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  1. @pStyl3 Is your MO suddenly very slow at downloading mods now?
  2. Seems like they fixed the issue my MO works just fine agian.
  3. Ah okay, guess i will just have to wait it out, thanks for the report.
  4. Ah okay it makes sense. It seems loading times gets faster the longer i play. I can live with that. Things might change when i pick my enb, who knows modding can be mysterious sometimes. Anyways thanks for the help atleast my textures stays where they should be now.
  5. UPDATE: So this line in the enblocal.ini seems to be the issue of long loading screens. "ReduceSystemMemoryUsage=true" If its on true i can keep running triple speed no problem, but it do make stuff pop in alot. And sometimes there is nothing loaded and if i stand still for about 20 seconds the game keeps up and loads in everything and it looks normal. And then there is really long loading times. If its on false it loads fast agian, but if i run triple speed i crash after 30 seconds. Is there anything i can do about this or do i just pick the least annoying one?
  6. Thanks Greg. So the texture issue went away after changing the enblocal.ini so its the cause for sure. New problem turned up. My loading screens went from 5 second to 15+ seconds. Not sure what setting to change to fix that cause i messed with quite a few of them.
  7. Yeah i havn't picked my ENB yet. Now that i think about i did not have these problems with Dovah Nakiin ENB. So its all from enboost i changed stuff according to the enboost guide here on S.T.E.P. I got about 12300 available memory so thats why that number is so high. I changed most of my settings to what is on yours see if it changes anything. Also for the future posts, how do i hide a list like that you did.
  8. So im having this issue i am following the S.T.E.P Extended completely point to point. I just finished Animations & Effects section and went in the game to do the benchmarking. After playing for a couple of minutes my game starts looking like this both inside and outside. Its nothing specific it happens to its basicly anything. I am not missing any texture or meshes i triple checked. When i restart the game its all good agian for a couple of minutes. Never had this issue before and i havnt changed any hardware since my last modding session. Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/6gMVd The textures turn white like the floor and walls. items turn purple like the person upstairs. And somethings turn completely black it seems to be random what does tho. So yeah i followed the guide up to after Animations & effects benchmark. I got Memory patch and enboost. With the skyrim performance monitor i checked i don't run out of vram. I have tried to player.modav speedmult 300 and then just run the textures do that thing after 1 min and then i crash shortly after. EDIT: Oh yeah also im on win10 Sorry i don't know how to do that expand thing: Specs: i5 4670k 980 GTX 4gb vram 16gb corsair 1600mhz Samsung 500/500 mb/s 250gb SSD
  9. @sheson, I figured out the issues with the weird LOD trees. DynDOLOD have issues with the Tamriel Reloaded HD.esp, I switched to TR no trees and grass.esp and just added the grass mod seperately. And now those odd looking trees are gone.
  10. Alright i can confirm the whiterun gate fix do work, Thanks for that. Still has issue with some of this distant trees. I have Vanilla billboards and SFO billboards for my version and the billboard for Tamriel Reloaded HD. Not sure if im missing something. EDIT: I just checked the IDs on the tress they are all under the Skyrim.esm Aspen and pine trees. So its really odd. EDIT 2: I just flew all over skyrim to check if it was a common issue. But it seems to be only that group of trees right there. So the question is do i ignore it or disable the trees via the console?
  11. Alright i found out Tamriel Reloaded HD has its own LOD billboard that i missed. I hope this is the issue. Can i just run the Generate tree LOD and just overwrite current files? Or do i have to do the whole deactivate, then save go out untick mod, save agian. Cause running the full LOD takes 55 mins for my modlist.
  12. "FAQ: Tree LOD: LOD trees textures cut off mid-way Verify that the tree texture atlas Textures\Terrain\Tamriel\Trees\TamrielTreeLod.dds and the tree LOD in Meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Trees\*.* are the ones from the output folder and none of the files are overwritten by other mods. The tree texture atlas like Textures\Terrain\Tamriel\Trees\TamrielTreeLod.dds does not belong to the generated tree LOD in Meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Trees\*.*. Keep generated files in sync. The texture flicker of the Whiterun main gate will be fixed next version." Let me see if i understand this correctly. "TamrielTreeLod.dds" is in my DynDOLOD - Output folder. In Textures\Terrain\Tamriel\Trees but it is not suppose to? Nothing is overwriting afaik cause the Output folder is at the bottom of my left pane window in MO.
  13. I have an issue i just can't seem to solve. Before using DynDOLOD obv my LOD look terrible but everything works just fine. Now after running however everything looke GREAT except 2 major issues for me. On the whitrun wall i get a texture flicker with DynDOLOD activated and i got no idea how to fix it. Alt i get this weird papercraft looking trees in the distance. Its not all tress just some. Gonna post a gallery of the issues. https://imgur.com/a/me5Vw Hope someone can explain to me how it can be fixed if there is any. This is my modwatch: https://modwat.ch/d3nn1sv0#/modlist
  14. Thanks Thunderclam, that really do sound very close to what is also my issue. I'll try out your workaround next time i play, hope it works!
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