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  1. The only one seems to be for a newer version of requiem, I'm using 1.7.3 like the gudie suggested
  2. New problem. Food is changed my requiem, and no longer fills hunger or thirst bars in realistic needs and diseases
  3. I read that this was a problem from not following the STEP pack instructions on maknig a bashed patch, but the requiem list tells me not to use those settings for a bash patch, to use different ones so it doesnt break requiem. EDIT: I tried to run the bashed patch with the correcet settigns from STEP, didnt fix the issue. Luckily I made a backup before I did, so I can revert to the requiem recommended settings. I know immersive armors changes what those two wear, but I don't have immersive armors.
  4. Well, that didn't take long. Not sure if it's a big issue yet or not, but upon starting the game, both Hadvar following behind us in the horse, and ralof in the cart, are totally naked. Everyone else seems to have clothes, but not them.
  5. Ignore this~ I was going to make a post about EFF, but decided to jsut use FCO and Simple followers. Thanks everyone for your help, I should be alright for now, but will add any issues I come across to this thread, both so smile is aware of them, and to maybe get some help.
  6. and will that, sumple multiple followers, work without a patch? If so, I'm sold immediately.
  7. Then all I really need before I start playing is a follower mod. The two popular ones seem to be EFF, and ATF. Do either of them work with Requiem, Regs and STEP Extended?
  8. The game seems to run without the patch, I'm just worried that as soon as I try to start wyrmstooth, ym save wil lget corrupted by something nad die.
  9. Well, it's there! Any suggestion on my wyrmstooth patch problem?
  10. For some reason it's being caused by my patch for requiem and wyrmstooth, disabling that mod makes it work..But that still leaves me with a problem
  11. Suddenly having an issue I've never seen before. I ran all my patchs, and got up to the point where I'm launching the game, and then it just stucks on the screen with the main emblem, and no options to play load. I let it sit like that for over ten minutes, and they never show up. I tried loading my vanilla profile from MO, didnt have the issue. But..I have the patch for frostfall, I'm looking at it in my MO right now.
  12. This is my current load order (assuming the spoiler tag works). All I need to do now should be run the bashed patch and fnis...does the load order look like it should work? I tried my best to order it correctly, and TES5Edit loads it fine without any errors, but is there anything anyone else can see that may be an issue?
  13. I've spent a week now trying to get different modding set ups to work. >.< I just want to get something working so I can play.
  14. There seems to be a problem with the STEP pack requiem patch given by the pack page. That being, even after following step core and extended to the letter, it seems to be lacking a few masters that patch demands. Is anything bad going to happen if I don't use that patch?
  15. My main worry wasn't the newest requiem, it was the fact that some of the compatibility patches seemed to be a bit old. If they work now, it's totally fine. I just didnt want to get sixteen hours into a playthrough, only to reach that one spot that isnt covered by a patch, and have my save die...again.
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