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  1. Yup that also has been done. Well actually I found the solution. I reinstall MO into C: instead of Program File(x86). Most probably UAC already messing up the access.
  2. If you meant "running MO as admin" as in altering at the modorganizer.exe Properties, then no I didn't do that. Since MO installed in Program File (x86), UAC is applied. Executing it will prompt me to key in admin username and password.
  3. Yup. I run Skyrim vanilla via Steam, up until the dialog started.
  4. Yeah same here. I have no idea why MO can't launch SKSE. Previously I'm using NMM but realize the way it handle mod is not as efficient as MO. Then I uninstall Skyrim, install MO and import from NMM before get rid of it. Everything went smooth. The STEP guide, ENB, FNIS Launcher, TES5edit etc. But on the very last step, to actually test/play the game after working on it for 2 days, MO can't launch SKSE. I can accept complicated,common things like CTD, freeze screen. But a simple program launch... probably I overestimate myself hahaha.
  5. Still load Launcher instead of SKSE.
  6. Yeah, reading through the previous post reveal that only in MO was counted. I have deleted the one in Skyrim\Data. Hmm. I saw some messages but it looks like ENB related. White font.
  7. I think it still not solving my problem. Either using -forcesteamloader or " -forcesteamloader". After launching SKSE through MO, there was no Launcher window pop-up. But, at the Menu, when I enter getSKSEversion command, it cant detect. Which mean, it wasnt SKSE. Hmmm... the binary was correct. The SKSE can be load outside of MO. I can start vanilla Skyrim. Anything I have missed?
  8. Wow. Thank you so much. It works like a charm. BTW, why it wasn't mention in any sticky post regarding this problem? Probably adding a link in the STEP guide for the parameter editing?
  9. Yup. Already done that. No matter how many times I try to load SKSE through MO, it will run skyrimLauncher. 1. Steam folder wasn't in Program Files (x86) 2. MO/SKSE/Steam run in administrative mode 3. SKSE\skse.ini have been created both in MO mod folder and Skyrim\Data\SKSE folder 4. skse plugin on top of load order. I'm basically run out of idea how to make this happen.
  10. Using MO, followed all the STEP guide. Launch SKSE through MO, but it launch SkyrimLauncher instead. I have tried almost everything that has been suggested in forum. Kindly help. Thanks.
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