answers :-)
  12. Hello again, I as well have run into a problem (well three problems) again: 1) I had one occurence, where all lods (trees, roads, buildings...) didn't change from lod to the full meshes. That happend on the way from Riverwood to Whiterun. Don't know if this might be ralated, but before I had this problem I had a camera bug, when I tried to use the tanning rag in Riverwood, and instead of using the tanning rack I was stuck in first person camera and could walk around, but with odd movment control. When I clicked on the tanning rack again I could walk normally again and change from first to third person camera again as normal (using Enhanced Camera mod and had this bug for the first time and I don't know if this might have anything to do with the stuck-lod problem I had afterwards). 2) I'm using Skyrim Flora Overhaul 1.87 (again after trying 2.3, but I don't like those pines >.<) and there are several trees, that have a lod with a very orange looking trunk - the color is not matching the SFO 1.87 trees and thus the changing from lod to mesh becomes very noticable like a pop up. When generating tree-lods as you explained to me in this old post I noticed, that the tree lods are generated from Skyrim.esm and Dragonborn.esm. I couldn't find any reference to Skyrim Flora Overhaul.esp - might this be the cause for those orange trunks, whose color doesn't match the actual tree models of SFO? 3) One river foam lod glows white at night - from close up the "real foam" doesn't glow and looks normal - it's just the lod. I feel sorry to terrorize you again Sheson with questions, because you seem to work so tirelessly and you always give feedback - I hope there comes a time, when your help isn't needed so much anymore. But the thing is I don't want to go back to my old LOD mods, cause after seeing Whiterun with high DynDOLOD lods I can't go back ...
  13. It's working As you can see in this screenshot I have windmill sails and waterfall lod. All I did was regenerating DynDOLOD completely fresh without SkyFalls - I did this before as well, but I had the missing-sails-problem. What I did differently this time, was reinstalling SMIM with the SMIM-Skyfalls Compatibility Option with sails. I'm not sure if the "no sails" option I used before caused the issues I was having, or if I messed somthing up without noticing. But anyway: it's working now :) Thank you Sheson for your time, your Memory Patch and this marvelous tool!
  14. I'm having 2 hours of time now and I'll regenerate my DynDOLOD once more - after deleting my old "DynDOLOD - Output" mod, replacing the DynDOLOD.esp with the DynDOLOD.esp.bak, reinstalling SMIM (trying out the sails version this time), removing SkyFalls from my modlist, executing LOOT and regenerating my Merged and my Batched Patches... Skyproc Patchers (DSR and FNIS) I used to run after DynDOLOD generation. Let's see if these missing references show up in my DynDOLOD_Tamriel_Objects.json then... Thank you very much Snakestone! I'll give it a try once I regenerated everything :)
  15. Thank you Sheson for your very elaborated reply! I'm not using tcl or player.setav speedmult commands, nor any other commands. In the attached screenshot you can see, that LOD looks good (trees are still not as they could be - haven't had time to follow your advice on them yet). I can see the giants fires, the Gildergreen Tree inside Whiterun (if you ment that tree with "big tree inside Whiterun") and waterfalls are there and animated as well - waterfall 2 in below screenshot looks a little off though (the foam is too broad, but that's not really something serious). Apart from the missing mill sails and water wheels, the only things, that are a little "unusual" are increased mountain flickering with DynDOLOD and that the exterior Whiterun walls flicker sometimes (mostly before changing lod, if my memory serves me) - but without DynDOLOD I get missing LODs for those Whiterun walls (a issue, that I think is related to Vibid Landscapes, that DynDOLOD fixes for me .. that's really cool :) ) ... but anyhow: Apart from missing sails and wheels nothing really suspicious! (Can't post more screenshots, due to file size limit - therefore imgur links used now) https://i.imgur.com/eFOtgVY.jpg That's a nice way to look things up - thanks! And it revealed, that there seems something to be wrong with my DynDOLODs. I looked up the entries in Tamriel persistent worldspace 00000D74 and sorted them by EditorID. As you can see in below screenshot, 16 entries which names start with "SMFarm..." are not listed in the DynDOLOD_Tamriel_Objects.json (FieldIDs xx006BE2 - xx006BF1 correspond to integer values of 27617-27633, right?). https://i.imgur.com/XcDOgGS.jpg Well, at least we found something, which hopefully will help to solve this issue Edit: In above screenshot entry 93005AA2 (Name: SWindmillrotor_DynDOLOD_LOD [MSTT:9300338B]) is missing from DynDOLOD_Tamriel_Objects.json as well.
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