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  1. Oh, that's interesting. Will take a look... Yeah, I know there is a finite number of light sources and that's why some light sources are 'initially disabled' and getting dynamically enabled (hate when that happens... so immersion breaking)... But still, while the vanilla lighting is not as impressive, it's at least is not as annoying at times... Yeah, I've tried tweaking it, got it to look little better but still not as good as I would like.
  2. No, that's stupid. A light source with 3 candles should give more than enough light to see a bookshelf some 5 feet away from it. No, I do not have anything like that and without ENB everything looks fine. It's clearly Vividian ENB settings... Right, but do you guys play with defaults and like it? I mean since it's officially recommended for the pack... I don't mind when it's dark because there are no light sources nearby, but it's totally immersion breaking in my opinion when supposedly bright light source that in reality would give enough lighting to see all the objects in a big enough room (like 3 big candles) is just lighting up like 2-3 feets around it...
  3. Just wondering... With like what immersive citizens are incompatible?
  4. I think it's a placebo. There is absolutely no ground under the statement that BSA are more stable and make game run smoother than loose files. BSA is the same as loose but just packed in a file and therefor it just loads faster. On SSD, though, the difference is minor. In the guide it's advised to extract for simplicity I think, so user doesn't have to extract manually specific mods for which some textures or meshes needs to be removed... Also it makes it much easier this way to see what overwrite what in the MO.
  5. Go to your video card settings and enable Triple Buffering. Without it due to vsync the FPS can be either 60 or 30 or 15...
  6. On a river shore near the Riverwood when looking under my feet I see the textures stretching - like pulled to under my feet. Is there any fix to it?
  7. With default SRLE (ELE+ELFX) it was crazy dark at times. After removing them (no lighting mods at all) it got better but it feels like all the light sources have much lower radius. For example, when just joining Companions, bringing a shield to Aela, she calls Farkas. In the Vanilla you can clearly see Farkas outside the door, but with this ENB (Vividia 7.5) - it's almost totally dark in there. Another example, when it's like 11 pm outside in the Whiterun it's almost impossible to see anything even with the Night Eye. With torch can barely see just couple meters around yourself... Does anyone else have the same feeling about this ENB?
  8. Amount of memory will not affect the FPS, tbh... It's just about stability. ENBs with lots of high resolution textures and lots of details added by mods will put on it's knees even latest generation of videocards. Especially for higher than 1080p screen resolution.
  9. ultimate combat combat evolved deadly combat duel combat realism - more or less compatible. Revenge of the enemies may conflict with lots of other mods due to edits to NPC records. But best is to see for yourself in the TES5Edit. There are a few tutorials on youtube - it's really for the most part just common sense.
  10. ENB first and foremost of all. But not to remove it but instead use the ENBoost otherwise game will CTD right away because of all the big textures. If you're using JK Skyrim (even Lite edition) - that one is also a heavy FPS hitter. Set TESV.exe process priority to High and play fullscreen (windows borderless and windowed is reducing FPS significantly).
  11. ENB without any FPS dip? Not possible because ENB does require more CPU power as well as GPU. My 970 is really struggling hard in many places such as Markarth outputting just some 30 fps with dips to 20. Without ENB it's steadily over 40. Even 1070 one is not enough for ENB heavily modded Skyrim, tbh.
  12. Might want to consider adding https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/52248/? Legacy of the Dragonborn. It's compatible with Requiem (with patch). A lot of great things heard about this mod...
  13. One another thing that I don't understand why people like ELFX+ELE? I mean sure dark is fun and creepy but it's so stupid that a light source with 3 candles does not lit up a bookshelf which is like 4 or 5 feet away...
  14. Tbh, Open Cities is just an overkill for already mod heavy setup like this one. It potentially will create lots of problem without making that much of gameplay difference in my opinion... * Footprints is script heavy... * BFSEffects.esp - also script heavy and buggy as I heard. Doesn't bring anything important to the game in my opinion... * mintylightningmod.esp - it's fun but again script heavy and a bit unrealistic... * Traps Make Noise.esp I think (but may be wrong) that Requiem already does the same thing... Correct me if I am wrong. * ESFCompanions.esp should be positioned after Requiem.esp followed by the compatibility patch. * Complete Crafting_TrueWeaponsLvlLists.esp I don't think it's needed... the reqtificator will throw away changes to the leveled lists, afaik... * Dead Body Collision.esp - died too many times because of collisions *shrugs* but up to a personal taste... * Bring Out Your Dead - Legendary Edition.esp - never understood why people would want this stuff honestly... * Immersive Patrols II.esp - I think this one makes game a bit too easy with all the dead bodies on the roads with lots of loot... Might need to use Scarcity to leverage it... Didn't decide to myself yet if I want it with Requiem in my next playthrough.... * HarvestOverhaul.esp - I believe Requiem does the same... unless you're using some optional version with less loot from plants? Would make sense as Requiem one seems waaaaay too easy to level alchemy and make tons of gold without effort. * Vividian - Red light Fix.esp - are you sure this is needed?
  15. Mr_Moal, What FPS do you get, if you start the game owning a house in the Markarth - when just exiting it and looking down to the right? For me it's as bad as 15 FPS with GTX970m and normal ENB at 1080p and I could swear in the past a year ago when I played SRLE similar setup it used to be at least 30 FPS on the same hardware... Just keeps me wondering w t h is going on with my notebook :( P.S. Gonna try a year old NVidia drivers cause everything else is pretty much the same except for ENB version... But that place even without ENB the FPS is like 30-35 (Ultra, no AA or AF)...
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