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  1. How are things going nealredding? Do you have a glorious skyrim installation yet? :D thanks for asking! yes I got done adding the missing esp's back in, (if I already had the mod before I just kept it and moved the new SMC esp up to optional), and merged a good batch of them. Game looks great and runs nicely so far, but I haven't had a lot of time with it yet. I'll get back to it this weekend. I got a GTX1080 that replaced two 980's, so it's doing well. Haven't started overclocking yet.
  2. wow, so cool! congrats to you both, and happy birthday, and very good to hear everybody's well and happy!
  3. But just for the few that I don't already have the esp's in my load order for, right?
  4. I'm not running complete SRLE extended, and I'm not using LotD yet, but I am running a heavily modded version of mostly SRLE, and I wanted to try SMC again, after not using it for a couple of years. I gathered all the mods I could find, let SMC combine them, and stuck the SMC output mod in my left pane below most of the stuff it conflicts with. Included in it are about 50 esp's. I knew I had a lot of them, I knew that many were already included in my merged esp's, and I knew some of them I didn't have before. But just for the heck of it, I moved ALL the esp's in SMC up to the optional folder. I figure I'm basically just using SMC for textures anyway, right? I fired up the game. My save was inside an inn. I went outside, roamed around a bit with my followers, killed some stuff, entered a dungeon and played all the way through it. The game runs great and looks great, and I haven't seen anything odd or out of place. I will of course go back and do the esp's correctly, but if someone else is just looking for a quick solution to what to do with all the duplicate mods that they already have when using SMC, this certainly seems like an acceptable route.
  5. so, do you mean as soon as you go outside it crashes, but you are ok in the cell in AS? whenever I have that problem I usually find it's something in my enblocal.ini.
  6. Wondering if anybody else has tried either of Renthal's collections in the past few days? Renthal's Flora All In One, and Renthal's Textures All In One? I've been messing with them with mixed results, and wondered if anybody else here had thoughts on MO placement in regards to other texture packs, files to delete, frame rate impact, etc? Thanks! https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/76769/? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/76615/?
  7. I always install updates as a whole new mod in MO, with the version # in the title, move it up to right under the previous one, tick the new one and untick the old.
  8. I am SO much in the same boat. Mine shows 1330 hrs, and I've spent waay more time than that modding it. I bought the latest Tomb Raider and Rainbow Six Siege recently, and played each an hour or so... and look where I am again right now! lol All I was thinking while I'm playing Rise of the Tomb Raider is 'holy crap, I wish Skyrim could look like this!'.
  9. well, I guess it's been two months... 4/16... nope haven't had any ctd problems, and don't remember having a problem installing it... ... oh ok, now I remember... yes, I picked original sound track plus IM, .. I skipped all the options that said you may want to skip if you want to keep the vanilla feel. It looks like I ended up with these folders: dungeon, dungeon - all, dungeon - cave, dungeon - fort, dungeon - ice, Explore - all hours, Explore - day, Explore - evening, explore - morning, explore - night, and town - day. So, I skipped Castle, Combat, Dragon combat, Taven, and Temple. I think it's great with the options I picked, and I haven't heard any tracks I don't like.
  10. I've been using it, and loving it, for probably a month now. I don't run a full SRLE Extended, but most of it.
  11. Wondering what Darth, Lexy, and Neo think about this Unofficial Skyrim Modder's Patch? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/76101/? taken a look yet? It might eventually save a few esp's and/or some CR?
  12. good advice! thanks! I just edited the userlist.yaml with notepad and forced it in there that way, ran LOOT again, and the rule shows up just fine.
  13. ahh.. well now that you mention it, I DID save a copy of my userlist.yaml file and copied it in there, but none of the rules showed up when I ran Loot, so I forgot about it and left it in there.... I'll take a look.
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