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  1. I apologize right off the bat if this is in the wrong forum tab. IF it is Im sorry and Im sure it will be moved to where it needs to go, which Im not sure. I wanted to post my ini settings to get an idea on how they look, optimization as well as any suggestions that will give me a better gameplay. SKYRIM.INI - I am using RealVision ENB, medium settings atm. SKYRIMPREF.INI ENBLOCAL.INI Im hoping maybe others might be able to use this or tweek it so it gives them a better smoother gaming experience. On that note I just got my new memory and videocard. 16meg on mem: ReservedMemorySizeMb=256 -->512 VideoMemorySizeMb=8192 --> 16384 Im guessing that's what I need to change there? Im also suppose to change my vg setting as well, new card is a 4gb gtx970: current is: 1920 --> 3584 128 -->512 is this also correct?? Thanks
  2. thanks for the help. Thought so, memory arrives tomorrow, should bump me up to 16, video card today which will put me at 4gb, GTX 770 to a GTX 970 which Ive seen awesome reviews for the new games coming out specially skyrim. So Im excited to see what I can push next lol.
  3. 231 mods just so we know. But I just want to verify or at least confirm this is the good chance Im seeing black textures after a little bit of gameplay with stutter. Lack of memory and VGA being worked too hard? Ive used the STEP program but wanted to get other mods on to push my system to see where I stand. I use RealVision ENB. My memory will hit over 7megs, which I have 8. My VGA card will max out using nexus monitor. My guess is this would be the cause of black texture and stutter? Game runs great on start for a bit but after a little bit this happens. I am getting 8 more on memory and the upgrade from GTX 770 2gb to GTX 970 4gb? This should help a lot Im thinking. Any ideas Thanks
  4. First off, Ive been testing and playing with step core, ext and I love what you guys have done. So far everything runs pretty smooth. I am also using ENB Realvision no with no problems whatsoever along with about 30 more mods I added after I ran through step. Everything has gone without a nitch. THe big questions......probably something Id rather not ask but its needed as I should know this but I cannot find info on if Im supposed to do this for sure :( Am I supposed to tick the step plugins + the bash.esp plugin in my mod list???? Or leave them unitcked.....game works fine with and without ticked. Started fresh games to see difference and played for an hour each?
  5. smooth maps can take away the hi-res textures the bm has fyi. Can do the same on CBBE females. There is a mod that works with in conjuction with both those mods but I will have to look in my mod list to see what the name is.
  6. worked great. I took your suggestion on another post: Check out this issue in the Bug Genie about the boss32.dll, @Tannin released a patch file for the user that filed it, maybe it will work for you also. that fixed ALL MY issues. Thanks a lot Grant, that was the perfect fix. The boss32 file in my MO was outdated it seems. Everything from that point installed join fine, whether I had to use internal or external. Thanks
  7. If I had to guess its on the modder side. 23:06:40 [D] 1 orphaned meta files will be deleted 23:07:27 [D] mod id guessed: Real Ice ALL-IN-ONE Installer by morpheas768-5388-V3 -> 5388 23:07:27 [D] using mod name "Real Ice ALL-IN-ONE Installer by morpheas768" (id 5388) -> I:/Mods/Real Ice ALL-IN-ONE Installer by morpheas768-5388-V3.7z 23:07:28 [W] the ModuleConfig.xml in this file is incorrectly encoded (Start tag expected. in line 1). Applying heuristics... 23:07:28 [D] not utf-16: Start tag expected. in line 1 23:07:28 [D] interpreting as utf-8 23:07:50 [C] failed to extract Real Ice ALL-IN-ONE Installer/Real Ice\Real Ice_Half Icecube - Half Dull to : Real Ice ALL-IN-ONE Installer/Real Ice\Real Ice_Half Icecube - Half Dull not found in archive 23:07:50 [D] installing to "I:/Mod Organizer/mods\Real Ice" 23:07:51 [D] Installation successful I cannot get this to install no matter which version I use. Had no luck searching.
  8. im with ya. On another note I managed to install the A Quality World Map - Instead of doing the all in one download I just did the install for the Main Roads only and did the Sol Option patch, good ol Data file install via MO. Worked like a champ... I am curious on the boss32.dll and thanks for the tip for fommod. It worked with SKYUI as it gave me that external error. Still no go on the Skyrim skill interface. If anything...I will manually install each texture file based on STEP
  9. x_X now im getting this error lol. could not load BAPI library I:\Mod Organizer\NCC\data\boss32.dll At least im learning from all this. 2.2.9 worked great and loved it lol. Thought id start over and now its giving me all sorts of fits x_X It just does not want me to install this mod lol
  10. 134 of course. So using the external installer you say. Ive been reading the step guides etc and so and I am a little confused on how to run the external installer. Im getting a error on another mod : A Quality Map - could not load BAPI library I:\Mod Organizer\NCC\data\boss32.dll I have all my c++ libs and did a scan, nothing out of the ordinary it looks like at least on windows side, so Im assuming something is missing perhaps?
  11. cannot get 1.3 to install via MO. It keeps telling me: 20:51:45 [C] failed to extract SSIRT v1.3/100 Background - Nebula Default Stars\textures\interface\intfullnebulapanarama.dds to textures\interface\intfullnebulapanarama.dds: SSIRT v1.3/100 Background - Nebula De... 20:51:45 [C] failed to extract SSIRT v1.3/100 Background - Nebula Default Stars\textures\interface\intfullnebulapanarama01.dds to textures\interface\intfullnebulapanarama01.dds: SSIRT v1.3/100 Background - Nebul... 20:51:45 [C] failed to extract SSIRT v1.3/100 Background - Nebula Default Stars\textures\interface\intfullnebulapanarama02.dds to textures\interface\intfullnebulapanarama02.dds: SSIRT v1.3/100 Background - Nebul... 20:51:45 [C] failed to extract SSIRT v1.3/400 Constellations - HD Default\textures\interface\intconstellationimages.dds to textures\interface\intconstellationimages.dds: SSIRT v1.3/400 Constellations - HD Defaul... 20:51:45 [C] failed to extract SSIRT v1.3/600 Dawnguard - HD Default\textures\dlc01\interface\intvampireconstellation.dds to textures\dlc01\interface\intvampireconstellation.dds: SSIRT v1.3/600 Dawnguard - HD De... 20:51:45 [C] failed to extract SSIRT v1.3/600 Dawnguard - HD Default\textures\dlc01\interface\intwerewolfconstellation.dds to textures\dlc01\interface\intwerewolfconstellation.dds: SSIRT v1.3/600 Dawnguard - HD ... 20:51:45 [C] failed to extract SSIRT v1.3/500 Perk Stars - HD Default\textures\interface\intperkstars01.dds to textures\interface\intperkstars01.dds: SSIRT v1.3/500 Perk Stars - HD Default\textures\interface not... 20:51:45 [D] installing to "I:/Mod Organizer/mods\SSIRT v1.3-62238-v1-3" 20:51:45 [D] Installation successful now ive read to disable fommod installer plugin for this...I just cannot get it to install, followed STEP as well. Thanks
  12. really good stuff thank you guys. One last question here: SO I have installed: Skyrim Skill Interface Re-Texture however in the mod organizer it gives me a red x - no game data found is that normal? I assume it says this as I have not started a game, saved with current map info etc??
  13. awesome, thanks! I will have to check them out. Always wondered as Ive never used an enb before.
  14. cool thanks for the tips. Thanks on the STEP, I read it that way but was not quite sure if it had actual visual effects. Cheers Will check out the grim and somber. As well still curious on any screenshots available on what typical step order should look like when its all done and ready to go via LOOT. Add this question in as well: Would like to use the CBBE none nude version + beauty eyes and colorgirl makeup mod, any suggestions on how I should install this in what order or what till Im done with step program and then install it, as well as possibly not installing xce as it might conflict?? Thanks
  15. Two questions I have is on the beta is the: STEP Optimized Vanilla Textures: Cant really find exactly what this does and how its being worked in with the beta setup :) Figured Id give it a run with the new build from 2.2.9 that I have been using. So starting all over, gotta love skyrim and step Second, the load order, Ive really never looked or asked but using STEP is there a ss somewhere that shows what loot order should look like if were using STEP?? Ive not had problems so not sure why I need to ask, just curious is all. Next is any good suggested mods or ENB with my PC setup: Intel® Coreâ„¢ i5-4670K 3.40 GHz 6MB 8GB (4GBx2) DDR3/2133MHz GTX 770 2GB GDDR5 THANKS :) keep up the good work. edit: upgrading my video card to GTX 970 4gb, should have it installed by this weekend.
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